Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1776: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 25)

The previous host was angry like a child, so she said some things to Liu Qi Duo.  Ye Mu didn’t know what she said, but Liu Qi Duo had a large argument with Jin Rong Feng that night and didn’t come back that night.

The next day, Jin Rong Feng wanted to have a proper talk with Liu Qi Duo, but he found that Liu Qi Duo had fallen into a pond in the west of the city.

The only thing that was brought back was a corpse.  Jin Rong Feng’s heart was filled with regret and helplessness.

After all, he loved someone he shouldn’t love and it was him who was wrong.  He thought that Liu Qi Duo had accidentally fallen into the water, but he never thought that wouldn’t be the case.

After investigating it, Jin Rong Feng accused the previous host, but the previous host never admitted it.

He thought that he had wronged Liu Qi Duo and wanted to die with the previous host.

But Du Jiu Sheng had saved the previous host and Jin Rong Feng was captured alive.

The emperor was filled with rage and ordered Jin Rong Feng’s entire family to be beheaded.

It rained heavily that night.

Jin Rong Feng kneeled and begged to see the previous host in the dungeon, hoping that she could ask the emperor to let his family go, but the previous host never appeared.

Only her personal maid sent a message, “The princess said that your Jin Family deserves to die.  As for your damn concubine, the princess ordered me to personally push her into the water!  She deserved it!”

It was this that made Jin Rong Feng into a six hundred year old vengeful spirit and Liu Qi Duo had been by his side, but he didn’t know about it.

The final result was that Jin Rong Feng’s entire family was beheaded, but the previous host also didn’t end up with Du Jiu Sheng.

He had calmly said, “The person that I care about will appear six hundred years in the future.”

The previous host learned after that the person Du Jiu Sheng meant wasn’t Jin Rong Feng.

But she didn’t know who it was…...

Ye Mu quickly finished the end of the story, but she roughly understood what happened six hundred years ago.

“I want to know why even though she was like this……”  Luo Qing Chen looked at Ye Mu, “You still want to protect her.”

“Because the one who killed Liu Qi Duo wasn’t her.”  Ye Mu looked into her emotional eyes and said, “She was ill the day before Jin Rong Feng was executed, she couldn’t send anyone to the jail…..”

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as she was filled with complicated feelings.

Du Jiu Sheng sitting across from her took a sip of his tea and there wasn’t any change with his face.

After a while, he slowly said, “Then why are you still in this world?”

“Because I knew that Jin Rong Feng became a ghost.”  Ye Mu’s eyes slowly fell onto Luo Qing Chen as they filled with an endless gentle look, “The princess was always afraid when she was alive, saying that she would see vengeful spirits from time to time, but they were dispelled by the bracelet that her master left her……”

When the word master was said, he looked at Du Jiu Sheng and continued, “I knew that Jin Rong Feng would keep looking for princess Qing Chen’s reincarnation, so I did my best to stay in this world…...”

“But you still have to leave in the end.”  Du Jiu Sheng calmly looked at him, “I have already sent the report in, I will send you off when the time comes.”

“He, he……”  Ye Mu gave two chuckles, “I wanted to stay and protect her because Jin Rong Feng wanted to hurt her, but since she is already safe, there is no need for me to stay any longer.”

Luo Qing Chen heard this and gave a sigh, “I feel that there is still some…..plot that we don’t know about from six hundred years ago.”


“You’re talking about the maid in the story.”  Du Jiu Sheng looked up with deep eyes.

“Right.”  Luo Qing Chen narrowed her eyes, “Who is she?  Why did she cause Liu Qi Duo’s death and why did she blame…..me?”

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