His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 179 - Happy Occasion

If they could move out, they wouldn’t need to deal with Xiao Gu anymore. Even more, they wouldn’t need to be so careful and be scared of doing something wrong, and someone holding grudges against them. From her bones, Shen Ziqiao wished to have a free and relaxing lifestyle. She was really tired living in residences where people only cared about schemes.

Qi Zheng felt a bit guilty. Before getting married, he had promised her that they’d move out of the residence after getting married.

“Father refused. He said that he had requested a decree to bestow me the title of heir.” Qi Zheng said helplessly, “I already rejected his offer.”

Shen Ziqiao sighed. She already knew that this wouldn’t be so easy. Duke An and the Old Madam both wanted Qi Zheng to become the heir. How could they agree to let him move out?

“Even if you rejected it, father won’t agree.” She said, “Let’s find another opportunity.”

Qi Zheng patted her head and exclaimed, “Sorry.”

“I’m fine.” Shen Ziqiao hugged him and smiled.

Qi Zheng was moved inside. He carried her and walked towards the bed. The night was long.

The next day, Hong Yu brought Shen Ziqiao’s message to the Luo Family. When Luo Zhaohua heard about it, she immediately knew what happened. She said to Hong Yu in a cold face, “Tell your First Madam that I’ll give her an explanation.”

Hong Yu bowed and then left the Luo Family.

Shen Ziqiao passed her message to Luo Zhaohua and then stopped thinking about it. Her mind was on Shen Zikai’s wedding.

In the blink of an eye, it was November 19. The sky had just lit up and she had already woken up. Before she could get out of bed, Qi Zheng brought her back in his arms. “It’s still early. Sleep some more. You’re going to be busy today.”

Last night, he was worried that she was going to be busy for the entire day that he controlled himself and only took her once. Who knew that she already woke up when the sky was just lit. Not only that, she appeared spirited.

Shen Ziqiao was actually a bit nervous. “Why are you being so lazy today? Get up quickly.”

Today, Qi Zheng was on break. He held Shen Ziqiao down with his long legs over her body. “I finally get to sleep in so I’m naturally going to sleep for a while longer.”

“My elder brother is getting married today.” Shen Ziqiao pouted.

Qi Zheng laughed. “Even if anyone should be busy, it should be the bride. Your elder brother has your third brother and aunt too.”

If it weren’t for the three aunts of the Pan Family helping her, there was no way Madam Zhou could manage Shen Zikai’s wedding. She also had to manage Xin’er’s dowry.

Shen Ziqiao chatted about in Qi Zheng’s arms before he finally let her go. The two freshened up and ate some breakfast before going to the Shen Family.

There was a joyous atmosphere in the Shen Family. It was decorated with lanterns and colored banners. There was a faint smile on Shen Xiao’s serious face.

“Elder brother, congratulations.” Shen Ziqiao smiled at Shen Zikai. The wedding outfit didn’t look strange on him at all. He appeared handsome and confident. Shen Ziqiao was proud of her elder brother. “You’re extremely handsome today.”

“Nonsense!” Shen Zikai glared at her but there was an uneasily detectable flush on his tanned face. “Go and help your aunt.”

“Elder brother, you can’t just abandon your sister now that you have a wife.” Shen Ziqiao continued to tease.

Shen Zikai flicked her forehead.

“It hurts!” Shen Ziqiao exclaimed, “I’ll have sister-in-law get revenge for me in the future.”

Shen Zikai’s face turned red again.

Shen Ziqiao finally let him go and went to the inner courtyard to look for her three aunts. A few days ago, her second aunt also arrived in the capital. Her first uncle came along too.

The moment the auspicious time was here, Shen Zikai went to pick up his bride. Shen Ziqiao and her three aunts waited impatiently in the courtyard. Likewise, Madam Zhou was also nervous.

After Shen Ziqiao got married, the power of the household went back to Madam Zhou. Yet, she knew really well that after Shen Zikai’s wife married into the family, she needed to hand her power over. Shen Family’s First Madam was the actual madam of the household.

She had sent people to make inquiries about Nee Zhu. She heard that she had a gentle personality and she was an obedient daughter from an aristocratic family. It seems like she probably wouldn’t be interested in the power of the household. As long as she got the First Madam to be on her side, she could still control the household.

Madam Zhou planned on handing over the power of the household to her daughter-in-law in the future.

The auspicious time was quickly here.

Nee Zhu was sent to the bridal room. Shen Zikai lifted the red cover from Nee Zhu’s head as everyone watched, revealing a beautiful face.

Shen Ziqiao stood behind and watched. She was really shocked.

The bride had a typical round face. Her eyes were black and round like grapes but also sparkling bright. She had a small mouth. Her face flushed and she looked at Shen Zikai nervously. She then lowered her head again.

Shen Zikai felt his heart thumping loudly.

“Look, the groom is staring in awe.” It was unclear who laughed.

Nee Zhu’s face flushed and kept her head down.

Shen Zikai coughed awkwardly. After exchanging a cup of wine with Nee Zhu, he went out to toast to the guests.

Although Shen Ziqiao really wanted to stay and talk to Nee Zhu, she knew really well that she must be really tired right now. Therefore, she followed her aunt and left the bridal room to enjoy the banquet outside.

Shen Ziqiao was still immersed in happiness even after the wedding banquet ended. She drank quite a bit of wine today. She leaned her dizzy head against Qi Zheng’s chest. “Sister-in-law is really beautiful. Elder brother will like her for sure. They’ll live beautiful lives together.”

Qi Zheng hugged her and agreed.

“I heard that the crown prince came too.” Shen Ziqiao cupped her face and asked dizzily.

“Yes, his highness came too.” He could tell that the crown prince wasn’t in a good mood.

Shen Ziqiao was a bit tired and closed her eyes. “He’s going to get married soon right?”

“Yes.” Qi Zheng massaged the back of her neck and it was so comfortable that Shen Ziqiao wanted to fall asleep.

Sheng Peiyin would probably target Beitang Zhenjing after the crown prince married her. The two were nemesis anyway. Although they were enemies in another way, the fight would probably be really intense still.

She hoped that Beitang Zhenjing wouldn’t disappoint her.

Shen Family, bridal room.

Shen Zikai nervously walked into the bridal room. Many people had toasted him today but he didn’t drink much. His sister had changed wine into water.

Nee Zhu had been sitting straight and waiting for him.

“Why didn’t you go rest?” Shen Zikai felt bad seeing that she was still wearing the phoenix crown and didn’t eat anything on the table.

“Husband isn’t back.” Nee Zhu said in a small voice.

Shen Zikai’s heart felt touched. He walked over and removed her phoenix crown for her. “You’ve been wearing it the entire day. Your neck must be sore.”

Nee Zhu’s eyes brightened and she wore a faint smile.

“I’ll have someone prepare food.” Shen Zikai said, not noticing that Nee Zhu was bashful yet delighted.

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