Chapter 182: Dumbfounded, Exposed

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Ji He thought that he guessed right, he looked somewhat blank, muttering to himself, “Sometimes, Second brother is envious of you, although Zhao Dui sent you as an undercover agent, but you’re not a policeman after all, you don’t have so many shackles and fetters.”

“Little White, do you know how I’ve lived all these years? In order to enter a second-rate gang, I did a lot of bad things and got a lot of bad habits, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, prostitutes and murder, I even blocked a bullet for the gang’s boss.”

“I used to have very close friends inside the gang, they’re really good towards me, countless days and nights, I almost fell in this depraved lifestyle. But I know that I’m still carrying the mission of being a policeman. Even if I fall again, I still remember that day when I graduated from police school, everyone took an oath to defend this territory, to defend the honor of the law… Later, during that police siege, my brother sacrificed himself. I personally watched him try to resist, but his head was shot by the police.”

Ji He laughed at himself, the emotion that emerged in his eyes was of self-loathe, “Afterwards, I went to prison and waited for Yan Luo. I patiently observed him for many days and thought of countless ways to approach him, but none were appropriate, then, you came before I even thought of a perfectly sound reason to get closer to him.”

“Little White, Second brother understands your feelings, how can there be absolute right and evil in this world? Sometimes, after I spent a long time in here, I’d have the illusion that I’m also one of them, maybe, I’m already a member, but being an undercover allows me to deceive myself…”

After Ji He talked a lot to Nan Xun, he finally just patted his shoulder, “Second brother advised you this, withdraw, you are different from Second brother.”

Nan Xun shook his head, “However, Second brother, it’s already too late, I can’t leave my brother anymore.”

Ji He was stunned, but he didn’t persuade him anymore, just smiling lightly, “Will you expose my identity for him?”

Nan Xun again shook his head, “I can’t, but I also can’t let you endanger his safety.”

After this time, Nan Xun never came to see Ji He again. He still remembered that period of time when he was still in prison. Although it was very short, but he was very happy. Maybe Ji He also felt happy, but under this happiness was a cruel reality.

Once something breaks, you can’t mend it back.

Two months later, King Yan Luo’s brother had another accident. The ending was even more tragic as he was directly shot in the head by the police, just like Ji He’s close friend.

Everyone knew that a traitor likely existed inside the gang, and somehow, every suspicion pointed directly to Su Mobai.

Although King Yan Luo did his best to guarantee that the traitor would never be Su Mobai, but the successive blows had already made his followers eager to move. Even the infamous King Yan Luo couldn’t calm their anger.

Yan Luo rubbed the child’s head, “Little White, don’t go anywhere at this time.”

Nan Xun nodded obediently, then hugged his arm and rested his (NX) head on his (YL) shoulder, whispering, “Brother, when can we live without having to walk on the tip of a knife?”

Yan Luo held his hand, not speaking for a long time.

Nan Xun continued, “Brother, have you never thought of transferring your dark industries to the bright side? Brother can start a big company and call all the brothers to work under you, then we won’t have to worry about the brothers having no financial resources.”

Yan Luo gently rubbed the soft hair on Nan Xun’s head, speaking softly and slowly, “Little White, your thinking is too simple. I’ve mixed in underworld since I was young, and everything I know is from there too. Not to mention the brothers below, can you expect a man with a machete to hold a pen?”

“Little White, have you been scared by the gossip lately? Don’t be afraid, I’m here, no one will dare to hurt you.”

Nan Xun was so anxious, he cried to Little Eight in his heart, “What should I do ah? My brother hasn’t realized that Ji He is the rat.”

Little Eight was also very helpless, “Do you know how Ji He goes all out? Even ghosts won’t suspect him.”

Nan Xun can’t reveal Ji He’s identity, because it’d likely kill him, the child of fate. But Nan Xun was unable to persuade the big boss to change and become virtuous, so he became depressed for a while.

Although Yan Luo had lost a lot of brothers and things had begun to be restless underneath, he appeared as if everything was calm, doing what should be done.

There was a big transaction lately, to stabilize his underlings’ morale, Yan Luo planned to send himself, and he only told several credible brothers about this.

Nan Xun was startled when he knew it, he was determined to go with him. He held Yan Luo’s arm from when he just got up from bed and didn’t let it go even if he was killed.

Yan Luo was unable to be angry with him, so he just had to take him along in the end.

The goods to traded were loaded in advance, no one beside Yan Luo knew what they were going to sell this time.

However, experienced people had heard that it would be porcelain kind of things, they can’t help but be bewildered at heart.

The brothers who were familiar with King Yan Luo knew that he doesn’t sell drugs, nor does he smuggle national cultural relics.

The transaction was located at a construction site in B City. After half of the building was built, there was insufficient fund, so the project was stopped, and no one would go there anymore.

The person who came to do transaction was a foreigner who was carrying a suitcase of cash in hand with a dozen of thugs following behind.

Yan Luo spoke fluently in M Country’s language, after some communication, the two parties reached an agreement and prepared to do some inspection.

That M Country foreigner sent one brother to inspect the goods, the box was opened, revealing a celadon inside.

Nan Xun’s complexion abruptly changed. F*ck! Is this real? His brother actually dared to smuggle national cultural relics?

At this moment, there was a series of loud footsteps from outside, one of them exclaimed suddenly, “Not good, Lord Yan! We’re surrounded by police!”

Nan Xun ran quickly and grabbed Yan Luo’s hand.

Twenty to thirty policemen rushed in, several black muzzles were aimed at everyone present, especially Yan Luo.

Nan Xun’s heart jumped when he saw that the team was led by Zhao Dui.

“AAAAA, Little Eight, what should I do?? Big boss is gonna be finished!”

Little Eight was very calm instead, “What are you afraid of ah? They’re not real blue and white porcelains, all are fake.”

Nan Xun: …

At this time, everyone was handcuffed, Ji He was also handcuffed. Yan Luo’s brothers wanted to fight desperately, but they didn’t expect that King Yan Luo would take the initiative and handed both of his hands over. They had already been handcuffed when they were being dumbfounded.

Zhao Dui walked to King Yan Luo and handcuffed him personally.

These people sold national cultural relics, and all of them can’t escape the penalty of life imprisonment, Zhao Dui was greatly relieved.

Thinking of something, Zhao Dui’s gaze suddenly turned to Nan Xun.

Nan Xun was so scared that his heart was about to jumped out from his mouth, he hastily extended his hands, hinting that he was also cuffed.

However, Zhao Dui didn’t move, he only patted Nan Xun on his shoulder and said with a guilty look, “Mobai, you have been suffering these two years, let’s go back with Uncle.”

Nan Xun: !



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