Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 18 - Picking up a Wild Man

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“You thought I would give you a chance to stand back up?”

He stared with indifference at the dead but grievance-filled wolf eyes. Ling Jingxuan’s voice was very soft, but it was still horrifying. It was like the sound of a devil from the underworld.

Ao ao!

Ao ao!

Two black plump heads suddenly appeared from the underbrush. In the next second, two wolf cubs with similar pitch black bodies with a white tuft on their head dashed out from the underbrush. They staggered along and threw themselves onto the already dead black wolf. Their heads were at the stomach, trying to suck on the swollen nipples.

This scene was touching. It was also laden with grief. Who would have known that because of this scene, Ling Jingxuan did not let his sickle fall on the two wolf cubs. It was because they made him think of his two dried little buns.

“Dad… they are.. wolves?”

Confirming the big wolf was already dead, the two buns supporting each other, trembling with fear, came over. Carbon copy eyes firmly locked onto the wolf cubs still drinking milk. Amidst their fear, they were also very curious.

“En, do you guys like them?”

Nodding his head, Ling Jingxuan looked at them. He lifted his hand to absentmindedly wipe the blood off his face. The twin buns looked at each other, without consulting each other, they both nodded their head then shook it. “No, don’t want it .”

Who knows when they grew up if they would bite people? Although right now they were very cute.

“Hehe, if you like them just carry them home ba. If we can raise them or not still remains to be seen. Hurry, the blood will draw other animals. We should prepare to head down ba.”

Saying this, Ling Jingxuan grabbed the two wolf cubs and threw one to each of them. Looking at the mother wolf, his heart couldn't help but feel a bit of regret. Although the fur was useless, he could still eat the meat. If it wasn’t that they had too many things, he would have cut off some meat for a large and sumptuous meal.

From start to finish, Ling Jingxuan did not look at the bloody dying person.

“Dad, what about him?”

He was carrying a wolf cub, but there was a motionless bloody man on the ground. Big Bun turned around, frowned and asked.

Ling Jingxuan, who was carrying a bamboo basket on his back and holding a few bundles, glanced at him. He curled his lips. “Salad with dressing (1), don’t worry ba. He won’t die for now.”

What would happen later he didn’t know. Seeing how much blood has flowed out, he could only survive for another shi chen (about 2 hours). But that was if the smell of the blood didn’t attract other animals. So the conclusion was like this: he was screwed.

“He’s not dead yet?”

Having heard what was said, the Big Bun bewilderedly called out. He adopted a posture as if he was going to stoop down. The Little Bun also diligently ran over. Ling Jingxuan’s forehead turned black. “What are you doing? We can’t even save ourselves at the moment, but you still want to save people?”

Don’t even mention the wild wolf in this overgrown forest. This was the side of a big road, he also had no plans to save people.

“How can we watch someone dying but not save them? Dad, hurry and come over to help ah. He lost a lot of blood.”

It’s unknown where he got the courage. Clearly earlier when everything started, he was so scared he started wailing. Currently, he actually put down the wolf cub to flip over the bloody person. He even got Little Bun to come help him. Ling Jingxuan walked over in a few strides. Standing in front of them, he said in a congealed voice, “Little Bun, before you want to save someone you must first think of your own situation. Think about exactly what your capability is. Do you think with just us, we can bring him back?”

Saying he was cold blooded was good. Saying he was merciless was also fine. He was this kind of person. He definitely would not invite difficulties. Besides, their weak and thin selves simply didn’t have the ability to save someone.

“But he will die. Dad, can’t we save him?”

Although Big Bun acted mature, he was only five years old. A five year old child, did he even know what he was saying? He only knew a little bit, and that was that he definitely was not allowed to see death and not try to save.

“Daddy, let’s save him ok?”

In response, Little Bun also blinked his pair of eyes at him.

In their eyes, they only had a request to save someone, nothing else.

“Fine, I’ve been defeated by you. This is the person you guys want to save. Don’t regret it in the future. Let me take a look first.”

An even more hard hearted person would not be able to stand their pleas. Ling Jingxuan gazed deeply at them for a bit, and helplessly sighed. He squatted down to put everything on the floor before coming over. The two buns, upon seeing this, mouths split open into smiles. They obediently stepped to a side.

