Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1779: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 28)

There was some light that came in through the window, as well as a floral fragrance that filled the air.

The pear trees in the lobby suddenly started blooming with small flowers.

The petals slowly fell onto her hair.  He slowly raised his hand and helped get the petals off before emphasizing, “Don’t go out over the next few days.  If you see some other scenes, you must tell me.”

“Got it, master!”


Without knowing why, when she called him master, he was strangely satisfied.

It was like declaring to the world that she was his and no one could approach.


With the protection of Du Jiu Sheng and Ye Mu, as well as staying in the library the entire time, nothing big had happened.

Until the third day when there was a large explosion at a chemical plant in S City, killing thirty one people and injuring one hundred and fifty seven.

As an envoy of hell, Du Jiu Sheng was naturally busy and with all these ghosts appearing, Ye Mu couldn’t stay by her side.

He had to leave for some time until these spirits had been sent off.

Du Jiu Sheng handed her to Lan Fan, saying that she couldn’t take a single step out of the library.

But that night, there were two typhoons in S City and rain poured down.

After having dinner in her room, Luo Qing Chen went to take a shower.

The water was just right and there was the faint fragrance of the shower gel in the air.

She heard a sudden scream and found that she couldn’t move.

The faucet was still running, but the warm water had turned ice cold.

Drop by drop, falling to zero degrees.

“Lan Fan…...Lan Fan.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes and could feel the danger at this moment.

But it was raining too hard outside and she was in her own room, so Lan Fan couldn’t hear her at all.

It turned out the foreseen death was in her own room…...The water that was close to zero degrees had reached her neck, her chin, and her mouth…...

There was a chill that reached the bottom of her heart and she felt that her brain was about to go numb, as she slipped slightly since she couldn’t stand up.

But her hands still wouldn’t move…...

“Damn.”  She bit her lip to keep herself awake.

But the low temperature made her vision gradually blur.  She felt her back slip before she fell down.

The ice cold water entered her mouth, her nose, her ears…...

The feeling of suffocating hit her like a tide and her eyes trembled before entering the darkness.

At that moment, there was a blue and white light on her right palm that had a familiar word: Sheng.

At the same time, at the chemical factory.

A hell envoy had a list, preparing to send off the dead.

At this time, Du Jiu Sheng’s heart strangely trembled as a dark glow came from his right hand.

The word Qing was looming…...

Hong Yue immediately noticed this and grabbed his arm, “You can’t go now.  If you let the dead go, you can’t imagine the consequences.”

She was very afraid that he would leave his job without permission because of Luo Qing Chen.  As an envoy of hell, if he lost a dead person on the list, he would be seriously punished.

He…..He couldn’t do such a foolish thing for Luo Qing Chen!

Du Jiu Sheng handed the list to the hell envoy beside him before coldly looking at Hong Yue, “I will say it again, this is my matter.”

As soon as his voice fell, he disappeared out the door of the factory in a light blue smoke.

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