Chapter 184: House Arrest, The Lock Was Smashed

Nan Xun returned to the familiar mansion. When he woke up, Yan Luo stood in front of him, overlooking him with a condescending expression. His face was very cold, while his eyes were red like blood.

Little Eight suddenly inserted a sentence— “My dear, beg for a lot of good luck. The big boss has been staring at you for a full half an hour, his eyeballs didn’t move even for a bit.”

Nan Xun swallowed a mouthful of saliva. “Little Eight, are you sure that he’s just looking at my head and not my pleasing face?”

Little Eight, “It’s not as if you’re a beautiful woman. You’re a f*cking man ah, how can he vent off by seeing your face?”

Nan Xun looked at the man in front of him and cried out “brother” lightly.

“Little White, I’m just going to ask you this. Are you really the police’s undercover agent?” Yan Luo’s voice was deep with lingering anger.

Nan Xun hurriedly said, “Brother, this is the case, at first I was just—”

Yan Luo interrupted coldly, “You only need to answer yes or no.”

Nan Xun opened his mouth and nodded with some difficulty. “It’s true.”

As soon as Yan Luo heard this, his blood-red eyes became even redder, frightening people with just one look.

He sent a punch towards Nan Xun, but suddenly turned around when he was about to hit his face, landing it on the back of the sofa beside him instead.


Nan Xun clearly felt the sofa sink deeply, and the surrounding air seemed to tremble.

Yan Luo suddenly dragged him from the sofa and out of the house.

Nan Xun was crudely stuffed into the car before he drove it away.

Nan Xun tried to explain, “Brother, I really don’t want to hurt you, I had no other choice than to be an undercover agent at the beginning, because otherwise I would die.”

Yan Luo obviously didn’t want to listen to his explanation. His thin lips tightened, and his gaze was freezing cold.

Afterwards, Nan Xun became quiet, a little afraid in his heart.

Little Eight was more afraid than him. “Where do you think big boss will take you to? He’s not searching for a place to break you into pieces right?”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes, “Did the big boss take me away from the policeman’s house just to break me up? Little Eight, how did your brain grow ah?” Saying this, he murmured with a low voice, “Besides, my brother can’t bear to do that to me.”

Little Eight humphed. “The blackening value has already reached 100, it’s already abnormal okay? His current evil value only dropped to 50, do you think you’re that important to him?!”

Nan Xun pursed his mouth, hurt by Little Eight’s words, and reluctantly retorted, “How about you give me another two years? Maybe my brother’s evil value would drop to 0 by then.”

Little Eight relentlessly retorted, “It will be faster if you dream.”

Nan Xun was taken to the basement of a casino by Yan Luo, and was pushed into a small room. There was a bed and a table in it, with small leather whips and some strange torture tools hanging on the wall.

Nan Xun: …

“Brother.” Nan Xun called out pitifully.

Yan Luo looked at him silently. “Little White, I still can’t bear to hurt you, even at this point in time.”

“Brother, whether you believe it or not, I never thought of hurting you, I really like brother.” Nan Xun’s eyes were sour, he didn’t feel afraid when he first saw Yan Luo like this. Instead, his heart hurt for him.

[email protected] it, his heart unexpectedly can hurt for other people, and he still straightforwardly admitted it!

Yan Luo rubbed his head like usual, and his movements were gentle. “Little White, you live here first. I’ll come to see you from time to time.”

“Brother, have you forgiven me?” Nan Xun suddenly grabbed his hand, eager to know the answer from his mouth.

Yan Luo avoided talking about it, and left after he helped him settle down.


Nan Xun heard the door being locked. It was the sound of a big old-fashioned lock— that clicking sound was especially crisp.

“Little Eight, I seem to be under house arrest by big boss.” Nan Xun laid on the bed after saying this. The bed was quite soft, it was comfortable to sleep on.

Little Eight, “So exciting! I’m seeing little black room play again, how come he doesn’t chain you like what Daddy Li Chen did? But locking the door like that is also handsome oh!”

Nan Xun: …

“Little Eight, help me pay attention to what the big boss is doing lately.”

Little Eight clamored, “I can’t release my spiritual power to observe the big boss for a long time, it’s such a waste of my power ah.”

Nan Xun, “Then take a look occasionally.”

Little Eight humphed arrogantly, “Alright then.”

Over the past few days, Yan Luo came back to visit Nan Xun everyday. He would bring delicious food and eat it together face to face.

Nan Xun would feel that they were still brothers like before. His brother hadn’t changed at all, he still liked him a lot. But every time he left, the crisp sound of the big lock brought him back to reality again.

It seemed that Yan Luo had refused to forgive him. He loathed his identity as an undercover agent.

“Ji He’s identity was exposed, he recovered his identity as a policeman. He was shot twice, it must have been done by King Yan Luo. When he was recuperating in hospital, Yan Luo’s brothers almost killed him.”

Nan Xun patted his flat chest. “My brother’s underlings are so cruel.”

Little Eight, “As the proverb says, what kind of master will have what kind of dog. Big boss hates traitors to his bones, of course his brothers would be like that too ah. Ji He wasn’t just a traitor, he’s also an undercover policeman, so they must have taken their revenge on him. Well, you’re also the same.”

As soon as Little Eight’s words fell, the sound of a heavy object being smashed came from the door.

The sound continued for a while. Nan Xun’s heart also pounded hard following that sound.

Little Eight immediately said, “It’s not Yan Luo, it’s that thug from last time, A Hei.”

The lock outside the door was finally smashed by something, and the door was kicked open immediately after. Nan Xun saw A Hei standing right in front of the door. They had worked together to rescue Yan Man from the Green Tiger gang last time.

A Hei’s face made Nan Xun realize that he was coming with bad intentions, so when A Hei wanted to pull him, Nan Xun hastily hurried to hide.

A Hei sneered, and pulled out the gun from his waist in the next moment, pointing that cold, black muzzle towards him.

Nan Xun immediately froze as he was dragged by the neck to go outside.

“Stinky boy, I used to think that you’re a loyal one when you broke into the Green Tiger gang’s base to rescue Yan Man. Now I know that it’s all your trick to gain Lord Yan’s trust! Do you know how many of our brothers that were captured by the police, and how many that were killed on the spot? Thousands of swords are not enough to vent our anger!”

A Hei tied Nan Xun and pushed him into a black car. Nan Xun saw three familiar faces inside the car, all being Yan Luo’s men. They all stared at Nan Xun with hatred, hoping to kill and cut him slice by slice.

“I’m done for, Little Eight, today I’m really done for.”

Little Eight sighed, “Big boss is in a meeting with other brothers at the moment, he won’t be able to come and rescue you in time.”

Nan Xun, “Heaven really wants to kill me.”

Little Eight: …

Your mom, you still can put on an act at this time?

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