Chapter 183: Ouch, Fainting

At this moment, Nan Xun really wanted to hit the other party’s head. Do you really know how dangerous it is for an undercover agent to be exposed in public? F*ck, what about your professionalism?

Nan Xun’s first reaction was to look at Yan Luo.

He was staring at Nan Xun, his eyes widened in shock because the truth was like a thunderbolt out of the blue. His pupils shrank, and then they became red as if they were filled with blood, spitting out wrath like he would destroy heaven and burn earth down.

Little Eight shouted, “We’re finished! Big boss blackening value hit 100 just now!”

“Brother, listen to me, it’s not like this, I didn’t give any report, it really wasn’t me…” Nan Xun was about to cry.

All the brothers stared at Nan Xun with resentment, wishing to mutilate him with thousands of cuts.

The traitor is really this stinky boy!

Yan Luo didn’t look at Nan Xun anymore, he sneered coldly at Zhao Dui, “Police, what crime are you arresting me for? I was just doing porcelain business with an old friend, why? Is even doing a little business illegal this year?”

Zhao Dui’s face changed, he quickly looked at the things inside the box.

“Zhao Dui, everything is fake!” A police officer exclaimed.

Yan Luo raised an eyebrow and looked at the frightened foreigner from M Country who cooperated with him, “My partner likes celadon, so I bought some high quality imitation celadon antiques, I wanted to collect and store them up myself.”

Zhao Dui’s face became ashen, “if you’re just buying and selling simple quality fake celadon antiques, why are you being so sneaky? And why doesn’t this M Country friend transfer money directly to you and instead hold cash?”

Yan Luo said leisurely, “Oh, this ah, of course it’s what I ordered. I need a sum of cash to treat my brothers recently, so I asked him to give me cash. Officer, do you think that I’m smuggling national treasury? As this country’s citizen, how can I do such harmful thing towards my own country?”

Zhao Dui was so angry, he received a report from an informant that King Yan Luo would personally sell a batch of cultural relics this time. So, he brought so many people to encircle and suppress him, he even bought a special team over. He didn’t expect that not only he achieved nothing; his informant was exposed too.

That’s right, Zhao Dui thought that Su Mobai was the one who reported everything to him from the beginning.

Zhao Dui unwillingly opened those people’s handcuffs, and then pulled Nan Xun behind him.

Yan Luo gave a mocking glance towards the two, not stopping them.

Nan Xun cried in his heart, “Little Eight ah, I think I’m really done this time, the big boss looked at me like he wanted to blow my head just now.”

Little Eight was also very dispirited, “What King Yan Luo hated the most is traitors, it’s over, really. Let alone eliminating his evil value, it’s already good if he give you a straight way to die.”

Nan Xun followed Zhao Dui, walking away in a daze, he looked back at Yan Luo, the other party’s expression was cold and the hatred inside his eyes were so deep.

Idiot, it’s really over this time.

Nan Xun suddenly felt that his heart was stabbed with needles, it was painful and grievous.

It looks like his brother really hates him now.

After the police were gone, Yan Luo dismissed all the brothers who clamored for revenge, leaving Ji He alone.

The air was stagnant and the two stared with each other for a long time in silence.

Ji He broke the suffocating silence and said with absolute certainty, “You already know everything.”

The news was released by him, and Yan Luo deliberately disclosed this fake news to him.

Yan Luo looked at him coldly, his hands clenched up unconsciously, “I only told you alone the things inside the box, not even Little White know.”

Ji He didn’t say anything.

“Ji He, you had let down my trust in you.” Yan Luo’s gaze looked sharp, he suddenly pulled out a silencer pistol from his waist and pointed the muzzle directly at Ji He’s forehead.

Ji He didn’t dodge or showed any panic, he only looked at Yan Luo calmly, his smile as if he’s finally free from everything, “When I took this undercover mission, I never thought about going back alive. Kill me, at least this will count as an end between us. It’s just… Little White is a good kid, so I hope you’ll let him go.”

When Yan Luo heard this, his eyes turned red, and he screamed angrily, “Shut up! You don’t need to care about the things between me and Little White!”

However, Ji He continued, “Little White was just tricked by Zhao Dui, he’s not even a policeman, just an ordinary person. He didn’t do anything harmful to you, it was all my doing.”

“I already said, shut up!” Yan Luo pulled the trigger and shot Ji He’s right shoulder.

Ji He clutched his bleeding shoulder and slid down the ground in pain, but he still insisted on finishing what he wanted to say, “Little White can’t go back with you anymore. Although he’s not a policeman, but as an undercover agent, your subordinates won’t let him go. Yan Luo, don’t look for him in the future, you will only harm him.”

Yan Luo’s eyes were red in anger, “Don’t imagine that’s possible! In this life, he won’t leave my, Yan Luo’s side! Even if he’s dead, he will only die in front of me!”

After saying this, Yan Luo shot Ji He’s right leg, speaking with a cold tone, “When I wasn’t in prison for more than two months, it was you that took care of Little White. Seeing this, I won’t kill you today. However, from now on, don’t appear in front of me anymore, otherwise it’d just be either you or me that will die!”

Ji He clutched the two bleeding wounds and looked at Yan Luo’s angry back from afar.

Just like Su Mobai who only recognized Yan Luo, Yan Luo also only recognized Su Mobai, and Ji He always failed to intervene between them.

According to Yan Luo’s character, he would absolutely never let go of Su Mobai from betraying him.

Little White, I’m sorry, Second brother can’t help you. Ji He sighed in his heart.

Because of the desperate revenge against policeman, especially undercover agent like Su Mobai, Zhao Dui sent Su Mobai to his own home and let his wife to take care of him.

Zhao Dui was also annoyed at this matter, at that time, he handcuffed everyone on the scene and thought that they would be properly sentenced to life imprisonment. Thinking that they couldn’t escape, there was no need to hide Su Mobai’s identity as an undercover agent anymore, but, alas…

Mrs. Zhao looked at the child’s clean appearance and heard about the undercover matter, she scolded Zhao Dui for a good while, pitying this Su Mobai child.

However, it was only three days since the last siege. During a dark night, Zhao Dui’s house security was pried open. Mrs. Zhao saw the sinister face of an imposing man and screamed in fright, but when her screamed was still stuck in her throat, she fainted because of that man’s one palm hit.

Nan Xun didn’t resist, his face was innocent as he looked towards him, “Brother, let’s talk this over, I’ll go with you, just don’t make me faint ah.”

At the next moment, Nan Xun felt a pain on his neck and his sight became dark.

Yan Luo chopped his neck until he fainted.


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