Chapter 177: Undercover, Second Brother Ji He?

Nan Xun shook his head, “Don’t know, his mood was clearly good at noon. Is brother at the study?”

“No, he just came back so he’s showering in the bathroom right now.”

Nan Xun ran to the bathroom door on the second floor, he faintly saw a figure through the frosted glass door. He tapped on the bathroom door twice and shouted, “Brother, it’s me, I’m back!”

The sound of water inside suddenly stopped, Yan Luo’s low, indifferent voice came, “En, I know, go and rest.”

Hearing the footsteps outside the door gradually thinning, Yan Luo reopened the shower.

He raised his head and let the dense column of water sprayed on his face. It was as if the rush of water flushed his brain, washing away these irritating emotions. Clear water fell down his cheeks, his strong muscles tightened at one moment before loosened at another. His tightly shut eyes were suddenly opened, looking at the direction of the bathroom door, his eyes dark and deep…

Next day, Yan Luo told Nan Xun very calmly to pay attention to his body and not to play too much, it was nothing after that, he still really cared about this child, similar like before.

After half a month, Yan Luo got Ji He out of the prison, but Yan Luo didn’t pick the person personally, instead, he sent over a brother to fetch him.

When it was his welcoming party, the few powerful brothers last time didn’t all go to the party, only 2-3 person. Yan Luo was also generous and directly allocated a casino to him.

Taking Little White’s words into account, Yan Luo directly told the bar manager to give Ji He a VIP card, let him play casually that evening and then go to take over casino the next day.

“Brother, why didn’t you let me attend second brother’s welcoming party ah?” Nan Xun asked.

Yan Luo slightly furrowed, “I’m afraid you’d get drunk again.”

Not waiting for the child to complain, Yan Luo shifted the topic smoothly, “What about Manman?”

Nan Xun replied, “She’s not going to school this weekend, so she went out to play with some sisters.”

“Little White, do you want to continue your study?” Yan Luo’s gaze moved as he asked.

Nan Xun stared at him for a while before he shook his head, “I already have a record, I don’t want to go back just to receive everyone’s peculiar gazes, I want to follow brother to do things.”

Yan Luo rubbed his head and didn’t persuade him anymore.

From that day on, Yan Luo would bring Nan Xun everywhere he went, those two brothers were like Siamese siblings.

In a year, Yan Luo’s big and small underlings all knew that Yan Luo really cared about Su Mobai this younger brother. His care was more than loving a small mistress, however, everyone was also clear that Yan Luo was ascetic and didn’t eat meat. [T/N: doing intimate acts]

Nan Xun rolled over on his bed and asked Little Eight happily, “How much is his evil value?”

Little Eight, “70.”

“Ah? Still 70? I won’t be able to clear his evil value in three years if it’s like this ah.”

Little Eight, “I already said that brotherly feeling is simply not enough.”

Nan Xun immediately retorted, “how can’t it not work? You should know that Yan Luo is ascetic, right? He’s not close to any female, family is the most important thing to him while I’m his favorite brother now.”

Upon hearing this, Little Eight sighed for a long time, “Do you know who this grandpa wanted you to transmigrate into at first?”

Nan Xun blurted out, “Yan Man.”

Little Eight was surprised, “How can you know this?”

Nan Xun rolled his eyes, “It’s so obvious if you just look at it, Manman isn’t his real sister but she had lived with him for so many years so there must be some feelings there already. Didn’t you want me to transmigrate into Yan Man and then change familial love into romantic love?”

Little Eight muttered, “Yeah, that was a perfect identity ah, do you still remember daddy Li Chen? You’re his daughter in that world but he still can like you, right now it’s just a sister so big boss surely can like you too. Alas, it’s already too late saying all of these.”

Nan Xun didn’t know what to think of, his eyes slightly drooped, his lips pursed before he asked, “Little Eight, do you know what happened to Li Chen after my death?”

Little Eight sighed, “How can I know this thing ah, I followed you together, you know? Anyway, he won’t die after his evil value dropped to 0. I think he avenged you, then find another flower to soothe his heartache, and finally lived happily ever after.”

Nan Xun, “…shut up.”

Little Eight: …

It’s you that asked this grandpa ah.

“Wait, wait!” Nan Xun suddenly remembered something, and his expression changed suddenly, “You once said that Yan Man will die tragically, when is it?”

Little Five counted with its fingers, “It’s still early, at least two years later, but because you transmigrated into Su Mobai, there’s a bit of deviation in the original flow of the world, I can’t guarantee that it’d be two years later.”

Nan Xun quickly asked it how Yan Man would die.

Little Eight sobbed, “It’s really miserable ah, she fell in love with a man, his brother disagreed so she ran away in one breath. As a result, she met big boss’ enemy halfway, they did this and did that to her until finally her dismembered limbs were sent to King Yan Luo, sob sob sob, it was really cruel, I can’t say anymore…”

Nan Xun was so scared that he let out cold sweat. Yan Man was such a nice little girl ah, he won’t let something like this happen to her!

“Who is the man that Yan Man fell in love with?” Nan Xun hurriedly asked.

Little Eight was surprised, “You don’t know? You guys had seen him quite a lot of times ah, heavens, originally this grandpa didn’t want to say this, but now will remind you this: That man is this world’s child of fate. But every world’s child of fate is different, some has smooth sailing life while some will suffer many setbacks. After experiencing several hardships time and again, they will then can obtain a positive outcome, Ji He is the later type oh.”


Nan Xun rolled out of the bed with a bang, “Little Eight, who are you talking about? F*ck, who who who who?”

Little Eight said seriously, “Ji He ah, your second brother.”

After Nan Xun’s brain blanked for a second, something thundered and smashed down, it was a bolt from the blue, the nine deities’ thunder split him until his outside was scorched with a tender inside.

His eyes were empty, but at this moment, there were a lot of things swimming in his mind.

Little Eight coughed and continued, “I didn’t tell you because I was afraid that after you know about this big, shocking secret. You’d intervene too much, and Ji He would possibly be murdered by you, hehe, our play would end like that.”

Nan Xun’s expression became cold suddenly, “Let me guess, what you say as a big, shocking secret is… Ji He is police’s secret agent?”

Little Eight couldn’t help but murmured, “Why are you smart when you shouldn’t be smart ah?”

Nan Xun massaged his forehead and took a deep breath, whispering in disbelief, “How could Ji He be the police’s secret agent? He’s obviously been underground for many years and he was even imprisoned before brother.”

Nan Xun couldn’t imagine how steadfast Ji He’s conviction was that he could conceal himself for a full six years!

Ji He fought, frequenting brothels and gambled, he did all kind of shady business, he even played with men in prison, how can this kind of person be a police official? If it weren’t because of Little Eight’s reminder, Nan Xun wouldn’t think that Ji He was a police officer even if someone broke his head!


Ji He! I thought you're a good boy! (╯‵□′)╯︵┴─┴

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