His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 189 - Defeat

As Gore bought cotton in large numbers in Insa, the price of cottons rapidly declined in Minyue.

Henghui Company unloaded the tens of thousands bags of cotton off the ships and kept it stored in storehouses. At the same time, He Family’s eldest master had someone withdraw a hundred thousand silvers from Henghui Bank. Likewise, other trading companies also followed suit.

Although Henghui Company had a robust background, Henghui Company will definitely be impacted as they were unable to sell all the cottons they purchased. If they weren’t able to give the people their silvers, that’d be the end of them, no?

Henghui Bank had fallen into a difficult situation. Because the ships had been delayed as well, the merchants from all sorts of places were urging for compensation.

“Tch. It’s only been a few days and Henghui Bank has fallen to this point. Jiao Jiao, how did you think of this method? We didn’t even think about using this method to trick them.” Pan Family was finally happy again. Everyone went to the Old Madam’s room to drink tea and eat snacks in a happy mood. Third uncle questioned Shen Ziqiao’s method of buying cotton to trick Ma Junfeng.

Shen Ziqiao was peeling the orange skin for Old Madam Pan when she heard the third uncle’s question. She smiled. “I originally just wanted to check out Gore’s location and get to know the local situation. Who knew that I would see Insa on the map. I checked the place and found out that Insa always has a good cotton harvest. That’s why I had people buy cotton in large amounts and then spread news of Gore’s neighboring countries’ cottons suffering from disasters as well. To you and He Chen, you guys won’t even believe in the rumors. But Ma Junfeng is different. He’s a newbie in this. How would he know that Insa was next to Gore? It’s a piece of cake to trick someone that doesn’t know anything.”

Ma Junfeng wasn’t stupid. He was craftier than anyone else but he was tricked by Shen Ziqiao and He Chen. Not anyone gets to be the head of the Twenty-four Companies. Plus, Ma Junfeng relied on beating the Pan Family down to strengthen his Henghui Company. He Chen chose to work with Shen Ziqiao to deal with him not only because he wanted to make a good impression on the Pan Family but also prevent Ma Junfeng from using the same method to deal with the He Family.

All these years, He and Pan Family had come to a consensus. They didn’t want to break this balance.

Old Lord Pan said, “You barely won through intelligence.”

Shen Ziqiao chuckled. “Even if I can’t fool him, I won’t lose too much either. Plus, no matter how astute Ma Junfeng is, it’s not like he can be at two places at once. Besides Henghui Bank, he also needs to worry about the palace matters. He is confident with Henghui Bank so why would he do more investigation?”

First uncle smiled and nodded. “Ma Junfeng is astute but the same can’t be said for people by his side.”

“After all, it was all because of Jiao Jiao that we were able to get justice. Provincial Military Governor Li personally requested us to start Yixing Company up again. He wanted us to help send the goods over the seas for the businesses in the business association.”

Every trading company had a limited time period in which they could transport goods onto ships. Only Yixcing Company could go overseas now.

“Our Jiao Jiao brings good fortune.” Old Madam Pan said happily. She hugged her in her arms, not wanting to let go.

First aunt laughed and said, “That’s right. Thanks to Jiao Jiao’s good method. Right, Jiao Jiao, what did your family...say when you went to Minyue?”

Shen Ziqiao naturally wouldn’t say the truth. The Qi Family didn’t know that she was even coming here. They thought that she was taking care of Qi Zheng in the village.

“Nothing really. Husband knows that I’m coming to Minyue.” Shen Ziqiao said. Old Madam Qi asked about it, Qi Zheng would probably cover for her.

“That’s good. Now that you’re married, you need to listen to your husband. You can’t act like how you do in the past.” First aunt said.

Old Madam Pan hurriedly asked Shen Ziqiao how long she was going to stay in Minyue for.

Now that she resolved the issue with the Yixing Company, Ma Junfeng probably wouldn’t have the time to stir up trouble  somewhere else. He couldn’t even save himself right now. Shen Ziqiao wanted to stay in Minyue a while longer but she didn’t have an explanation for when she returned to the capital. “Grandmother, I have to go in a few days. I’ll come back and visit you in spring.”

“Bring Qi Zheng back with you.” Old Madam Pan exclaimed.


She had been spending her energy on Minyue that it was inevitable she neglected news from the capital. After returning to her courtyard from Old Madam Pan’s side, she called Uncle Qun to ask about the situation in the capital.

Uncle Qun stood in front of Shen Ziqiao and this was the first time he felt like the First Madam was different from his imagination. He knew what happened in Henghui Bank. He knew everything. He didn’t expect that the owner of Henghui Bank was actually put into a difficult situation by a woman like her that easily.

He had thought that Shen Ziqiao was just fooling around in the past. Even more, he thought that Shen Ziqiao wasn’t worthy of Qi Zheng at all. He didn’t understand why his eldest master was interested in this woman.

It wasn’t that his eldest master had no taste but that he was just blind.

“Uncle Qun?” Shen Ziqiao called him seeing that he was in a trance.

Uncle Qun hurriedly snapped out of his trance and responded to Shen Ziqiao in the utmost respect.

