Rebirth of the Ultimate Rich Second Generation

Ch 18 - Aunt Qin is in trouble

TL-ed by weiisnothere

Luo Lin didn’t head home after leaving the hospital, instead, he took a trip over to the illegal internet cafe.

After negotiating a price with Auntie Zhang for the transfer of the internet cafe, they both agreed at $50,000, which was a rather decent price.

When Luo Lin went to the bank, he realized there was only $46,000 remaining.

The strange thing was that Mother Luo should’ve transferred him his monthly allowance by now according to usual. Otherwise, Luo Lin would have signed the contract on the spot.

'What should I do? Where can I get this money?'

As Luo Lin was pondering, his phone rang. He took a glance and it was from Qin Wanshu.

Luo Lin immediately picked up the phone, but what he heard was a nervous, and unfamiliar feminine voice: "Hello, are you Obedient Little Luo?"

'Obedient Little Luo?'

Luo Lin answered in bewilderment: "I’m Luo Lin. Who are you and why do you have Aunt Qin's phone?"

"Aunt Qin?" The woman paused for a moment, "You're a kid? No wonder you're called Obedient Little Luo... It's alright then, you should go to bed soon little boy.”  The lady said as she was about to hang up the call.

"Hey! Hold on!" Luo Lin felt that something was amiss, "I’m not blood-related to Qin Wanshu. We’re only a few years apart, I’m 21. What happened, tell me why her phone is on you?”

Upon hearing his words, the other party felt relieved: "We're at a class reunion, Wanshu and I are the only women present, and there are 4 other guys.”

“It was fine in the beginning, but four other guys that resembled hooligans came along and they kept forcing us to drink. I didn’t bring my phone so I snuck Wanshu’s phone with me to the bathroom on the pretense of being drunk. You were the first number on her contacts so I…”

Luo Lin understood the situation before she finished her explanation. He then asked: "Where are you?"

"Night Market Street, Moonlight Bar, VIP 12th seat, come quick..."

Luo Lin hung up and quickly hailed a taxi: "Night Market Street, Moonlight Bar, please hurry up Master!"


Night Market Street was as chaotic as always. The moment Luo Lin arrived at the entrance of Moonlight Bar, a group of biker gangsters went up to greet him.

"Oh? Young Master Luo, you're so free today?"

Luo Lin waved his hands: "Brothers, I'm a little busy today so let's talk another time!"

Upon hearing that, the biker gangsters gave him some face and stopped joking: “Let us know if you run into any trouble!"

Luo Lin entered Moonlight Bar in a hurry and with a single glance, he found the VIP 12th seat.

There was an unfamiliar lady who appeared a little tipsy whilst protecting Qin Wanshu behind her. There were cups in the hands of everyone around her, all of which repeatedly toasted her in succession.

'Fu*k, how dare they play dirty tricks on my Aunt Qin!'

Luo Lin's anger soared at this sight and he rushed over with large strides.

Moonlight Bar used to be Baldie's turf but now that he’s gone, Da Qiang who was Baldie's underling took over as the boss.

With a single phone call, Luo Lin could gather a group of men who would also deal with the aftermath.

He had both manpower and money, so why should he be afraid?

These 8 people were simply looking for death!

Amidst all the ruckus, there were 5 youths seated in a corner of the bar. They appeared to be around 20 years-old, but if one observed closely, they would realize that these youths were students who dressed maturely.

"Hehe, Jiadong look! Isn't that kid the one who set a trap for Brother Dragon today?”

Lin Jiadong raised his head: "It's him! ...This guy is from our school. He’s also a delinquent, but he had been suppressed by Chi Shi. No one expected him to plot against Brother Dragon. We heard that Brother Dragon had begun to accept pledges of allegiances. This buddy is going to be unfortunate.”

"Look at his flustered look, is he in some trouble? I heard that Chi Shi and him are sworn enemies. The enemy of our enemy is our friend. If anything happens, should we give him a hand?”

