Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1860: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 41)

She indeed didn’t know that the saint had this ending four hundred years ago…..

She died?

If she didn’t die, how could she leave King Nan Chao alone in this world?

“This is only a legend, King Mu shouldn’t take it this seriously.”  Luo Qing Chen’s expression changed to make it seem more calm.

But then Mu Han Che suddenly stood up.  Yu Jin Er, who was in his embrace, couldn't react in time and fell to the ground.

She looked up with an angry look and glared at Luo Qing Chen with a sharp gaze.  She pursed her lips before turning to Mu Han Che with watery eyes, “It hurts for Jin’er!”

Who was this girl?  She could actually make her fell out of Mu Han Che’s embrace.  It seemed like she was a vixen, it really was hateful.

“Get out.”  Mu Han Che’s voice was very cold, so cold that Yu Jin Er couldn’t react as she looked at him with a shocked look.

But Mu Han Che wasn’t looking at her at all, rather he was focused on looking at this crown princess from the Nan Chao Country.

“King Mu……I……”

“I don’t want to repeat it a second time.”  His eyes narrowed and they became a bit bloodshot as they filled with killing intent.

Yu Jin Er’s face turned pale in fear and she immediately kneeled down, trembling as she bowed, “Jin’er will leave……”

As soon as her voice fell, her legs trembled as she left the Golden Hall.

She rarely seen Mu Han Che be this angry.  She knew that if she didn’t leave, Mu Han Che might have really killed her with his temper.

Who was that person and why did she seem a bit familiar?

After Yu Jin Er left, she and Mu Han Che were the only ones left in the Golden Hall.  His deep gaze was on her with a bit of exploration, a bit of confusion, and a bit……of nostalgia.

“Did you finish your mission?”  Not knowing how long passed, he finally spoke slowly, asking a question that ‘he clearly knew the answer to’.

Luo Qing Chen replied with a calm look, “I don’t understand what King Mu is saying.”

Mu Han Che narrowed his eyes and directly threw the sword beside him, sending it flying in her direction.

Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort.  She narrowed her eyes and jumped back at the same second, avoiding his attack.

She then gave a cold laugh, “What is King Mu doing?  You want to kill someone to silence them?”

“Don’t talk to me in this calm tone!”  His ears were red and his cold personality suddenly became a bit heated.

She could be mad, she could be angry, she could even curse him, but what he couldn’t take was…..her not caring at all, not even recognizing him.

“Oh?”  She looked up with a faint smile, “What tone does King Mu think I should use?  Is it because I’m not respectful enough?”

“You know what I’m saying!”  Mu Han Che gritted his teeth before saying with a taunting smile, “Could it be that you’re telling me that you really fell in love with him?”

“Yes.”  Luo Qing Chen nodded before looking at him with a calm look, “I am his crown princess, naturally I love him.”

“I don’t believe it.”  His eyes were dark as his lips revealed a cold smile, “If you know what kind of person he is, you might not say something this laughable.”

Nan Yi Sheng, the person with the greatest martial arts in this world.  He was the only disciple of the sword immortal, he was far beyond the reach of normal people.

He was his only opponent in unifying the continent, so he had sent Luo Qing Chen to kill him.  But it wasn’t completely because of this reason……

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