His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 177 - Official Matter

Shen Ziqiao’s gasp didn’t stop Qi Zheng. Behind the screen was the bed Qi Zheng set up in the study. He spent most of his nights in the study before getting married.

“We...weren’t we talking about something?” Shen Ziqiao laughed dryly, not daring to look into Qi Zheng’s deep gaze.

“Are we not right now?” Qi Zheng lifted his brows. In his eyes, making a child was the most important matter.

“Then...what about the palace? You’re just going to allow Sheng Peiyin to gain favor and then threaten the empress in the future?” Shen Ziqiao glanced at Qi Zheng’s relaxed expression and felt conflicted. She really didn’t want to see Sheng Peiyin taking over the harem.

Qi Zheng placed her in bed and skillfully removed the waistband of her skirt. Shen Ziqiao hurriedly stopped him only to realize it was to no avail.

“Don’t worry about the palace matters. We don’t need to deal with Sheng Peiyin right, rather the Sun Family…” Qi Zheng said softly in her ears. “Jiao Jiao, leave this to me.”

He knew how much Sheng Peiyin hated Shen Ziqiao so that he didn’t want her to know too much about the woman. Even more, he didn’t want Sheng Peiyin to get any opportunity to hurt her.

Shen Ziqiao thought carefully. It was actually quite difficult for Sheng Peiyin to survive in the harem. Don’t mention how the empress has a steady position in the harem but the crown prince has the support of the officials. There was also Imperial Consort Sun. The Sun Family had helped Sheng Peiyin in the past because they wanted to use Ma Family’s wealth to go against the crown prince. Now that Sheng Peiyin had become a threat to Imperial Consort Sun, could they still remain friends?

Why should she, a supporting role, care so much about her? As long as Sheng Peiyin did nothing to her, she could continue to live her days in peace.

Qi Zheng had already removed Shen Ziqiao’s clothes only to realize that her attention had drifted somewhere else. He lifted his brows and sucked a hickey on her smooth chest.

Shen Ziqiao groaned in pain and bit her lips, glaring at him.

Qi Zheng chuckled lowly and captured her lips, gently sucking. He pried open her mouth with his tongue and played with her tongue.

There was a layer of thick callus on his palm and he caressed her meticulous skin. His rough palm against her skin made her shiver. In the end, he pinched her flower bud with his fingers and gently rubbed them. Shen Ziqiao felt like she was shocked by electricity. In the end, she couldn’t bear to deny him the pleasure anymore.

“This...this is the study.” Shen Ziqiao thought about bringing warm water to the study and then felt embarrassed as a result.

Qi Zheng was at the edge and couldn’t endure this anymore. Seeing that she was wet enough for him, he pulled her slender legs apart and thrusted gently inside.

Shen Ziqiao felt limp but as she followed his movement, pleasure took over her body. She couldn’t resist the urge to moan.

Her moan was like a catalyst. Qi Zheng thrusted even quickly as if wanting to penetrate her entire body.

“Soft, softer.” Shen Ziqiao couldn’t bear the amount of pleasure she was getting. It had only been a few days so why did it feel like she hadn’t...he just entered her body and she already felt like she was in ecstasy.

Qi Zheng’s forehead was full of sweat as he panted heavily. Hearing her words, his gaze dimmed a bit. He really did slow down, thrusting in slowly and out. He held her globes in one hand while rubbing her clit in the other.

“Mn…” Shen Ziqiao trembled and she felt a ball of anger burning from her abdomen, her entire body feeling unwell.

She twisted her body and pandered to his movements.

Qi Zheng carried her and rolled her over, having her sit on top of him. In a hoarse voice, “Jiao Jiao, move.”

He actually wants her on top?! Shen Ziqiao bit her lips, her face flushing. She felt worse by the moment and she couldn’t resist the urge to start bouncing.

It felt great! Qi Zheng almost groaned out loud. He didn’t stop what he was doing with his hands. While squeezing her fine butt, he leaned over and licked at her buds, causing Shen Ziqiao to bounce harder.

She was about to run out of energy. Shen Ziqiao didn’t want to stop but she didn’t have the energy to continue. She finally understood that being the person on top required much more energy...but why did Qi Zheng always look more spirited than her when they finished?

“Qi Zheng…” She leaned against his chest, weeping, “I have no more energy.”

Qi Zheng chuckled lowly and arched up.

Shen Ziqiao moaned.

He still continued thrusting in slowly. After pushing in, he held her waist and helped her move along.

This was too torturing...

Shen Ziqiao weeped. “Quicker, quicker.”

“What did you call me?” Qi Zheng slipped out of her and pressed her down, his warm lips sucking on her smooth and bright back.

Shen Ziqiao buried her face into the blanket and exclaimed, “Good brother, be...be quicker.”

Qi Zheng’s heart moved and entered behind her, violently thrusting. It was unclear how long passed before they finished through Shen Ziqiao’s beg for mercy.

The ambiguous lovemaking atmosphere surrounded them. Shen Ziqiao bit him hard and asked, “What do we do now? If we leave like this...everyone will know what we were doing in the study.”

The outfit she wore were wrinkled badly.