Jiadong sneered: "Why should we care? This fellow has a lot of tricks up his sleeves, but judging from his skinny body, he shouldn't have much capability.  I hate this type of scheming person the most.”

He’s Lin Jiadong, the little tyrant of the first-years, the leader of a fearsome bunch of brothers. Never underestimate them for their age, everyone single one of them are a bunch of ruthless characters!

Liang Zi had previously mentioned that the faction of first-years were led by Lin Jiadong.

Despite being only 16 years-old, he possessed a mature mentality. Even though he acted ruthless at times, it was done under his deliberation, and never had he ever blown up matters.

Lin Jiadong had an upright and loyal personality which was why the first years were willing to follow him.

Today, Lin Jiadong had witnessed Luo Lin fawning up to the several blondies so naturally, he had zero good impression toward Luo Lin.

"Hey, Miss Song, that's not very nice of you. It's not appropriate for us to drink with just you alone right?" One of the men amongst them grinned shamelessly.

"That's right, let Miss Qin drink a few glasses too! She hadn’t drank much today. It isn’t very nice of her to do this during our class reunion.”

At the moment, the lady known as Miss Song felt unspeakable disgust and tension. Despite that, she remained courteous on the surface.

"Guys, Wanshu isn’t very good at drinking. This was already her limit so please pardon her. Who don’t we do this, since I’ve yet to drink the wine in my hands, let us leave after I finish this alright?”

Before anyone would respond, she drank the alcohol in her hand.

Under the dim illuminance, imperceptible smiles filled with slyness crawled up the faces of the 8 men.

When Miss Song left for the bathroom earlier, they took the opportunity to add some extra ‘ingredients’ in her drink.

They thought sinisterly: 'Qin Wanshu is done for, but this Miss Song’s pretty hard to handle. If we didn’t show her a little fierceness, then it wouldn't have worked. '

"Alright! Miss Song sure is a hero amongst females!" As they watched Miss Song emptying the glass, those guys applauded.

Miss Song wiped her lips with a paper towel: "Alright, we'll be leaving now."

"Don't be so hasty~" Three men stood at the entrance obstructing the retreat of Miss Song, "Our brothers have yet to drink their fill. It’s such a rare occasion that us classmates get together, don’t you think it’s a little improper to leave first?”

Miss Song's face turned slightly red after hearing those words but no one noticed due to the dim illuminance.

'This is too much! These people are too shameless, they wouldn't let us leave no matter what.'

Night Market street was a chaotic place, especially places like bars with blaring music. Not even screaming for help would work. As long as no one dies, the bar staff would pretend to be nothing happened.

'What should I do... I'm starting to feel tipsy, I can't hold on for any longer, Wanshu's... Obedient Little Luo isn’t here yet? ...Don't tell me it's really a kid.'

Even if Miss Song asked to go to the bathroom, she probably wouldn't be able to leave. Miss Song regretted not making more calls earlier.

"Miss Song, how about this? Drink a few more glasses with us, then you and Miss Qin can leave. Otherwise, it'd be difficult for us to set-up another reunion party."

This person noticed that Miss Song seemed to be getting a little tipsy. Her face flushed red, and she was gasping heavily for air.

He then thought to himself: 'It’s time, a few more glasses and she’ll fall for sure!'

Miss Song felt light-headed but she tried her utmost to endure it. When Miss Song heard those words, she complied with gritted teeth: "Alright, let's have the last toast!"

Everyone smirked as though their plan had succeeded.

"Miss Song, I'll go first, cheers!" One of them who was dressed as a white-collared worker raised his glass with a smile.

Miss Song felt so dizzy that she raised the glass to her mouth before the guy even started drinking.

"Hold on for a second, I'll drink for you."

Just when she was about to drink this glass of wine, a slender and tall handsome-looking juvenile appeared next to her with a gentle smile on his face. When he looked at the 8 men, his gaze flashed with an unnoticed sharpness.

