Rebirth to become the President’s Omega Wife

Chapter 18 - Going together [OW]

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Su Ling froze for a moment, he didn't expect Gu Liheng to answer yes. He was just asking because Gu Liheng's previous reaction worried him, but in his heart, he didn’t place much hope for a positive answer. After a moment, he reacted quickly and said, "What kind of help do you need? Just say it, I will definitely try my best to help."

Gu Liheng looked at the sincere boy, and his heart slightly warmed up. So this how it feels to have a friend? He gestured to the living room sofa and said, "Let’s sit down first."

The two of them sat down, and Domi brewed a pot of tea for them. Soon, a light fragrance spread along the heat wafted in the air. Su Ling held a teacup and waited for Gu Liheng to speak.

Gu Liheng didn't beat about the bush and stated his purpose right away, "Can I go with you when you take the Grade A spiritual plants to search for Xian Mo Yu?" Then he added, "I don't want Xian Mo Yu, I just want to go together."

Su Ling's eyes brightened up; he didn't expect the help his male god needs refer to this. He couldn’t ask for more! Initially, he was worried about not able to see Gu Liheng for some time, afraid that there would be love rivals appearing out of nowhere! It's better to have his male god stay near to him, of course. Plus, searching for a spiritual plant is not the same as staying in a villa, the time they’ll spend together will significantly increase.

Su Ling answered immediately, "Of course." He asked curiously, "Are you looking for another Grade S spiritual plant?"

Gu Liheng was silent for a while. Facing the boy's clear eyes, he didn't want to lie, but he didn't want to let him know his condition as well, so he vaguely replied, "No, I just want to relax a bit. I can also help to search for this high-grade spiritual plant along the way, that's good."

Smiling, Su Ling nodded vigorously to express his agreement, "Yes, you really need to relax, but you are so busy recently, do you have time to go out?"

Gu Liheng nodded, "I have taken care of a few important tasks at hand, so I have a three-month vacation."

Su Ling: "You have been so busy lately, was it because of the holiday?"

Gu Liheng: "Yes……"

Just then, Gu Liheng’s bracelet rang, and after reading the message, he got up: "Sorry, I need to settle some matters."

Su Ling's eyes curled up slightly, "It's okay, I'm free starting from 16th, and it's fine to leave a few days later."

It was apparent that Su Ling is considering for his sake. Gu Liheng’s expression became much softer as he said, "Everything will be handled before the 16th then. I will go to my study first."

After Gu Liheng left the living room, Su Ling thought about what he had said and tapped his bracelet to watch the news. The news with the highest number of replies is [Re-election - The most beautiful Omega]. He went inside and saw his picture with a red word in the upper right corner that said ‘Disqualified’. The two photos below him are Lin Meng and Zhao Qi, who was originally at 2nd and 3rd place, respectively. This topic has a lot of replies from netizens. After reading the popular replies, Su Ling understood why the Su Family suddenly announced their severed ties with him.

After he was rated as the most beautiful Omega, his popularity rose rapidly. Then, gossips about him circulated, and the most popular thing was his unpleasant pheromone smell. Soon, his family background was investigated and revealed by netizens. At the same time, the Su Family announced that they had broken off relations with him. Seeing this, Su Ling smiled, it was quite in line with the Su Family’s style of doing things.

Due to his disqualification, the re-election activity was extended to tomorrow. During the voting period, the few top-ranked people had their background checked and investigated in all aspects. Seeing that Lin Meng and Zhao Qi is in fierce competition, Su Ling couldn't help but sigh. As expected of the protagonist and cannon fodder, they will always be competitors. As he is browsing the news, he received a communication request from Nalu. Nalu was worried about him, and his tone was furious. "You don't have to care about the netizens’ comments, you are excellent!"

Su Ling smiled, "En, Uncle Nalu need not worry."

His voice sounded calm and normal, so Nalu rested his mind, "Take a good rest tomorrow, don't be stressed in the written test."

Su Ling responded, "En, Uncle Nalu. Rest assured, I have a good mentality."

Just after he hung up Nalu’s call, he received Lin Meng's communication request. Lin Meng's voice sounded a little anxious, "Ling Ling, don't read the news."

Amused, Su Ling replied, "I've already read it. It's okay, I don't care at all."

