Chapter 180: Scary, Too Gentle

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The tattooed boss suddenly laughed. His expression was fearless in the face of death as he shouted to Yan Luo’s men with guns not far away, “Shoot, fire! Such loud gunfire will soon attract the police, no one can leave at that time!”

The two small pistols only held a total of sixteen rounds, but there were nearly forty people here while eight bullets had been shot just now.

It’s good if it becomes a stalemate, but if they fight recklessly, they wouldn’t have any plan to ensure their success ah. The opponent had almost forty people all holding machetes. No matter how powerful Yan Luo’s henchmen were, one people can only fight against five people at most.

At this time, Nan Xun shouted fiercely, “Shoot!” Then he rushed against those several rough men.

Even if those people held machetes, Nan Xun didn’t hesitate at all and completely believed in the professionalism of the two underlings.

Bang Bang Bang! Several gunshots sounded in succession, making a gap for Nan Xun to squeezed in, he stepped directly on their bloodied corpses and rushed out from their encirclement quickly.

Nan Xun’s approach angered Green Tiger gang’s people. They shouted and gave a chase, wanting to smash those three people into pieces!

They ran out of bullets, but Nan Xun escaped at the fastest speed of his life. One underling had driven the car over while the other covered Nan Xun’s retreat.

However, as the few people about to get on the car, Green Tiger’s people seemed to be frenzied all of a sudden as they threw the machetes within their hands towards them.

There was a machete rain under the clear sky, Nan Xun’s eyes widened, watching helplessly on the countless sharp blades flying towards himself, there was simply nowhere to dodge.

One underling didn’t hesitate as he covered Nan Xun’s back, pushing Nan Xun directly inside the car while he threw himself under that many blades, his back was directly pierced by the tattooed mad man, it was a fatal blow.

He had no way to get inside the car, it was just a step away from the door.

Nan Xun watched him fell down with his own eyes, his eyes were red, but he didn’t forget to tell the other henchman, “Quick, go! This revenge will be paid back in the future!”

The other thug took a deep look at his dead brother before driving away decisively.

Nan Xun stared blankly towards the front.

Little Eight said with some concern, “Your leg is injured.”

Nan Xun said coldly, “I can’t die yet.”

His right leg was trembling slightly, even if that man had covered for him, his thigh was also hit by a machete. Blood was flowing down his thigh at this moment, drenching his whole leg red in just a short time.

The two thought that they were already safe when a big van suddenly came behind them, slamming ruthlessly against their car.

Nan Xun slammed his head against something hard that he directly fainted as he heard Little Eight’s ghastly wail again…

When he woke up, Nan Xun had already returned to Yan Luo’s mansion. His head was bandaged, and his right leg was also wrapped like a dumpling.

There was a person sitting by his bed, staring at him straight.

That gloomy eyes were deep and difficult to discern when Nan Xun looked over. The man froze and the dark light inside his eyes disappeared, with a sigh of relief, his eyes softened again, “Little White, you finally woke up.”

Nan Xun sat up with Yan Luo’s support, “Brother, are Manman and that big brother okay?”

Hearing ‘Manman’ these two words, Yan Luo’s expression changed hideous in a split second. But he rubbed Nan Xun’s head with a smile, “They’re okay, all alive. Little White, are you hungry now?”

Nan Xun licked his dry lips and nodded, “I want to eat porridge.”

Yan Luo pinched his nose deliberately, “It’s ready and hot whenever you want to eat.”

Yan Luo sent an order towards the door and a servant immediately served the porridge over.

Nan Xun watched Yan Luo took the porridge and feed him personally, he was so scared that he immediately sat upright. Although he knew that his brother had some tenderness towards him usually, but he’s too gentle today ah!

Nan Xun drank a bowl of porridge diligently before yawning, “Brother, I’m tired, I want to sleep for a while.”

Yan Luo fixed the blanket for him and said gently, “Rest up, Little White, I also have something to do.”

As he turned around, Yan Luo’s expression became really cold and dark. Nan Xun was fortunate that he didn’t see it, otherwise he’d be scared to death.

As soon as Yan Luo left, Little Eight burst into tears, “It’s so dangerous ah, you almost died yesterday!”

“Yesterday? I have been in a coma for a full day?” Nan Xun was surprised.

“That’s right ah, yesterday the car’s tail was hit by Green Tiger gang, you passed out, but the big brother responded quickly and covered his head with his hand. Afterwards, he dragged that car all the way until its tail almost gave out before King Yan Luo came with his people. Seeing one killing one, his eyes almost became red. You didn’t see his murderous appearance ah, it was no less than the true Hell King [T/N: Yan Luo is another name for Yama or Hell King], this grandpa suspects that I’ve seen Asura that time.”

Nan Xun’s ability to sort up his brain was quite good After he listened to Little Eight’s description, he imagined various brutal pictures and couldn’t help shivering.

Little Eight added in a low voice, “Big boss guarded you all day without eating nor drinking.”

Nan Xun froze for a moment; he couldn’t help but look at the door’s direction as his expression softened.

“Oh, that’s right, big boss’ blackening value had increased by 15 points, now it’s 80 in total.”

Nan Xun: …

Yan Man shrunk in the corner of living room, her eyes were red and swollen. She held her trembling body, holding in her tears for a long time.

Yesterday she woke up from a violent bump in the car and saw Su Mobai in the front row. His head bled, his eyes were closed tightly and his face was pale, as if he was dead already.

Yan Man’s breath stopped, she saw Green Tiger gang who was chasing after their car in a frenzy from behind. A Hei was also wounded but still speeding up their car in front. Thinking back and forth, she still didn’t know what to do and ended up crying, not daring to look at Su Mobai’s almost dead appearance.

This trepidation of fleeing for her life seemed like it had gone for a long, long time, right until her brother brought men and helped them.

She got off the car and ran towards her brother, wanting to seek comfort, but she didn’t expect that her brother would directly push her to the ground before embracing Su Mobai from the front passenger seat out quickly.

Then, after seeing Su Mobai’s dying appearance, her brother became crazy, really crazy.

She had never seen her brother’s ruthless appearance. Even though she had learned from other people’s mouth about his countless dreadful fights, but it was never as frightening as that one scene yesterday.

The corpses in that scene were chopped and hacked to pieces with a machete. Those ruffians inside the van and abandoned factory were also completely beheaded by him alone.

None of the followers dared to step forward as King Yan Luo’s eyes were already red from rage and murder. They had no way to guarantee that he wouldn’t cut his own people at that time.

Yan Man had forgotten how she went back home, she dared not look at her brother, she was afraid.

Is that really my brother? He’s really frightening...


I hope you learn from this, Manman... (´・ω・`) your brother is frightening...

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