"???" Miss Song was a little dumbfounded as the boy in front of her looked unfamiliar.

Luo Lin smiled naturally and whispered in her ears: "I am Obedient Little Luo."

Miss Song's medicine seemed to have taken effect because when Luo Lin whispered in her ear, his warm breath made her heart beat faster. The root of her ears turned red, but when she heard Luo Lin's voice, she felt as though a burden had been lifted off her chest, "Obedient Little Luo???!"

Miss Song was surprised.

'He's here!'

'He's finally here!'

"Oh? What are you doing here brat?" The guy who tried to make Miss Song drunk spoke harshly.

"Me?" Luo Lin smiled then pointed at Qin Wanshu who passed out on the sofa, "She's my sister. I'm here to get her, is there a problem? If you guys don't believe me, I can call my brother, my dad, and even my third uncle. We can do a face-to-face discussion, how about it?"

When Luo Lin mentioned calling people, these men became terrified.

Anyone could tell what they planned on doing, and what kind of motives they had in mind. If the relatives of the fainted lady came over, then this 'meal' which they painstakingly prepared over the entire night would go to waste!

These men were old foxes who had been in society for a long time. Luo Lin appeared to be less than 20 years old, even if he had the smarts, how could he compare to a group of middle-aged men?

Then again, this lad mentioned wishing to replace Miss Song.

'If he wants to drink for her, then let him drink!'

These 8 men took turns to give him a toast, at least three times each already!

"Little brother, if that’s your sister, then what’s Miss Song's relation to you? We're now drinking with Miss Song, but you barged in like this. Don’t you think you’re being too much of a busybody?"

Luo Lin expected the other party to say that.

'Since you are so shameless, the young master shall be shameless as well.'

Luo Lin chuckled: "Brothers, did you guys drink too much? Do your eyes work? Can't you tell that we have the face of a matching couple?”

“Miss Qin’s my sister, and Miss Song is my girlfriend. Sending them home is right and proper, don’t you think I should care?"

"Continue bluffing, you don't look a day over 18!"

"Oh? Who states underaged people can't date? Who set the law that I can't date my sister's friend? I like older women, so what?"

"You!" These men were rendered speechless by Luo Lin. It was their classmate reunion, they have not met in ages, nor were they well-acquainted with each other.

All of a sudden, Luo Lin appeared from nowhere and said whatever he pleased.

Finally, a shrewd person stepped out and spoke in an amiable tone: "Haha, little brother, we drank quite a bit, so our words might sound a little offensive. Since you're here to pick them up, then you should know what to do since you've arrived late? I'll toast you first, no matter how much you drink, I'll follow..."

Luo Lin waved his hands impatiently and set two bottles of wine on the table. He placed one before that fellow and one in front of himself:

"Alright, this big brother sure speaks pleasantly. Alright then, let's do it according to the rules, you'll follow no matter how much I drink, right? One bottle per person. Let's stop talking and drink. Whoever speaks again is a bastard!"

Luo Lin held up the wine bottle and chugged it with his head raised.

Looking at Luo Lin's momentum, the pretentious fellow felt his legs go limp. The people beside him hurriedly winked at him, signaling him to compete with Luo Lin.

If you can't outdo an underage boy in drinking, then there's no more point in being a gangster!

The people on the scene didn’t wish to drink too much. Since Luo Lin chose this person, then they would be more than happy to oblige. They applauded:

"Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!"

He watched Luo Lin's heroic performance with a pale face and gritted his teeth.

'Fu*k it, who’s afraid of you?!’

Therefore, he picked up his bottle and chugged all of the wine into his belly.

"Drink! Drink! Drink!"

The sounds of cheers became louder, attracting the gazes of many customers.

In the corner of the bar, Lin Jiadong inadvertently raised his brow when he saw Luo Lin's actions: "Unexpectedly,  this buddy is actually pretty similar to us."

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