The car drove to the abandoned factory from last time. As the original Green Tiger gang had already been eliminated by Yan Luo, it was occupied by Yan Luo’s men.

Abandoned factories are really the best place to kidnap and kill someone ah.

Nan Xun was pushed rudely by A Hei, and soon he saw three fierce rough men inside, making a total of seven including the ones from the car.

To tell the truth, if it wasn’t for the pistol in A Hei’s hand, Nan Xun was afraid that he would be beaten into a hornet’s nest. Even though he struggled hard against this group of fierce men, he was still roughly tied up to an iron chair, unarmed and defenceless.

Nan Xun wrinkled his eyebrows slightly and looked at the seven big men in front of him, a thin layer of sweat already coating his palms.

These seven men should be Yan Luo’s extreme members. Although they’re still Yan Luo’s fanatic followers, they can’t tolerate the traitor Su Mobai to live. They simply didn’t care what Su Mobai did or didn’t do. They only knew that he’s the same undercover agent as Ji He, and that the two people have to die.

Several days ago they followed Ji He. Ji He had regained his status as a policeman with a gun on him and guards around him, so they couldn’t help but let Ji He go for now, and locked on to Su Mobai first.

Those people at first discovered that Su Mobai was placed in Zhao Dui’s house, but there was no one when they went there. When they asked around, they heard that Zhao Dui’s wife was hit by someone until she fainted, while Su Mobai was kidnapped.

At first they thought that other brothers did it, but after waiting for several days, they still didn’t hear any news about Su Mobai.

Finally, A Hei noticed King Yan Luo’s abnormal behavior and found that he went to a casino in B City every day.

While King Yan Luo was away, A Hei secretly went to the basement of the casino, saw the locked room, and immediately knew the truth.

The brothers were very angry. Su Mobai and Ji He had killed so many brothers in the gang, but Lord Yan still wants to cover up this traitor after all this time?

They can’t tolerate him, they must kill this stinky boy who made Lord Yan out of his mind!

“Brother Hei, the video recorder is ready, you can start,” one of them said, giving Nan Xun a cruel smile.

Nan Xun saw a camera facing him, with the record button having been pressed by someone.

His brows furrowed tightly. “What do you guys want to do?”

“Do what? Of course, preparing a gift for your Uncle Zhao Dui! I heard Ji He played with men in the prison? Hahahaha, the brothers here are all interested to try that today. Luckily there’s you, stinky boy.”

After those people finished speaking, excluding A Hei, several rough guys took off their pants while walking towards Nan Xun.

Nan Xun immediately realized the disgusting thoughts of those people.

“Little Eight, what did you say about Su Mobai’s cause of death when I just crossed over?”

Little Eight swallowed his spit. “He was killed while doing that with several inmates in the prison, it’s really similar with the current scene oh.”

Nan Xun’s eyes sunk, and he suddenly sneered, “Little Eight, shield me from any pain, quick!”

When those people approached Nan Xun and wanted to put something grotesque in his mouth, Nan Xun cut the rope binding him with a blade hidden in his sleeve.

He jumped up fiercely the moment he broke the rope, and the blade between his fingers quickly cut through one person’s throat. Staring at the nearest man’s root, he again severed it ruthlessly.

Screams and curses rang out. As a bloody smell filled the abandoned factory, the frenzied bloody feast began.

Little Eight, “You still like cutting off people’s descendants like in the past, tsk, but this grandpa likes it oh.”

Nan Xun killed two people in the blink of an eye.

His fight angered the rest of those rough men. A Hei furiously shot one of Nan Xun’s legs, but a second later was dumbfounded because this child didn’t even notice the pain, and continued walking forward.

A Hei’s hand was shaking. He pointed the gun and fired it again at his arm, but the kid continued to fight without hindrance. Su Mobai picked up the iron chair behind him, and smashed it into another two people’s heads in front…

This man was crazy. His body had been cut countless times by machetes, his flesh and blood poured out, and even his bones were faintly visible! He was also shot by A Hei for a full seven shots, until only one bullet was left inside the gun. However, he still continued beating people with bloody red eyes, as if he had lost his mind.

A Hei was frightened, and stood stunned silly at the gate while watching Su Mobai kill everyone. As if he was a blood man himself, his body had been covered by an appalling amount of blood, gurgling out from so many blade and bullet holes.

Then, the kid walked slowly in his direction. Every time he walked, a pair of bloody footprints was clearly left on the ground, but his pair of black eyes were very firm and bright as he looked straight outside.

A Hei couldn’t bring himself to move.

The bloody man passed by A Hei and directly walked out.

A Hei gazed blankly at his strong back. His eyes suddenly became sour, and his hands softened as the pistol fell to the ground with the last bullet left inside. He couldn’t hold the pistol anymore.

Nan Xun walked and walked, until he fell to the ground with a thump.

Nan Xun, “F*ck, why won’t my hands and feet listen to me? Why did I fall down?”

Little Eight, “What do you think it means to block the pain? It only means that you don’t feel any pain! Can’t you see how many knife and bullet wounds there are on your body?”

Nan Xun, “Then you tell me, can I hold on until Yan Luo’s arrival?”

Little Eight “hehe” sneered, “Girl, you’re about to see the real underworld’s King Yan Luo!” [King Yama / Hades]

Nan Xun, “Little Eight, stop the bleeding for me!”

Little Eight, “I can’t ah, this grandpa can’t open too many softwares for you at the same time. How about you withdraw the pain blocking software before I stop your bleeding?”

Nan Xun nodded without hesitation.

Little Eight was stunned. Nan Xun was so afraid of pain, but now that he wanted to prolong his breath a bit longer, he’s willing to suffer such pain?

“My dear, think about it again. Seven bullets ah, countless knives ah, your whole body is now covered in blood gurgling out from those wounds. Do you really want me to remove the pain blocking software?”

Nan Xun gritted his teeth. “Hurry up, stop talking nonsense.”

Little Eight sobbed and wailed, “But it’s too late, you have lost too much blood, you’re gonna die soon. “However, he also felt that his breath was getting weaker and weaker. He knew that he was about to take his last breath.

Nan Xun exhausted his last bit of energy and struggled to climb a distance further. His guzzling blood made a shocking trail on the ground.

Nan Xun was really unwilling.

He hadn’t seen Yan Luo’s face for the last time yet, so he wouldn’t be reconciled if he just died like this.

Finally, he couldn’t take it anymore. He raised his trembling finger and wrote something on the ground with his blood: Brother, I don’t blame you, please live properly.

Afterwards, he desperately exerted his strength to stretch his hand forward, as if he was trying to touch something. Suddenly, his lifted hand became soft and dropped to the ground, his body that he half raised using all of his strength also falling down with a thump.

Just like this… he died thoroughly.