His cock became hard again after being bitten by her.

Shen Ziqiao felt his change and her face flushed again. “Can’t you control yourself?”

“How?” Qi Zheng smiled.

“Hmph.” Shen Ziqiao glared at her and was barely able to wear her clothes. Next, she forced Qi Zheng to wear his clothes before calling Hong Yu in.

Hong Yu kept her head down and walked in with a red face.

Even she, an unmarried lady, knew what happened after hearing the moaning nad groaning in the study. Thankfully, the boy servant had left by the time Shen Ziqiao let out a gasp. Otherwise...otherwise she really didn’t know what to do.

Right now, the lights were on outside. Shen Ziqiao was embarrassed to even look at her maid.

Hong Yu quickly prepared warm water as well as a new outfit for Shen Ziqiao. After she simply freshened up, she finally returned to Qianlin Courtyard.

Qi Zheng looked refreshed after freshening up. Then he went to eat dinner with Shen Ziqiao.

Countless days passed.

Sheng Peiyin who changed her name into Ma Beirong was now bestowed the title as Imperial Concubine Xian. She obtained the spotlight in the harem and even Belle Feng who had the emperor’s favor in the past was given the cold shoulder now.

After finding out that Sheng Peiyin suddenly became Ma Beirong and that Spiritual Master Zhou was actually Ma Junfeng, Shen Ziqiao had expected this result.

Therefore, she calmly accepted this.

Sheng Peiyin would probably be busy dealing with the imperial concubines in the harem now. Hopefully she could dominate the harem.

Shen Ziqiao was too occupied to pay attention to Sheng Peiyin. Her mind was on Shen Zikai’s wedding three days from now. She was delighted.

Nee Zhu had arrived in the capital two days ago already. They were living in Duke Zhen’s residence in Qingchi Alley not far from Duke An residence. She was going to get married in three days from Duke Zhen residence.

Duke Zhen residence’s Old Madam Zhu was Zhu Yiyi’s grandfather’s sister.

“Duke Zhen’s surname is Gu? He...doesn’t have anything to do with Xiao Gu right?” After finding out his surname, Shen Ziqiao held in her breath. She immediately asked Qi Zheng when he came back.

Qi Zheng laughed. “Why did you suddenly think of this?”

Shen Ziqiao told him about how her future sister-in-law was going to get married from Duke Zhen residence. She had been worried for the longest time ever. If Xiao Gu was related to Duke Zhen in any way, then...she’d feel really conflicted.

“There are many people who have the same surnames. How could they all be related? Duke Zhen has nothing to do with the Gu Family.” Qi Zheng smiled. Sometimes, he thought that his wife had some interesting thoughts.

That’s good then! Shen Ziqiao’s worry was gone. She smiled as she discussed with Qi Zheng about meeting her future sister-in-law.

“You’re going to get to see her in two days. What’s the point in going today?” Qi Zheng asked, laughing.

Shen Ziqiao pursed her lips. She just wanted to see if Zhu Yiyi was suitable for her elder brother, okay?

But true, there was no point. No matter whether she was suitable or not, she was her sister-in-law already.

“Okay, now that you’re free of worry, let’s go and pay respects to the Old Madam.” Shen Ziqiao held onto Qi Zheng’s arms and smiled.

Qi Zheng couldn’t help but pinch her nose. “Your elder brother is going to end up being your sister-in-law’s in the future.”

Shen Ziqiao was a bit upset. Right. After Shen Zikai got married, he wouldn’t be so close to her anymore right? Nor would he do everything he can to protect her.

No. She shouldn’t be thinking of this. Shen Ziqiao shook her head firmly. “Elder brother has treated me really well already. He needs someone else to cherish him too.”

Qi Zheng smiled and patted her head. “I’ll pamper you.”

...After they returned from the study yesterday and then...he pushed her down and said this too.

Xiao Gu was in the Old Madam’s room as well, talking to her about Qi Feng’s marriage.

“...I’ve seen Zuo Family’s young lady. She’s beautiful and a perfect match for Feng’er.” Xiao Gu couldn’t contain her smile. Imperial Consort Sun promised to marry her niece to Feng’er. Today, Xiao Gu had come to the Thousand Buddhas temple to check on her future daughter-in-law.

She really liked Zuo Family’s young lady.

Old Madam Qi nodded faintly. “That’s good. Feng’er should get married as well.”

If Gu Daiqin was good...then this would be great.

Xiao Gu smiled and was about to talk about something else when Qi Zheng and Shen Ziqiao walked in.

Shen Ziqiao greeted the Old Madam and then faintly smiled at Xiao Gu only to hear her say, “First Madam, you’ve come in time. I’ve heard some rumors at Thousand Buddhas Temple today. They were horrendous. Since you’re here, please explain yourself.”

“Mother, I don’t understand.” Shen Ziqiao lifted her brows, unsure where Xiao Gu was going.

“Who did you meet in private yesterday?” An arrogant smile flickered through Xiao Gu’s eyes. She thought that she finally got a chance to pick at Shen Ziqiao’s faults. She didn’t believe that Qi Zheng wouldn’t mind his wife meeting with another man in private.

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