Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1764: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 13)

But should she intervene?

She felt that everything in this world was strange.

Her ability, Du Jiu Sheng’s identity, Jin Rong Feng and Liu Qi Duo…...

Although there were many things that she couldn’t think through, she was certain that this definitely wasn’t a normal world.

“Auntie, our family believes in Feng Shui.”  She looked at the little girl and said, “The children of the house shouldn’t go out over the next two days.”

The auntie was clearly a bit awkward hearing this, but since she came to greet her, even if she didn’t understand what Luo Qing Chen meant, she just smiled and ended the conversation.

But Luo Qing Chen didn’t sleep that night.

At the same time, at the Forgotten River Library.

Du Jiu Sheng went through all the undead who didn’t enter the underworld in the last thousand years.

There were only three in S City.

Two men and one woman.

They all came from the same period, the Shang Dynasty from six hundred years ago.

It was a vengeful spirit that was close to a thousand years, the aura that it had was different from other spirits.

“Kou, kou, kou.”  There was another knock that came from Hong Yue.

Du Jiu Sheng ignored it and Hong Yue walked in seeing that no one answered.

“How long have you been in the study……”  Hong Yue pursed her lips and sat in the chair in front of him, “You’re not eating?”

“Our city has three spirits who never left, did you know about this?”  Du Jiu sheng went straight to the point and skipped the pleasantries to ask Hong Yue this.

Hong Yue was surprised, but after thinking about it, she said, “There seemed to be three on the list from last year, but even Ming Si couldn’t find them, so how could we normal envoys find them?”

Ming Si was the judge of hell and the manager of all the hell envoys.

“I met one of the vengeful spirits today.”  Du Jiu Sheng knitted his brows, “We can feel the aura of the dead on him and he wanted to shake hands with the living.”

“Shake hands?”  Hong Yue asked in a confused voice, “What can a spirit do by shaking hands with a human?”

“A normal spirit can’t do this, but if a vengeful spirit shakes hands with a human, if that human was related to him in a past life, he can see it.”

“This powerful!”  Hong Yue had a look of disbelief, “This is even more powerful than granny Meng!”

Du Jiu Sheng didn’t reply, but he had to admit that the other side had an ability that he didn’t know about.

At that moment, Luo Qing Chen’s figure strangely appeared in his hand.

And he was strangely a bit worried…...

He didn’t like this feeling.  He had no past or present life, he could never have a lover.

As an envoy of hell, Ming Si had told him before——

Hell envoys will experience a love tribulation every six hundred years.

If you passed it, you would be a hell envoy for six hundred years without worry.

If you couldn’t…...the consequences would last forever.

This was the love tribulation that every hell envoy went through and most people passed it.

After all, comparing eternal love and short term love, very few people chose the former.

Du Jiu Sheng had also thought that he was the same.

Therefore, even if he had predicted that his love tribulation would appear, he never panicked.

But when he saw Luo Qing Chen, he could clearly feel himself…..panicking.

He couldn’t stop himself from looking at her, walking in front of her, handing the black folder to her.

Everything was not in the scope of his plan…...

But his reasoning told him that he couldn’t…...

As a hell envoy, he was very clear that if this love tribulation wasn’t cut, they would both be in danger.

After all, there were a few predecessors that had chosen love and had left behind a painful lesson.

So he couldn’t fall in love with her…..

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