Chapter 186: Grieving, Want To Cry But Unable To

In the next second, Nan Xun’s soul was pulled out from her body.

She quietly looked at the dead man on the ground who wasn’t particularly good-looking. She couldn’t help but purse her lips and slightly squint. “Little Eight, I’m suddenly feeling a little tired.”

Little Eight was silent for a while before he whispered lightly, “I know you want to see him for the last time, let’s wait for him to come.”

Her soul state can’t stay in a world for too long, so Little Eight was being generous for once and protected Nan Xun’s primordial spirit using his own spiritual power.

One person and one beast thought that it would take a long time for Yan Luo to find that something was wrong and rush to the abandoned factory, but they didn’t expect that A Hei stumbled to Su Mobai’s body and saw the last bloody words left by Nan Xun. His expression changed greatly. He panicked and backed away a few steps hurriedly, before eventually falling down on his buttocks because of his flurried pace.

A Hei’s pair of eyes stared blankly for a while before he suddenly moved and sent a message to Yan Luo with his phone. After that, he then turned off his phone, lifted up his arm that was holding the pistol, and aimed it at his head.

The next second, with one sharp bang, a bullet penetrated his head.

The last survivor on the scene also fell down.

After A Hei sent that message to Yan Luo, he already knew that he wouldn’t survive because Lord Yan wouldn't let him go, but he still sent it anyway. Perhaps it was because the bloody kid’s steadfast steps scared him, or perhaps because of… the last sentence that he left behind.

At the last moment before A Hei died, there was no hatred nor fear in his heart. There was also no Lord Yan’s figure in his mind, as he only thought of when he and Su Mobai once rescued Yan Man from the Green Tiger gang together. That scene lasted in his mind until he breathed his last breath.

Nan Xun was taken aback by A Hei’s move.

Little Eight recovered from the shock. “F*ck, this kid’s crazy ah, he actually committed suicide! He notified big boss, did he ask big boss to retrieve his corpse?”

Nan Xun stared at A Hei’s body for a long time before finally sighing in a desolate voice..

One person and one beast didn’t wait too long before the harsh noise of a car’s rapid braking sounded.

Nan Xun saw the car door slam open and a person rushed out to his side. However, he suddenly slowed down. Like he was afraid of something, his feet stepped one at a time.

“Brother!” Nan Xun yelled, and flung herself towards him, but her soul just went through Yan Luo’s body directly. She turned back, only to see Yan Luo’s stiff back.

Yan Luo walked until he stopped in front of him, seeing the blood-covered corpse on the ground. His mouth was wide open as he felt himself about to suffocate. The air stagnated around him.

His red eyes looked at the child lying quietly on the ground and saw that there was no intact part of his body. All of a sudden, his legs softened and he fell to his knees in front of the cold corpse.

With the last bit of hope from self-deception, he stretched out his trembling hand and touched the kid’s head a little, slowly raising it up.

Seeing that familiar blood-stained face, Yan Luo’s hand shook violently, giving out a cry like a tired beast— constrained, dreary, and hoarse, as if he was losing his voice. “Little White, Little White… don’t scare me, I beg you, Little White…”

He held Su Mobai in his arms, hugging him firmly inside his embrace as his constrained cry turned into howls.

When he saw the sentence written with blood on the ground, the tears that Yan Luo had been holding back suddenly burst out like a broken dam. His hand gently stroked the dried words in blood one by one, again and again.

“Little White, Little White…” He murmured softly until he finally lost his voice, but his throat continued to move lightly.

Nan Xun was sad, she really wanted to cry, but she couldn’t because her soul couldn’t cry.

She squatted down beside Yan Luo, reaching her hand out to wipe away the tear in the corner of his eye, but her hand passed through his face instead. So, she just put her void finger on the corner of his eye, letting that salty drop of water fall down to the center of her hand. It was as if the heat also passed through to Nan Xun’s soul, but quite quickly it fell through her palm, hitting the cold hard ground.

Although Little Eight felt that it wasn’t appropriate to interrupt at this time, he couldn’t help but whisper, “Just now, Yan Luo’s evil value rebounded to 100. I originally had a glimmer of hope, thinking that his evil value would disappear after he saw you, but, alas…”

“Nan Xun, let’s go, I’m afraid that you’ll be more sad the more you look at him,” Little Eight sighed.

As a beast that had lived for so long, he had seen a lot of life and death scenes between mortals, family members, and sweethearts, but he was still shocked this time. He thought that the big boss still resented Nan Xun, but he didn’t expect that after Nan Xun died, he, a rough and big boss, actually cried like a dog until his eyes became red all over.

“...Okay.” Nan Xun suddenly responded softly. She looked at Yan Luo’s profile deeply. Then she leaned closer to his ear, with her lips closed, and whispered three words in silence.

Little Eight immediately took action. As soon as Nan Xun’s “okay” fell from her mouth, Little Eight had already shattered the void space.

In a blink of an eye, Nan Xun’s soul distorted and vanished from that place.

Nan Xun wasn’t in the mood to think about anything else. When she found herself in the middle of a bright ocean of stars, she just asked blankly, “What world is this?”

“Didn’t you say that you’re a little tired? That’s why I took you to my star space where you can rest for a month.”

Little Eight’s voice wasn’t reverberating in Nan Xun’s mind this time.

She’s now in her soul state without a corporeal brain.

Nan Xun nodded her head slightly, before looking around to find a round furry white creature squatting in front of her. That fur ball had black bean-like eyes, small ears and limbs, and even a short little tail on his tiny round butt.

Little Eight saw that she had been staring at him for a little while. Don’t know what he was thinking about, but Little Eight leaped up at lightning speed, his little white figure sweeping past. The next moment, he was already ten meters away from Nan Xun.

“Little Eight, why are you running so far? Don’t be scared, I won’t pound you into a flat cake.” Nan Xun said softly.

Little Eight tutted, his small round paws on its waist akimbo. “Even if you think about it, can you catch this grandpa ah? A Void Beast’s speed is so quick that nobody could rival us.”

Nan Xun observed his round shape for a long time before suddenly asking, “You said that you’re an absolutely beautiful white horse in your adulthood, but why are you so round in your childhood? I’m perplexed by this.”

Little Eight twisted its little fat waist and explained, “Void Beasts are a magical species. It’s normal if you don’t understand this because even this grandpa doesn’t understand ah.”

“Little Eight, do you really want to give me a holiday?” Nan Xun asked, not believing it.

Little Eight awkwardly showed its cute little butt to Nan Xun, humphing twice. “This grandpa only sees that you’re not in the best mood, so I’ll do you a big favor. If you die as soon as you transmigrate into a new world, wouldn’t this grandpa have to break the void again?”

Nan Xun laughed, not saying anything. She laid in the void space, looking at the shining stars all around with somewhat empty eyes.

The Villain Has Blackened Again

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