Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1874: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 55)

“Aunt……”  The two girls looked at Luo Qing Chen with looks of panic.

Luo Xin gave the order, “Why haven’t you greeted the saint yet!”

The two girls in white took a cold breath and immediately kneeled down, “Greetings to the saint.”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t care about them as she looked at Luo Xin, “Bring me to see the elders!  There are some things that need to be explained.”

Luo Xin looked at her for a while before finally giving a sigh, “Alright.”


Heavenly Snow Peak, the temple of the witch race.

The temple standing in the clouds looked so ethereal from a distance.

Luo Xin slightly knitted her brows, “Perhaps you’re right, whether it is the Nan Chao Country or the witch race, we shouldn’t be running.”

Luo Qing Chen didn’t reply as she followed Luo Xin into the temple.

The first time she met the witch race’s oldest elder, his appearance was different from what she imagined.

A head of black hair and although his face wasn’t soft, there wasn’t a single wrinkle.

It was hard to imagine that a person who lived for four hundred years looked like this.

“Qing Chen, they finally found you in the end.”  Sitting up above, Luo Ying in his white robe looked at her for a long time, “You really do look like her.”

“Who are you talking about?”  Luo Qing Chen had a clear look in her eyes.

“Luo Yao from four hundred years ago, the woman who saved the citizens of the Nan Chao Country from the sand and wind……”  Elder Luo Ying gave a sigh, “Sit!  I know what you are here for, this secret that shouldn’t be a secret.”

After three cups of tea’s worth of time, Luo Qing Chen had heard the complete story from four hundred years ago.

Actually…..the person who was hurt the most wasn’t anyone else but the Flower Goddess of the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array, Xi.

As the protector of the witch race and the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array, Xi did all the things that a protector should do.

Listening to their prayers and protecting the witch race from death……

But there was no happy ending for this Xi.

Back then, it was not Luo Yao who fell in love with King Nan Chao first, but rather Xi.

Xi came out of the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array, turned into a human and saved King Nan Chao from an assassination from his brother.

When she first saw him, Xi didn’t fall in love with him.  She just felt that he looked very good and very heroic.

King Nan Chao was seriously injured and his consciousness faded, saying many things in his delirium that Xi heard.

It was at that time that Xi felt that this man was very special and couldn’t help being fascinated.

But as a protector, she couldn’t leave the Heavenly Spiritual Flower Array for long.  So after taking care of King Nan Chao, she went back first.

But then King Nan Chao was saved by Luo Yao in the cave and when King Nan Chao opened his eyes, he fell in love with Luo Yao at first sight.

Xi didn’t know about this matter.  King Nan Chao always thought that Luo Yao was the one that saved his life and Luo Yao never understood what the word ‘save’ meant.

At that time, the elder of the witch race opposed Luo Yao and King Nan Chao being together because they had seen the scene of Xi saving King Nan Chao.

But they never thought that……Luo Yao and King Nan Chao were so deeply in love that they would give up everything to elope.

“You should know what happened after this.”  Elder Luo Ying gave a sigh, “In order to take revenge on the witch race and the Nan Chao Country, Xi put down this curse.  The Nan Chao Country would face a disaster every four hundred years and only the blood of the saint can break this curse.”

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