His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 183 - No News

Xiao Gu frequently called Physician Wu over to check on her pulses. He was a famous physician in the capital and an expert in gynecology. Shen Ziqiao didn’t want Xiao Gu to cause problems so she had Hong Yu invite someone that she trusted most.

When Xiao Gu saw Physician Wu, her heart thumped. She knew really well that Gu Daiqin was most likely pregnant. Otherwise, Shen Ziqiao wouldn’t be so confident.

Nanny Gu tightly followed Gu Daiqin’s side, afraid that she might get in an accident.

When Physician Wu saw Gu Daiqin, he fell into a trance for a moment. He had never seen such a gorgeous and beautiful woman. When he placed his hand on her wrist to take her pulse, he felt disappointed. Unfortunate! If she had a clear mind… who knew how much riches and glory a beauty like her would get?

Qi Yun pursed her lips in disdain looking at Gu Daiqin. She was just uncomfortable, no? What’s wrong with that? They even invited Physician Wu over to take her pulse. She was just a concubine. Why was she pretending to be honorable?

Shen Ziqiao smiled at Gu Daiqin.

Xiao Gu’s heart turned heavy when she saw her like this.

Physician Wu let go and Xiao Gu immediately asked, “Physician Wu, how is she? Is there something wrong with her appetite?”

“Congratulations madam. This young madam is pregnant.” Physician Wu hurriedly congratulated and didn’t see Xiao Gu’s change in expression.

“What young madam? She’s just a concubine...what? Pregnant?” When Qi Yun heard Physician Wu address Gu Daiqin as a young madam, she wanted to make a sarcastic comment. It was then that she slowly processed the next words. She glared at the confused Gu Daiqin.

Shen Ziqiao also congratulated, “Congratulations mother. You’re going to become a grandmother.”

The maids all got on their knees and congratulated the madam.

Xiao Gu’s face had turned ashen.

Physician Wu was shocked inside. This beautiful woman was just a concubine? That was really unfortunate. Could it be because of this woman’s IQ...that’s why she could only be a concubine?

“Is she going to give birth to a little fool then? Why not just induce an abortion?...” Qi Yun didn’t expect Gu Daiqin to be pregnant either. She harshly glared at that fool. She wanted Xiao Gu to abort Gu Daiqin’s child.

“Shut up!” Xiao Gu was already in a gloomy mood and now that Qi Yun said this, she was even more furious. She didn’t even look at the situation before saying this. Physician Wu has connections with influential families. If this news had spread, Qi Yun would never be able to marry.

Shen Ziqiao said coldly, “Concubine Qin is only like this due to sickness. Second uncle is healthy however. So why would she give birth to a fool?”

So this was caused due to a sickness...unfortunate! Physician Wu sighed inside. “That’s right. If the reason for her delirious state is acquired and not natural, it won’t affect the baby. You guys just need to be more careful. This...concubine recently got pregnant so she needs to rest.”

Xiao Gu wasn’t delighted in the least bit. She nodded at Physician Wu. “Many thanks. Physician Wu, please prescribe some medicine to help with pregancy.”

Nanny Gu was delighted. If the madam would like Qin’er because of this child, then her days would be much better.

After sending Physician Wu away, Xiao Gu glanced at Gu Daiqin gloomily.

She had been guarding against this possibility day and night. She even had her main maid serve Feng’er just so that he wouldn’t touch this fool. Who knew that she still got pregnant with Feng’er’s child.

“I had you stay here to recuperate so why did you go to Feng’er’s place?” Xiao Gu glared at Gu Daiqin.

Gu Daiqin hid in Nanny Gu’s arms. “Brother...brother Feng gave me rose cake…”

“Shameless. You even learned how to seduce men while being muddleheaded?” Xiao Gu felt a ball of anger rising from the bottom of her heart and she shook in fury.

“Mother, Qin’er belongs to the second uncle so how can you say that she’s seducing him?” Shen Ziqiao was furious with Xiao Gu’s action. Her son clearly couldn't control himself. Yet, she blamed Gu Daiqin for seducing Qi Feng. If Qi Feng was interested in the maid that Xiao Gu sent over, he wouldn’t be going to Gu Daiqin.

She forgot that Shen Ziqiao was still here! Xiao Gu suppressed her anger and glanced coldly at Nanny Gu by Gu Daiqin’s side. “It’s not suitable for her to raise the child. Who knows if she can even keep the child?”

Nanny Gu’s face paled upon hearing the words. These words actually came from Qin’er’s real aunt? She had gone too far! She really did! “Madam, mothers become strong for their children. Don’t worry. Qin’er will be able to keep the child and give birth to a chubby son!”

“That’s right. Qin’er is obedient. As long as the people serve her well, she’ll naturally be able to give birth to the child easily.” How could Shen Ziqiao not know what Xiao Gu was planning?

“If that’s the case, I’m leaving Qin’er to your care.” Xiao Gu looked at Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao smiled. “I wish but...it’s probably not up to me. Grandmother found out this morning and wants Qin’er to move to her place. With the Old Madam looking after her, Qin’er will be able to give birth to the child peacefully.”

