Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1824: Killer wife of King Nan Chao (Part 5)

With this burden, the previous host left the Mu Country and headed to the Nan Chao Country in plain clothes.

Song Le was detained in the Mu Country by Mu Han Che because there was a strange uneasy feeling that he had.  He always felt that the previous host would disappear forever.

After all, the crown prince of the Nan Chao Country, Nan Yi Sheng was a man with a peerless appearance.

Although he had never seen him, he was worried that the previous host wouldn’t return.

Song Le was the final card in his hand.  Mu Han Che was very clear that as long as Song Le was in his hand, Luo Qing Chen would return.

The day they parted, Song Le reluctantly looked at her and kept saying, “Live, live, live.”

She gave a slight nod and revealed a faint smile.

Song Le was completely right, the most important thing for killers like them was to live.

Because only by living could they complete their task and have value.

The road to the Nan Chao Country was very long, it took half a month of bumpy roads before reaching the royal palace.

When the previous host first saw Nan Yi Sheng, she did feel shocked.

He was as gentle as a spring breeze and the slight curl of his lips was incredibly beautiful.

But her mission was to kill him…...

The previous host used her beauty to enter the Nan Chao Country’s royal palace and thought of a way to become the maid of Nan Yi Sheng’s palace.

He had a good temper with everyone, but there was a faint emotion in that good temper.

It was like he had a bit of difference when he looked at the entire world.

She used many forceful ways, using an encounter in the garden or accidentally cutting her hand with the broken teacup to catch Nan Yi Sheng’s attention.

It was a pity…..that not a single one worked.

Until the sons of King Nan Chao competed.  The weak Nan Yi Sheng wasn’t planning on participating, but his brave third brother forced him to participate.  He said that the crown prince would be the future king of the Nan Chao Country who would unite the country, but if he couldn’t even protect the country, he would be letting down his responsibilities to the Nan Chao Country.

King Nan Chao heard this and said with a nod, “Let it go to the end”.

The two sides met in battle and Nan Yi Sheng wasn’t Nan Yi Yong’s match, being defeated in a few moves.

Nan Yi Yong didn’t stop there, stabbing out at his heart.

The previous host…..saved him.

It was only at that moment that Nan Yi Sheng noticed the previous host and was surprised.

The ending of the story was very short in the previous host’s memories.  She used this chance to become Nan Yi Sheng’s personal maid, feeding him poison bit by bit before killing him.

Actually, the previous host always hesitated, so she used less than half of the dose that Mu Han Che had told her to use, but Nan Yi Sheng’s body still collapsed very quickly.

Although he didn’t love her, it still took him three months to die.

On the day Nan Yi Sheng died, the previous host didn’t go see him and silently left the royal palace.

The person she owed the most in this life was Chi Mo and the person she wronged the most was Nan Yi Sheng.

Because since she had been seriously injured for him, he hadn’t treated her badly.  Although there wasn’t love between them, Nan Yi Sheng had done enough for the ‘master and servant relationship’ between them.

But even so, he couldn’t change the previous host’s mind.

Because she loved Mu Han Che.  Even if Mu Han Che was cold and cruel to her, she still loved him…..

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