Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1756: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 5)

There were a lot of reports on him in the outer world since he was considered half a public figure.  Some people said that his previous personality, genius and kind hearted was all an act.

Some people said that he had been hit with a spell…..

Luo Qing Chen found some photos of Jin Rong Feng doing charity before he turned eighteen.  In that white dress shirt and with that bright smile, he was very different from the evil demon in the memories of the previous host.

This contrast made her believe that rumours, he might really have been…..hit by a spell.

A spell…...was it related to what happened six hundred years ago?

If he did get hit with a spell, did that mean that this world wasn’t a normal world and a world with different kinds of abilities.

With these doubts, she turned off the computer.  She felt that there was a bigger story that she and the previous host didn’t know about.

She woke up at twelve the next day, she should have been thinking too long last night and found it a bit hard to sleep.

After all, she didn’t have anything in this world.  She couldn’t solve this problem with violence, she could only solve it with her intelligence.

After a quick lunch, she found the Forgotten River Library.

Luo Qing Chen’s first impression was that it was very old, with potted plants and ancient styled decorations, but the revolving door in front was very high tech.

This was her first time at this library, the previous host had never been here before.  There were many people here and she took a deep breath as she couldn’t help feeling nervous.

When she walked through the hall, there was a faint scent of sandalwood in the air.  When she was standing in the hall, she was surprised.

The murals of lakes and mountains, whether it was the setting or the items, they all had an ancient feeling to them.

This library called Forgotten River was simply too surprising.

“Hello, can I help you with something?”  A man wearing a light pink sweater saw her and said, “Are you buying a book or looking for someone?”

Lan Fan looked over Luo Qing Chen and his lips couldn’t help curling into a smile.

Just by accident, he had seen the word ‘Insight’ on the blue folder in Luo Qing Chen’s hand.

She should be the love appraiser that he had hired a few days ago at that club named ‘Prosper’.

As expected, it was different spending a lot of money, she really was beautiful.

If such a beautiful girl couldn’t move his big brother Sheng, it was certain that his big brother Sheng didn’t love women or men!  In this world, he would be the only alien!

Luo Qing Chen narrowed his eyes to look over the youth in front of her.  He had red lips, white teeth, and looked very delicate.  Wearing that pink sweater, he almost looked like a star.

She felt that he cared about her and the feeling was very strong.

“Excuse me, is the curator mister Du Jiu Sheng here?”  Luo Qing Chen tentatively asked.

As expected——

“Here, here, here, he’s here every day and doesn’t ever go out!”  Lan Fan looked at her with a smile, “What is the name of this miss?”

“Un, I’m surnamed Luo.”  Luo Qing Chen was almost certain that this person in front of her should be the client.

Otherwise, no one would be this active in taking her to see Du Jiu Sheng.

“Miss Luo, please come this way.”

The elevator stopped on the third floor and the surrounding area became much quieter.  The murals on the wall were a bit old and if they weren’t fakes, they definitely would be worth a lot.

“You brought an outsider here?”

As soon as they came out of the elevator, there was an absolutely familiar voice that came from the end of the hall.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t stop her heart from skipping a beat as her eyes turned red and her fingers couldn’t help trembling…..

In her mind, the scenes of him before death, that sadness…...

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