“This face… oh…”

Ling Jingxuan strenuously flipped the man over. He clearly saw that although he was a bit filthy, he did not have any scars or bruises on his face. His entire body was stiff, several segments of images suddenly flashed through his mind.

“Don't want… please… don’t want…”

“Ah ah…”


“Prince, are you ok?”

“Damn it! Dispose of him!”


Following this scene, there were two entirely different voices. The former had a very strong allure, the latter was cold-hearted. The previous owner's hidden memories roused him. It turns out, that year he was raped by someone no one knew. He was exceptionally handsome. He was dragged into the forest of Xiaogong Mountain and ravaged his body without a word by this barbaric tyrannical man. Soon after he finished his beastly desire, when he was on the verge of passing out, several men came. Vaguely, he clearly heard the man ordering his subordinates to carry out his command. As for why he didn't die in the end, perhaps it's because those people felt that there was no way he would survive. And perhaps they felt a small bit of mercy ba. When he woke up, there was no one around him. The injury to his body and mind, he didn't dare tell anyone. He could only accept this grievance and secretly return home with a sorry figure. He just did not think that after a few months, his stomach had gotten bigger, then…

No wonder he didn't have a memory of that man. So actuall… fortunately when he first came over, he thought that the original owner was abandoned and used by a scumbag. He didn’t expect… he basically ran into someone worse than a f*cking beast ah! D*mn, if it was him he also wouldn’t want to remember this rape.

“Dad, what's wrong la? What… dad, his face… where have I seen it before.”

Seeing him stare blankly and stupidly for a long time without any movement, Big Bun, holding the wolf cub, moved closer and saw the man’s appearance. Little sword-like eyebrows frowned. He felt that his face was very familiar, but for the moment he couldn’t think of it.

Of course he’s seen it before. Wasn’t this a carbon copy of you two?

Ling Jingxuan, who returned to his mind, unhappily rolled his eyes. His luck was extraordinary. He went up the mountain to pick medicine, and still managed to pick up a wild man. Fuck, the most annoying f*cking thing was that he still had no choice but to save him. It wasn’t just because he promised the little buns, but also he wanted to make clear what exactly happened that year. He wanted to return the original owner’s innocence and conveniently figure out the history of the two buns.

“Xiao Wen, Xiao Wu, you guys go home first and wait. When you see Youngest Uncle, have him sneakily come up here. Remember, don’t let anyone discover you.”

The person fell unconscious, there was no point in him being more confused about it. Ling Jingxuan, with one hand, tore apart the sticky cloth on the man’s body. His head lowered as he commanded them. He needed to stop his bleeding first. It would be better if he would wake up, but it would be very difficult. He bled a lot, he also didn’t know if he had any other fatal injuries. Moreover, besides the medicinal herbs he just picked, he basically didn't have anything. The probability of making him wake up was zero.

“Out of the question, if we leave then what will you do?”

Compared to saving someone, Big Bun clearly cared more about his dad’s life or death. His manner of speaking covered up his emotions. Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but let out a deep sigh. He lifted his head towards him. “I need to help him stop bleeding. There’s no use in you guys staying here. I’ll say it again, I can’t lift him back home by myself. Xiao Wen, this is the person you guys want to save. If you guys regret it right now, we can throw him aside.”

He looked cold hearted, but actually it was only his psychological method, nothing more. Seeing that man’s appearance and that scene after, it was not possible for him to stand aside and do nothing now.

“I.. then Dad, wait for us here. I’ll quickly bring Youngest Uncle over here. Xiao Wu let’s go.”

Ling Wen looked at his dad, who was lowering his head to look at the unconscious man. He clenched his teeth and dragged Ling Wu, turned around and left.

“But, Daddy…”

“Little Bun be obedient, go hurry back. Daddy will wait here for you guys.”

The Little Bun who was being dragged away, pouted and repeatedly, turned his head around as they left. Ling Jingxuan, with great effort raised his head and put on a pacifying smile until the sight of their backs vanished. He concentrated once again and set out to provide critical care. He secretly vowed to wait for the man to wake, then torture him for a bit. F*ck, rape is rape ba. And he still wanted to kill and silence someone. The man was cold hearted, but compared to him, he would be even more cruel and tyrannical.

  1. Salad with dressing: It’s internet slang, it means ‘nothing you can do about it’.

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