Nan Xun banged himself into his bed.

Little Eight, “What are you doing? Big boss is very angry right now.”

Nan Xun, “I’m also angry, Manman is such a good girl ah, how can he only treat her as a pet? Is this how he acts as a brother?”

Little Eight, “Big boss provides her with a life of luxury, he also paid for her education, isn’t this simply the most caring villainous big boss? What’s your intention for caring about others ah?”

Nan Xun sighed, covered himself with a quilt, prepared to sleep until daybreak.

Nan Xun thought he could fall asleep soon. But how could he sleep when he had been thinking about Yan Man’s problem all the time? His eyes remained open before he can finally fell asleep at 3 to 4 in the morning.

The next day, Nan Xun was awakened by Little Eight’s crying, “Sob sob sob, dear, I’m really sorry ah, I wanted to take a short nap but accidentally overslept, Yan Man has left home!”

Nan Xun ran downstairs quickly when he saw Yan Luo sweeping papers on the table in the living room with an indifferent face, crumpling it into a ball and threw it into the nearest trash bin.

Seeing Nan Xun coming down, his sullen face slightly softened, “Little White, why don’t you sleep more?”

Nan Xun didn’t say anything and ran directly to the trash can, picked up the paper ball and opened it.

F*ck! As expected, Yan Man had gone from home.

Nan Xun’s heart thumped, he thought about Yan Man’s future that Little Eight said to him and he can’t help but worried to death.

“Brother, Yan Man ran away from home! Let’s quickly find her!”

When Yan Luo saw his anxious look, he wrinkled his eyebrows with slight unpleasantness, “No need to search, she often plays like this and it wasn’t just once or twice, up to her.”

Nan Xun was so anxious, “If you don’t search, then I will!” After saying this, he ran off at once.

Yan Luo’s expression became ashen. When he was unaware, how important was Manman to Little White?

Although he felt inexplicably uncomfortable, Yan Luo still sent two capable assistants to follow. B City was his territory, no one would dare to find trouble to Little White so two assistants should be enough to guard him.

He didn’t worry about Little White going out alone.

Nan Xun had Little Eight this plug-in to show him the direction that Manman went to all the way.

The route went farther and farther away that he eventually reached the border district of City B.

“Nan Xun, you can’t go any further! In front is the Green Tiger gang’s domain!” Little Eight quickly reminded him.

This Green Tiger gang was a superior gang a few years ago. but King Yan Luo directly took someone to destroy the it, leaving only a few small underlings who didn’t deserve to be mentioned. These little gang hid themselves in the corner of B City, living suffocating lives every day.

At this time, the driver also didn’t want to move forward, and he kindly reminded him, “Boy, this place isn’t good, I can’t go further.”

Nan Xun didn’t force him, and after he gave the driver double the fare, he took off and continued running.

Little Eight ‘AAAA’ yelled out, “You really shouldn’t go further, you’re gonna die AAA, really gonna die!”

Nan Xun’s eyes were firm, “Little Eight, it’d be okay if I didn’t know, but now that I know of this matter, I can never let Yan Man fall into that end.”

If he’s dead, he still has Little Eight, he can still move on to another world, but Yan Man can’t. If the Yan Man of this world died, then there really wouldn’t be her anymore.

Yan Man had called her ‘Little White’ intimately for a year, so he couldn’t just let her die, or worse, die in a miserable way.

“Little Eight, tell me about Yan Man’s situation now.”

Little Eight sighed and resigned to its fate, “Alright, alright, if you really want to die, then let’s just give up this world and leave.”

After a moment, Little Eight said deeply, “It seems that Yan Man had been watched by the other party since she started taking a taxi. The driver of that unlicensed taxi used to be in Green Tiger gang and a lot of his brothers were killed by Yan Luo. After seeing Yan Man stopping his car, he recognized that she was Yan Luo’s sister. So, he directly knocked her out before sending her all the way here. The car stopped just now, that man carried her, but I don’t know where he’s taking her to, wait wait! There seems to be an abandoned factory in front of the man, there are several strong men inside.”

Nan Xun’s gaze became cold, “No, we can’t let him join them! Why haven’t my brother’s two underlings come yet?”

Little Eight was also a little helpless, “The two brothers were too fierce looking so no taxi were willing to take them in, so they robbed a car directly, they will be here in ten minutes.”

Nan Xun nodded and continued to run along the route. About five to six minutes later, he found a white van parked on the roadside.

Nan Xun looked at the front and found a crippled man that was carrying Yan Man who was unconscious to the abandoned factory.

Thank goodness that this man was lame, so his walk wasn’t quick. Nan Xun immediately flew towards the man without hesitation.

The lame man fell to the ground along with the unconscious Yan Man.

Nan Xun didn’t give this person a chance to yell or retaliate as he stretched his arm towards the man’s shoulder, ruthlessly strangling his neck.

After the man was out of breath, he took a big rock and smashed it on the back of his head, the man completely passed out.

Nan Xun picked up Yan Man and walked back, but Little Eight suddenly shouted in shock, “Nan Xun! A lot of people coming from behind!”

Nan Xun turned his head to look. It was too late, there were already twenty to thirty men who surrounded him from behind, while seven to eight men also rushed in front of him.

The leader was a man in his thirties or forties with very well-developed muscles, dark skin, and tattooed arms. One look and Nan Xun knew that he wasn’t someone to be trifled with.

“Hahaha, Laozi thought this younger brother was talking nonsense and only wanted to make me happy. Never thought that he really brought in King Yan Luo’s little sister.” The man laughed as his gaze fell to Yan Man, his expression instantly became fierce and vicious, “He, King Yan Luo, had destroyed my entire Green Tiger gang, while my brothers died and went to prison. Finally, Laozi can settle a portion of this debt now!”

“Brothers, let’s dismember this girl and stinky boy, put them in a gift box and wrap them for King Yan Luo!” The boss’ expression was vile and ferocious.

Three to five people rushed forward, leaving Nan Xun no choice but to let go of Yan Man to fight against them.

But he’s not King Yan Luo in the end, he was no match for this many people. When he almost gave up, a gunshot frightened everyone as they turned around simultaneously.

Nan Xun immediately tumbled on the ground, leaving the enemy’s attack range, and then carried Yan Man and ran away.

The two thugs who secretly followed Nan Xun finally arrived. The most valuable henchmen of King Yan Luo all brought guns on their bodies. At this time, the two raised their guns against the thirty to forty people in front.

Anyone who wanted to get close to Nan Xun and Yan Man was shot dead by them, however, the road was blocked, and Nan Xun simply couldn’t get around at all.

The gangsters dared not step forward, they can only confronted Nan Xun while holding machetes, but Nan Xun couldn’t get out from their encirclement.


Go, go, Nan Xun gege! -`д´-

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