Xiao Gu’s face turned even more unwell.

She had already arranged it, it seems. She had been countered by Shen Ziqiao, this bitch.

Nanny Gu just recalled where Shen Ziqiao’s confidence came from. With the Old Madam looking after Qin’er, Xiao Gu would have to be a bit apprehensive if she wanted to do something to Gu Daiqin. Even more, would she dare to play tricks in front of the Old Madam?

“Nanny Tian is here.” It was unclear who said this.

Xiao Gu then looked away from Shen Ziqiao and glanced at Nanny Tian who entered the room and greeted her.

“Madam, Old Madam wants this maid to pick Concubine Qin up. She found out that she is pregnant and the Old Madam is really happy. She wants to bring Qin’er over to llook after her and so she has something to do too.” Nanny Tian smiled.

“The Old Madam is old in years. I feel bad for letting her look after Qin’er. Why don’t I take care of her instead?...” Xiao Gu didn’t want Nanny Tian to take Gu Daiqin away.

Nanny Tian smiled. “Old Madam is spirited right now and she’s quite bored of having nothing to do. She’ll be happy with Concubine Qin being by her side.”

Shen Ziqiao smiled and watched by the side. She had already mentioned Gu Daiqin’s changes that Nanny Gu told her to the Old Madam. Although she looked as if she didn’t care about the household matters anymore, this didn’t mean she knew nothing. Look. Physician Wu had just left and she had Nanny Tian come already.

Xiao Gu didn’t care at all. “Then fine. Sorry that Old Madam has to go through all this trouble.”

Seeing that Nanny Tian had taken Gu Daiqin away, Xiao Gu felt as if her heart was boiling in a pot. She couldn’t calm down anymore.

Shen Ziqiao smiled faintly. “Mother, then about Concubine Qin’s proportions being docked…”

Xiao Gu glared at her and clenched, “I’ll naturally deal with that housekeeper. Don’t worry.”

“That’s good. It seems like no one would dare to dock Concubine Qin’s silvers anymore.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

Qi Yun wanted to say something else when Xiao Gu stopped her with a harsh gaze.

“Come with me!” Xiao Gu glared at Qi Yun before leaving.

“Young madam, now, the madam won’t be able to sleep well.” Hong Yu smiled.

Shen Ziqiao chuckled. “What does that have to do with us? As long as we are able to fall asleep.”

Shen Ziqiao was unable to fall asleep either.

Qi Zheng hadn’t come back yet. When he left yesterday, he clearly said that he’d come back today. But Uncle Qun had come back and told her not to wait for him this evening. He said nothing else. How could she possibly not be worried?

She rolled around the entire evening. Shen Ziqiao only got some rest when it was almost daytime. Who knew that she had no news of Qi Zheng the entire time.

It wasn’t a solution to keep waiting! Shen Ziqiao had Hong Ying go to the Shen Family to send a letter to Shen Zikai. She wanted him to find out what had been going on in the palace for the past few days.

Hong Ying quickly came back with news. Shen Zikai said that it had been normal in the palace and nothing strange happened. As for Qi Zheng, he said that she didn’t need to worry about him and he’d be back in a few days.

How could Shen Ziqiao be comforted with these words? She wasn’t an idiot. She obviously knew he was comforting her.

She wondered if Duke An knew something.

Shen Ziqiao hesitated, unsure whether she should go visit her father-in-law when she heard Duke An calling her to the lounge as if he wanted to ask her something.

Qi Silin was in the lounge of the room. Xiao Gu stood next to him and she actually wore a gentle expression. She was smiling while talking to Duke An.

Duke An seemed to be distracted and ignored Xiao Gu.

Shen Ziqiao walked into the lounge and greeted obediently, waiting for Duke An’s question.

“These two days...has Zheng’er come back?” Duke An asked her as soon as he saw her.

“Father, husband had an urgent matter to attend to and left the city. He isn't back yet.” Shen Ziqiao smiled. Although she was really worried about Qi Zheng, she obviously wouldn’t express this in front of Xiao Gu.

Duke An was deep in thought. It was hard to hide the worry in his eyes. He wanted to ask more in depth but he saw Shen Ziqiao lowering her head, not really wanting to talk. He then recalled Xiao Gu behind him.

“Did Zheng’er say why he was leaving the city?” Duke An asked.

Shen Ziqiao smiled faintly. “I rarely ask about husband’s matters.”

Clearly, she didn’t know anything.

Xiao Gu took pleasure in this however. She thought that Qi Zheng had a great relationship with Shen Ziqiao but that didn’t seem like the case after all.

Duke An knew that Shen Ziqiao just didn’t want to talk in detail. He stopped asking as a result. “Tomorrow, enter the palace. The empress wants to see you.”

Shen Ziqiao’s heart tightened. What did the empress want her for? Did it have to do with Qi Zheng?

“Yes, father.” Shen Ziqiao bowed and exclaimed in a low voice.

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