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Little Eight talked with a rare touch of admiration, “It’s not easy for Ji He ah, a 22 year old police graduate who was selected as an undercover agent, in order to make a complete and reliable resume, he started from the bottom of the underground and relied on his own capabilities to be a gold medal hired thug. Didn’t the police raid several drug dealers before? It was because of his reports ah. And in order to be like everyone, he really did everything that a criminal would do, tsk tsk.”

F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Nan Xun really wanted to curse people.

After Nan Xun went around the room twice anxiously, he rushed out as soon as he opened the door.

Little Eight screamed, “Don’t be impulsive, dear, you must not expose Ji He aaaahh! You really shouldn’t ah! King Yan Luo really abhors traitors, not to mention an undercover agent, the big boss will really kill him, he really, really will kill him!”

“You’re so noisy, I’m only going downstairs to find Yan Man, I have to watch her all the time.”

Little Eight breathed a sigh of relief, it was afraid that Nan Xun would impulsively say something. If the child of fate died, haha, sayonara.

Ji He had succeeded in his work within a year so Yan Luo allocated more and more sites under his jurisdiction, which meant that he had more opportunities to contact the core figures.

The more Nan Xun thought about it, the more he trembled with fear, if Ji He really got into Yan Luo’s core, then wouldn’t his brother be finished?

Unable to expose Ji He’s identity and unable to watch big boss’ downfall. Nan Xun could only think of other ways himself.

As a result, Nan Xun heard a quarrel as soon as he went downstairs.

“Brother, I just like him, I want to be with him!” Yan Man shouted.

“I already said no.” Yan Luo’s cold voice replied.

“Why not? Isn’t he your sworn brother too? Why can’t I like him?!”

“Because it’s unbecoming.”

Yan Man shouted loudly in urgency, “But I’m already his people! I already have his baby in my stomach!”

Yan Luo’s voice grew colder, “Abort it.”

Yan Man stared at him incredulously, “Brother, you’re too much, sob sob…”

After that, Nan Xun saw Yan Man ran up with red eyes, she didn’t even look at him before slamming down her room’s door.

The sound made his ears numb.

Nan Xun shivered, “Little Eight ah, I have a bad hunch.”

Little Eight directly cried, “Your mom, this is the scene ah! This girl had a quarrel with big boss before the accident and she’ll run away from home next morning!”

Nan Xun’s heart jumped wildly, “Little Eight, I’m giving you an arduous task.”

Little Eight, “Say it!”

Nan Xun, “Don’t sleep tonight, pay attention to Yan Man’s movements, tell me immediately once she leaves.”

Little Eight: …

“Little Eight, is Yan Man really carrying Ji He’s child in her stomach?” Nan Xun asked.

“It’s true that the sauce has been brewed, Ji he didn’t know that Yan Man was big boss’ sister but the pregnancy is a fake. Yan Man lied, but Yan Luo doesn’t know about this. That’s why after Yan Man went out, big boss will hate Ji He very much.”

At this time, Yan Luo just sat on the sofa indifferently, looking at the evening paper in his hand. Yan Luo was someone who rarely lose his temper. But if he really did, it would be very frightening as he won’t drop the matter unless he sees blood.

Nan Xun walked behind him like a ghost, massaging his shoulders and back.

“Brother, don’t be angry with Manman.”

Yan Luo put down the newspaper in his hand and patted the sofa beside him, “Little White, come and sit with brother for a while.”

Nan Xun obediently said ‘oh’ and sat down.

“Little White, do you think I’m too much?” Yan Luo looked at him slightly, his eyes were calm, they didn’t seem to be angry. It was as if Yan Man was making unreasonable trouble for herself just now.

Nan Xun shook his head, “Although I don’t know why brother stopped Manman and Second brother, but brother’s decision is definitely right. Manman is still small, when she grows up, she will understand brother’s good intentions.”

When Yan Luo heard this, instead of destroying Nan Xun’s hairstyle with his evil hands, he pinched his nose instead, his thin lips lifted slightly, “This child is really adorable.”

“Brother, why are you against Manman and Second brother’s relationship?” Nan Xun asked tentatively. Big boss didn’t know about Ji He’s identity as an undercover agent after all, so he was very curious of his reasoning.

In fact, Nan Xun had already speculated that Yan Luo began to mix in underground society since he was twelve or thirteen. His days of leading a vagabond life must be very difficult. Although Ji He had taken a lot of his secret industries, but those were still high-risk work in Yan Luo’s eyes. Yan Luo loved Yan Man so much, he must have wanted to let her live peacefully in the future instead of following her husband and be on tenterhook every day.

Yan Luo didn’t answer Nan Xun’s question, he leaned back and stretched his one arm over Nan Xun’s shoulder.

He seemed to be caught in memory, his eyes narrowed slightly, “Little White, do you know why I adopted Yan Man?”

Nan Xun, “Because Manman is also an orphan? Because she looks cute?”

Yan Luo raised his lips slightly, “There are so many cute orphans, Little White. Do I look like someone who has that kind of sympathy?”

Nan Xun shook his head. Of course not.

“At that time, I drifted from place to place alone, feeling lonely and bored. So, I just picked up a child to raise and play, and because I felt it was quite good, I have been raising her until now. Little White, Yan Man basically didn’t have any right to say no, you understand?”

Nan Xun: …

He silently swallowed a spit.

Do you think you’re keeping a pet? Even if it’s a pet, they have the right to choose their mating partner, big boss, you really shouldn’t control too much ah!

Little Eight coughed, “This grandpa suspects that big boss really thinks like this.”

Nan Xun, “Didn’t you say that big boss was really sad after Yan Man’s accident in the original story?”

Little Eight, “One can also have feelings towards a pet okay? Imagine if the cat that you’ve been keeping since small was suddenly killed by someone, wouldn’t you be angry? If he doesn’t really love Yan Man, how could his evil value have changed to 100 then? Humph, humph!

The last two words were filled with complaints.

Nan Xun: …

“Brother.” Nan Xun suddenly called out the big boss.

Big boss rubbed his head in fascination, “En.”

“Brother, you’ve lived with Manman for so many years, you’re like… this… I only known brother for over a year, am I…” Nan Xun said, dropping his head.

Yan Luo chuckled, “Little White is different from others, you’re my brother.”

“I don’t believe it.” Nan Xun patted away his palm and ran upstairs.

Yan Luo looked at his empty hand and his eyes dimmed slightly.

Little White, of course you’re different from others, how could you be the same!


What difference, Yan Luo? We need definite answer! (`Д´)

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