Lin Meng's voice carried an angry tone, "In my opinion, Ling Ling is the most beautiful Omega. I don't know who took a picture for me, so annoying. I will reply to the comment immediately, and say I will not participate in the voting."

Su Ling calmly replied, "This is not official voting, so you replying in the thread is useless. Don't get agitated, just leave it."

"But they called you by... it's too much!"

Su Ling leaned against the sofa and shrugged. He has a well-known codename, ‘Smelly Omega’, on the Internet.

"My pheromones are indeed unpleasant. These people are just strangers to me, it doesn't matter what they say. Don't mind it, take a good rest and prepare for the written test."

Lin Meng mumbled to himself, "Why are you so calm?"

Su Ling laughed, "Because I don’t care for them, you shouldn’t either."

Embarrassed, Lin Meng said, "I wanted to comfort you, didn't expect to be comforted by you instead."

Su Ling smiled, and the two chatted a few words about the exam before ending the call.

The next day, Su Ling spent the whole day reviewing his homework in the villa. Because he gave up one of the interviews, he had a very low chance of passing. So he took the written test very seriously and even worked harder than the university entrance examination in his original world. Although he is prepared to repeat a year, he still hopes to do his best in the test.

On the 14th, the written test turned out to be quite different from the interview as it is done in a mixed examination room. There were many candidates of all genders coming for the written test. As soon as Su Ling appeared, he received a lot of stares. After confirming that they didn’t recognize the wrong person, these people were quite surprised.

"Wow! It's the previous most beautiful Omega."

"It's him! The Omega who is deprived of his title because he is too stinky and has poor grades."

"I didn't expect that he would come to take the exam. He already gave up one interview,
could it be he thinks he could achieve excellent results in written test?"

"It’s is too difficult, maybe he just wants to gain more experience in the test for next year."

Various whispers went into Su Ling's ears. He secretly sighed, sure enough, gossip is everywhere no matter where one goes.

The time of the written test passed by. Su Ling felt good about the test, so he was in a good mood. After the second written test on the 15th, Su Ling went to the fragrance bar for dinner with Nalu.

Nalu saw him in a good mood and looked peaceful, so he was very happy for Su Ling. The two chatted while eating, then Su Ling said, "I am going to set off in a few days, but it should be no more than 20th at the latest."

Nalu knew about his plan long ago, so upon hearing that, he transferred 300,000 to Su Ling’s account.

"This is the money from selling the raw materials this month, you can use it first. As for your tuition and dowry, it will be from the raw materials sold next month."

Su Ling palmed his forehead, "Uncle Nalu, you don't have to mention about the dowry."

Nalu teased Su Ling a bit more before leaving, "Be sure to pay attention to safety and contact me if you need something."

Su Ling: "Okay."

It was almost 8 pm when Su Ling returned to the villa. When he entered the living room, he saw Gu Liheng dressed in normal sports attire, holding a glass in his hand and walking towards the stairs.

Su Ling's eyes slightly brightened, and his eyes quickly swept across his firm muscles. He smiled and asked, "Are you done with your work?"

Gu Liheng stopped at his tracks and turned to Su Ling, "En, and I bought some items that we might need to use. Come and see what else you need to buy."

Su Ling followed him to the right-most room on the first floor, and as soon as he entered,
he saw stacks of things piled up inside. In the middle were a pile of camouflage suits with various designs. On the long table at the right side, various weapons are placed inside an open black box.

Su Ling was shocked, "Were these legally bought?"

"Of course."

Gu Liheng walked to the black box and took a silver stud from the right corner of the black box. Then, he handed it to Su Ling.

"This is a space storage to store your spiritual plants."

Su Ling has been worrying about how to transport the spiritual plants. He checked the price of a space storage before. 1m² cost 200,000, and 2 spiritual plants need at least 5m², which he cannot afford. He didn't expect Gu Liheng to be so thoughtful.

Seeing Su Ling still not taking the silver stud, Gu Liheng raised up his hand a little and said, "Keep it. It's just a little device, and it's not expensive. Since I'm going with you, I should provide you with some equipment."

Su Ling's eyes swept across the room full of stuff, went speechless for a moment before saying, "You may have misunderstood the meaning of the word 'some'."

Is this the world of the rich?!

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