The Villainess is Changing Her Role to a BroCon

Chapter 18 - It's Late, but I Will Capture My Brother (今更ですがお兄様を攻略します)

Upon knocking on the office door, Ivan opened it, smiling when he saw Ekaterina and Mina. Not a hint of surprise in his face.

"His Excellency, My Lady is here."

Right after Alexei heard Ivan, he raised his face from the document at once. Then he gasped when she saw Ekaterina and stood up.

"Um… I'm sorry, Brother. May I talk to you for a while?" Ekaterina said, clasping his hands together, uneasy. Unable to raise her head, she kept looking down at her hands...

"Y-yea. Of course."

She was relieved to get a response. Mina pushed her back, encouraging her.

For the executives in the office, only Forli wasn't present there. Under the watch of the three same executives from yesterday, Ekaterina walked up to Alexei's side.

"I… I came here to apologize."

I want to tell him that I said something mean out of anger. As a member of society, I should apologize and correspond quickly and accurately when a problem occurred. The more I delayed it, the more it would hurt!

...I said that, but I couldn't raise my face yet. Even if I trusted Brother's siscon tendencies, I could die just in case he was disappointed in me.

"Regarding what I said at noon… It was unfair to Brother. I understand that you said that for my sake. And yet… my words were too cruel. Please forgive me."


Alexei seemed to be dumbfounded. Then he cleared his throat.

"...Um, I also gave it a thought after that… What I said to Miss Czerny might have been rather careless. You are a wise child. By spending around three years at the academy with someone of another status, you will know many more things. I should've considered that. You don't have to apologize."


"I later realized that you couldn't even make your debut in social circles, so Miss Czerny should be your first friend. I… I'm not good at understanding other people's feelings. I already know that, and yet…"


Brother understood me well! And how he confessed his complex with a slight embarrassment was too cute!

I hugged him tightly. "Thank you, Brother! I love you!!!"

Alexei didn't move. He was completely solidified. However, Ekaterina's excitement had reached the MAX level.

"I'm happy to have such a kind brother! I promise that I will make an effort to learn the behavior that won't bring me shame as the noble lady of the Duke family. I shall live up to Brother's trust! I'll become good friends with Flora and increase my knowledge, just as you said! So please let me make your lunch! I will continue to have lunch here and do my best to understand my duty!"


Ekaterina obeyed Alexei's words, making promises of what she wanted to do. Alexei lost to his sister's aggressiveness, wondering what was happening right now.

"Then, Brother."

Ekaterina released her arms from Alexei and took his hand. She then smiled.

"Brother, you said that you're not good at understanding other people's feelings. But I've heard that we could call it this way. That Brother has growth potential.

Brother, you're in charge of the Yurinovas' vast territory at a young age. And if you could understand other people's feelings, then you would be too perfect. There won't be any room for growth in your life from now on.

Being aware of your shortcomings is the first step toward improvement. Brother, you will surely overcome it. Because you are competent. I respect you from the bottom of my heart."

Brother's cold and rational side was kind of funny, but he's even cuter how he had a little complex on that!

In any case, I had experiences with these kinds of people. My classmates, my club members, and my juniors at the company. If they were aware of their flaws, they could take measures to fix it, as long as they desired to improve. That way, they would go above the people who didn't have any difficulties. I was too focused when I first joined the company. Before I died from overwork, I could rival the employees who got hired through the back door. It's a matter of hard work.

If Brother could see through other people's hearts, he could even become a prime minister now!

"...Ekaterina, you said something pretty mature. Where did you hear that?"

Ah! I couldn't say that I was an advisor for a club in my previous life!

"Oh, that's what I heard from the tutor! The tutor arranged by Brother was all excellent!"

"I see."

Ekaterina knew she made a painful excuse, but Alexei nodded. When she thought about it later, she was glad she said that. For Ekaterina, no one other than her tutors would teach her about the potential of growth.

And Alexei smiled. It was faint, almost ephemeral.

"Thank you, Ekaterina. You're very kind… I'm sorry for making you sad."


Ekaterina inwardly screamed. This should be it, right? It definitely was!

Too 'precious'!!

Ekaterina hugged Alexei again, glad she was born to be his sister.

"I'm also sorry for saying something cruel to you, Brother. I can't forgive myself when I think that I made my brother sad."

How could I forgive myself for making my favorite character sad? Brother healed me in my previous life. And he was the only one who thought of me the most in this life. I owed him a lot. I wanted to support Brother, who had too much responsibility even if he was only seventeen years old.

You were still obviously a kid, but why did you have it hard every day? What a good boy.


Oh, I'm sorry. I inadvertently ruffled Brother's head. His light blue hair was smooth!

Brother solidified again… Maybe no one ever stroked his head before? I'm very sorry…

"M-my, I've taken a lot of your time, Brother. I'm sorry for disturbing you during your work. I'll take my leave now. Everyone, I'm sorry for bothering you. Have a nice day."

Ekaterina bowed to his brother and everyone in the office like a lady. She then left the office with Mina with light steps.


"My Lady, would you like to return to your room and have dinner?"

"Before that, I'm going to see Miss Flora. There's a saying that 'make hay while the sun shines'!"

After talking to Brother, it's time to capture the heroine! I'm probably being captured by the heroine, though! Hahaha.

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