Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 18

"Miss, please stay." A voice came from behind her.

"Excuse me?"

Ah Jin sidelong glanced at him, his appearance was passable, but his character was unknown.

Li Si had a folded fan in his hand and bowed.

"I think I've seen Miss before. I wonder if I've crossed paths with Miss somewhere before."

"So what if you have, so what if you haven't?"

Ah Jin saw what tricks he was playing.

It was a great pleasure for Li Si, who said, "I have actually met Miss before. I really have eyes but do not know Mount Tai. It's God's will for me to meet Miss again today. Why don't Miss come upstairs and have a chat? Several of my fellow friends also hold Miss in high esteem."

With that being said, what else didn't Ah Jin understand?

It turned out that he was the prodigal son's rescue to save the day.

"Which son are you?"

Li Si smiled even more. "I am the Prime Minister's nephew. At present, I live in the Prime Minister's house to await the examination."

Ah Jin fanned herself a few times.

"So it's a poor relative of the Prime Minister's family. I wonder why you're so rude? Third Brother, you are so badly mixed up. No one recognizes you when you go out, and all kinds of cats and dogs dare to come up and talk."

The Second Prince confessed. "Forgive me, Fourth Sister, for my sins. Your third brother is busy studying in the residence day in and day out. How can I have the time to come out and walk a cat or dog, let alone tease a beautiful woman."

When Li Si heard the two of them humiliate him so, how could he stand it?

He hated being called a poor relative of the Prime Minister more than anything in his life.

Although it was confirmed that his own family was destitute, so he never spoke of it in public and referred to himself as the Prime Minister's nephew.

Li Si was angered. "The Prime Minister of the current dynasty is my uncle. How dare you be so insolent!"

As if Ah Jin heard a big joke.

"Your uncle is the Prime Minister, but my father is still the Emperor. Hong Ying, slap his mouth."

"Yes, Miss."

The Second Prince looked to his guards, who immediately came forward to one side to restrain him.

Hong Ying went and gave him two big slaps, which made Li Si's head throb with pain.

"Still won't open your dog's eyes to see who is standing in front of you. How can my Miss be the one you can verbally harass?"

Li Si began to go weak in the knees.

As soon as the guards let go, he went limp. "Your Highness, Princess. Your Highness, spare me."

The crowd of spectators was also shocked and fell to their knees.

"Her Royal Highness."

Ah Jin felt bored as she looked at the wimp in front of her.

Too scared, it wasn't funny.

"The death penalty can be avoided, but the crime of life is inevitable. Keep kneeling here. Apologize by slapping yourself. Don't get up before dark."

"Thank you, Princess, for your grace."

Li Si immediately knelt on the ground, slapping himself as he repeated, "I'm guilty. I should be punished."

The Second Prince hurriedly took her away, fearing that another trouble might arise.

When they saw Li Si kneeling at the door, they were curious about why he was there.

Someone with good intentions narrated for them. The content was so excellent and the words so rich that they were almost as good as the storytellers in the restaurant.

Someone asked, "Then which princess did he offend, ah?"

"Who else could it be? The Eldest Princess is married, the Third Princess is still a child, and the Fourth Princess is still in her cradle. There is no one else but the honorable Second Princess of the Kingdom."

Only then did the man suddenly come to his senses and looked at Li Si with greater sympathy.

The worst person to mess with would be the one with the most incredible background.

On the other side, the Second Prince took Ah Jin to another busy street for shopping.

He could only sacrifice his life to accompany his sister.

There were significantly more good-looking brothers and cute sisters on this street as Ah Jin walked along.

She felt pretty good about this third brother of hers.

While strolling, a youth with a clear and attractive face approached them.

The young man stopped and greeted, "Second Prince, it is such a coincidence that you are also out for a tour."

The Second Prince returned the greeting, "Yes, very coincidental. Yunfang, let me introduce you. This is my Fourth Sister. Fourth Sister, this is the youngest son of the Minister of Rites' family, An Yunfang."

An Yunfang bowed to Ah Jin, "Greetings, Second Princess."

Ah Jin returned the niceties, "No need to be polite. You and my third brother are good friends?"

An Yunfang replied, "Yes, the Second Prince and I share the same class."

Sons and Heirs of princes and ministers would be sent to the Imperial College.

However, princesses were rarely allowed to go to Imperial College.

All the mothers would arrange for their daughters to find someone to teach them music, chess, calligraphy, and painting.

Secondly, the Emperor feared that a princess would fall in love with her classmate and add obstacles to future marriage.

It had to be said that being a princess wasn't so easy.

No amount of dignity would be without responsibility.

In some cases, more responsibility may be shouldered by the less favored.

The Second Prince saw that he wasn't dressed like he was out for fun.

So he asked, "Yunfang, where are you planning to go, being dressed so formally."

An Yunfang answered back, "Together with a few other people. We arranged to meet at the restaurant today. Second Prince, would you like to come and join us?"

The Second Prince asked for her opinion as he looked at Ah Jin.

An Yunfang added, "Second Princess should come to play too. A few other ladies from other families are there."

Ah Jin agreed since she felt she had almost finished shopping on the street as well.

And so they went with An Yunfang.

The restaurant was not as good as the Guest House, but it was not bad.

Entering the elegant room, An Yunfang introduced them to each other, and Ah Jin greeted them one by one.

She was a little shocked because her future sister-in-law, the daughter of the Marquis of Qinghe, Rong Lian, was there.

They were also slightly surprised to see Ah Jin.

Not many princesses could come out to play before marrying, thus showing how much this Second Princess was favored.

There were five of them in the private room; The first son of the Prime Minister's family, the General's youngest son, the little princess of the Prince's Mansion, the Miss of the Marquis, and the Miss of the Government Minister's family. Together with An Yunfang, there were precisely three men and three women.

What the hell was this, a blind date?

The people sat down in turn and talked about the purpose of today's gathering.

It was a simple matter, but to discuss watching the Lantern Festival in a few days.

The girls wanted to go shopping and have fun, and the boys wanted to take a boat ride to see the lanterns.

The Lantern Festival was crowded, and they wanted to walk the streets and take a boat ride.

However, the shore was crowded, and the boat had nowhere to anchor.

Ah Jin looked at them and wondered, "No need to be so troublesome. You can just hire two boats."

The General's son said, "Who wouldn't want to? But, but, we have no money."

They had just enough money for one boat.

They were all students and had no income.

With only the allowance given by the family, it wasn't enough.

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