Ever since little imperial grandson almost got in trouble, the emperor seemed to have been awakened. He wasn’t immersed in his cultivation dream. Even more, Imperial Consort Sun and Imperial Consort Ma had fallen out. The third prince had hurt people on the streets of the capital and a knight-errant who couldn’t bear to see this had shot him down with an arrow. One of his legs were broken and he was still lying in bed as a result...

Shen Ziqiao listened in interest. It seemed like lots of interesting things happened after she left the capital.

Unfortunately, she missed them.

But most importantly, they needed to persuade the emperor to not go to the Tianxuan Mountain. If that Spiritual Master Zhou could really cultivate and become a deity, he wouldn’t be at the palace right now.

“It seems like Ma Junfeng really has no energy to deal with Yixing Company.” Shen Ziqiao could finally return to the capital without worry.

Right after Shen Ziqiao ordered Uncle Qun to get ready to return to the capital, Provincial Military Governor Li was condemned. Civil Administrator Li had been framed and his official post was restored.

The first thing that Civil Administrator Li did when his official post was restored was to open the storehouse of Henghui Bank. Henghui Bank had owed many merchants money and he allowed them to collateralize using the cottons. The second thing he did was to sell off Henghui Bank’s assets in order to make good the debts.

Henghui Bank wasn’t even open for three months when it was forcibly declared as bankrupt.

It was unclear where Ma Junfeng went.

Shen Ziqiao could finally leave Minyue at ease.

Before leaving, she wanted to host a banquet to thank He Chen but he declined.

He Chen replied on Shen Ziqiao’s post: I would rather not meet you anymore if we’re just going to fight.

The next sentence was: Seemingly in love but actually ruthless...

Shen Ziqiao felt bitter inside. She thought that he had placed his feelings away for her. He was probably talking about himself right. He liked her but he had to act ruthless whenever they met so they may as well not meet anymore.

Then fine. They shouldn’t meet anymore.

Shen Ziqiao sighed inside. She was unable to reciprocate He Chen’s feelings because before meeting He Chen, she had already encountered Qi Zheng.

Although she felt regretful, Shen Ziqiao’s journey wasn’t impacted. She made her way back to the capital.

Different from her mood when she came here, she felt carefree and relaxed on the way back to the capital. Although there weren’t any good news coming from the capital, the emperor had pushed back the date in which he was going to Tianxuan Mountain.

Although he only pushed the date behind, it was already really good.

It was only two days before the lunar New Year’s Eve. Qi Zheng was still in the village recuperating. Shen Ziqiao hadn’t entered the city yet. Instead, she went straight to the village.

Qi Zheng wasn’t in the room. Shen Ziqiao was tired from the ride. After freshening up, she laid in bed and got to rest. She waited for Qi Zheng to come back to discuss their next steps.

It was unclear how long she slept for but Shen Ziqiao vaguely felt as if she was brought into a warm and steady hug. Her globes were cupped by a huge palm.

“Qi Zheng…” Shen Ziqiao felt his familiar aura and muttered, turning to wrap her arms around his shoulders.

“Did you miss me?” Qi Zheng bit her earlobes and asked.

Shen Ziqiao softly trembled and her body fell limp.

His warm and wet kisses landed on her neck and he sucked hickey after hickey.

“Jiao Jiao…” He removed her belt and lowered his head to bite on her bud, his tongue gently flicking at it. Shen Ziqiao couldn’t help but moan.

“Qi Zheng, Qi Zheng…” Shen Ziqiao melted into a puddle of water.

“I’m here, I’m here.” Qi Zheng captured her lips and her moans.

Shen Ziqiao wrapped her legs around his waist and passionately responded to his kiss.

She seemed to be rubbing against his swollen erection. Qi Zheng felt her unprecedented enthusiasm so how could he hold himself anymore?

He pulled her slender and fair legs apart, sending his length inside her wetness, violently thrusting.

Shen Ziqiao panted and her globes bounced by the moment. Qi Zheng cupped one in each hand and kneaded it into different shapes.

He had missed her so much in the past month or so. He was afraid that something might happen to her and that she might’ve triggered MA Junfeng. Who knew that she had easily defeated him.

This little thing. She always brought him surprises.

“Qi Zheng, slow down…” Shen Ziqiao begged. She couldn’t withstand the fierce thrusting. She felt as if her body had been rammed against something hard.

“It’s good.” Qi Zheng couldn’t stop nor could he slow down. Only then could he feel like she was by his side.

“Ah…” Shen Ziqiao felt an electric shock passing through. It felt as if something sprayed from her thighs and then she moaned loudly.

Qi Zheng kissed her face but didn’t stop his rhythmic thrusting.

Up until Shen Ziqiao begged once again did Qi Zheng release. He glanced at his flushed and panting little wife. He couldn’t help but kiss her a few times.

“Jiao Jiao, I miss you so much.” His lips were against her ears.

Shen Ziqiao bit her lips. “I miss you a lot too.”

Qi Zheng chuckled in a low voice. “How much? Let me see.” As he said this, his hands slipped to her inner thigh.

“Don’t do this again!” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed in shock. She didn’t even get to catch her breath yet.

Qi Zheng laughed out loud again.

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