Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1894: Side story: Daring to be arrogant, only daring with you (Part 1)

The most beautiful thing in this world is to meet you when we’re young and being together ten years later.  ——Nan Yi Sheng.

I’ve always wanted someone who could hold me without giving up through the years.  Not letting me fall, not letting me sink, not letting me follow the waves, not letting me fall asleep.

When I was eighteen, I finally met that person.

When she looked up, my bleak life……

I knew that my life was different from others since I was young.  The royal family, every step I took was like walking on thin ice.

There would be times when people poisoned me, but they just told me that I had to find a way to live by myself.

I wasn’t even ten that year.

My first time meeting her was at the Heavenly Snow Peak.  I knew that I was dead when the avalanche happened.

But I never thought that god would give me a chance.  Not only would I escape, I would meet her.

At that time, she was only five……

Eyes as clear as water without any impurities, she looked that good standing in the snow like a beautiful picture.

That beauty that couldn’t be beat……

But when she helped me defeat the python, I never saw her again.

I worked hard to become strong, doing everything I could to become the Sword Immortal’s disciple.

My brothers didn’t know about this, but I let my father know.

Because I know that if he didn’t know, I wouldn’t be able to get the throne.  If I couldn’t get the throne, I couldn’t protect her.

No one in the palace knew about the matter between the witch race’s saint and King Nan Chao five hundred years ago, but I naturally knew that the saint would be sacrificed to the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array.

But I wasn’t willing to let her go.

Only becoming strong would let me do what I wanted, becoming incapable of nothing for one person.

That’s what I thought at the time when I made the deal with royal father.  I must have the throne, but my queen had to be the witch race’s saint.

Royal father was very worried that the curse of the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array would destroy the Nan Chao Country, so he didn’t object to my proposal.

I knew at that time that as long as I could meet her again, she would become my crown princess.

But even so, there was gratitude in my heart.

I was grateful for her helping me when I needed it the most, I was grateful that she gave me a new life.

I always thought that I would repay this kindness, but when I saw her, my thoughts were all overturned.

It was a kind of looking back feeling that was like looking at a reincarnation.

It couldn’t be described……

I didn’t know that she was the saint of the witch race, I just felt the strange palpitations in my heart when I met her.

I was planning on having the minister send her to the Starlight Hall that night, but I never thought that she would come to my palace in black clothes alone.

The moment she kidnapped me, I knew that she was the witch race’s saint because the mark on her forehead was the same as when she was injured.

But I didn’t say it.  There was only joy that filled my heart, even more joy than when I met her all those years ago.

She wanted to save someone, so she stuffed something sweet in my mouth and acted tough while telling me it was poison.  In fact, how could I not know that it wasn’t poison?

But I went along with her and helped her save that person, feeling very warm.

That long lost warmth had filled my heart again…..

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