After Su Mobai was brought back home, a special doctor bandaged his wounds and her brother guarded him without eating or drinking. During this period, the pair of brother and sister didn’t say a word.

Yan Man regretted it, really regretted it. She shouldn’t run away from home in a fit of anger. It all ended up with her being kidnapped by enemies and Little White was seriously injured. A Fa, who went with A Hei, also died because of her.

The deep guilt and regret made her no longer think about love. If she could, she would rather have never known Ji He.

Yan Man heard a door opening with a creak and stood up immediately. Looking up, she finally saw her brother coming out from Little White’s room.

Yan Man wanted to go over, but she felt her feet were too heavy to even take a step forward.

“Brother.” Yan Man called out timidly.

Yan Luo’s eyes fell on her, but it only stayed for a split second before he moved it away. That quick look was filled with coldness and detest.

Yan Man stumbled and almost fell to the ground again.

Yan Luo walked in front of her and looked at her coldly, “Yan Man, I regret that I adopted you. Fortunately, Little White is okay, otherwise, I’ll send you… to accompany him.”

The words were spoken lightly, but Yan Man cried in horror, “Brother, I know I’m wrong, I’m really wrong!”

“In my, King Yan Luo’s place, there’s nothing like ‘recognizing one’s mistake and be able to reform oneself’. Some mistakes can’t be forgiven even when you acknowledge it and you have to pay the price.” Yan Luo reached out and touched her head, saying lightly, “Manman, isn’t it better to be an obedient sister? Why should you be this willful?”

Yan Man couldn’t help shivering, Yan Luo’s gentle words made her afraid, “Brother, I’ll listen to you in the future, I’ll be very sensible.”

Almost suddenly, that feeling of oppression was somewhat reduced.

Yan Luo left, leaving a cold sentence behind, “Save up your tears, Little White has already woken up. Don’t let him see your crying appearance.”

Yan Man sniffled. She saw her brother had walked far away before she slowly lifted her body, her legs still trembling.

She suspected that if it weren’t for Little White liking her, her brother would probably drive her out of the Yan family.

As soon as she thought of this possibility, Yan Man felt a chill creeping up her body. She’s an orphan and had nowhere to go, her brother was her only relative. If her brother didn’t want her anymore, she might as well die.

After this incident, Yan Luo treated Nan Xun like a porcelain doll as he was prohibited from going anywhere. Even when he was going for his inspections, he didn’t bring Nan Xun with him anymore. Regarding Yan Luo’s overbearing discipline, Nan Xun felt both happy and sad.

Little Eight said that Yan Luo’s evil value had dropped until 50.

In the past six months, Yan Man went to school as usual, as if there’s nothing wrong, she never mentioned Ji He’s name again.

If Little Eight wasn’t with him, being locked up like this, Nan Xun wouldn’t know that the outside had changed.

“Manman.” Nan Xun suddenly called her.

Yan Man looked at him puzzled.

“I’m going to find Second brother, are you going——”

Before Nan Xun finished speaking, Yan Man shook her head quickly, “It had always been my wishful thinking between me and him. He doesn’t even know my true identity, I may only be just another woman to accompany him in his eyes. Little White, I was wrong, for an uncertain relationship, I almost made you…”

On the day when Yan Luo made a welcome party for Ji He, Yan Man sneaked into the bar and was regarded as another woman who worked there for drinking partner by Ji He, thus she was pulled to the bed. That was how the relationship between the two started out, but now everything was over.

Nan Xun pinched her nose, “It’s in the past, am I not in good condition now?”

Yan Man hugged him, “Little White, you’re so nice.”

Nan Xun sighed; Yan Man seemed to become sensible overnight. This feeling of being forced to grow up wasn’t good, but she had survived in the end.

After getting Yan Luo’s consent, Nan Xun went to a site under Ji He’s jurisdiction while bringing four underlings that Yan Luo prepared to guard him.

When Nan Xun arrived, Ji He was drinking while hugging a woman in his arm.

The man in front of him still had the same appearance as in his memory. In fact, Ji He was right, if Yan Luo and Ji He were in front of him, he wouldn’t hesitate to choose Yan Luo.

“Little White, Second brother originally wanted to find you, but I couldn’t get away. Anyway, Yan Luo probably also didn’t want me to see you.” Ji He lightly laughed, “It’s good to see that you’re alright.”

Nan Xun also smiled, his pair of dark eyes were staring straight at him, “I heard that a traitor had recently appeared inside the gang. A batch of goods from Li Datou were intercepted by the police last time. The underground casino and red-light district under Zhou He’s jurisdiction were all sealed up by the police not long ago and both of them were sent to prison. Second brother is brother’s right-hand man and is busy helping him find the traitor, of course you wouldn’t have the time to visit me.”

Listening to his hints, Ji He didn’t change his expression, only handing him a glass of wine, “Little White, drink some with Second brother.”

Ji He dismissed the woman who accompanied him, leaving him and Nan Xun alone in the private room.

Nan Xun took the glass, lifted his head and drank it clean, slamming the empty glass on the table, “Second brother, do you dare play truth or dare with me?”

Ji He looked at him quietly, a dark light flashed through his pair of eyes that were filled with vicissitudes, “Just ask Second brother if you have anything you want to ask, Second brother will tell you.”

Nan Xun raised the corner of his lips, his smile was a little ugly as he asked directly, “Second brother, tell me the truth, is the traitor really you?”

Ji He’s hand stopped a bit, filling his cup with more wine without replying.

Nan Xun’s eyes fell on his right hand holding the wine glass, there were many scars on his hand, even some on the side of his fingertips.

“Why do you want to hide the scars on your hands? Is it because callus left behind from practicing marksmanship?” Nan Xun looked at him straight, edging him from his every word, “Second brother, are you sent by the police as an… undercover, agent?”

Ji He put down the glass in his hand and looked at him like he was taken by surprise. He said something that broke Nan Xun’s words right then and there, “Little White, you don’t need to pretend in front of Second brother, Second brother already knew that you’re also an undercover agent sent by Zhao Dui.”

Nan Xun almost spurted blood.

These two words ‘Zhao Dui’ was his nightmare, nightmare! He didn’t expect to hear these words from Ji He’s mouth.

“Second brother, what are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Nan Xun didn’t admit it.

Ji He calmly stated, “I’ve consulted with a person above, he told me that Zhao Dui sent you as an undercover agent. I remember Zhao Dui, when I graduated from police school, he had just been the captain of Municipal Bureau’s special case team.”

Nan Xun: …

Ji He continued, “He’s a workaholic, he’s able to abstain from eating or drinking for a few days just to catch criminals, but I didn’t expect him to dare sending a young kid with no foundation as an undercover agent in order to break through King Yan Luo. Now I’m caught by that kid.”

Speaking until here, he looked at Nan Xun with complicated eyes, “Little White, no one is closer to King Yan Luo more than you. I want to get the core evidence of his crime and only you are able to do it.”

Nan Xun stood up and looked at him coldly, “So, when you deliberately approached me and Yan Luo, it wasn’t to get out of prison, but to gain Yan Luo’s trust?”

Ji He didn’t answer this question, instead, his dark eyes stared at Nan Xun, “Little White, are you defecting?”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes silently in his mind. Defecting your @ss, this brother had never intended to be an undercover agent from the start.


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