Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1753: Hell envoy’s exclusive love appraiser (Part 2)

When Jin Rong Feng was together with Liu Qi Duo, he still sent texts to the previous host, saying that he missed her.

At that time, the previous host had another job and had gotten together with a young singer.

Jin Rong Feng kept sending messages and the previous host ignored them until one quiet evening…..

After all, they had been together for over two months and the previous host was a nostalgic person, so she agreed to meet with Jin Ring Feng.

She never thought…..

It was the day before the Ghost Festival, half past eleven at night.  The sky was filled with sleet and the weather was very bad.

Jin Rong Feng wanted to meet the previous host in his villa outside the city, which was very remote.  The previous host had to look for a long time before finding it.

Without knowing that it was a murderous disaster for her.

What was even more unbelievable was that it wasn’t just one person who wanted to kill the previous owner, it was also the supporting female lead Liu Qi Duo.

The memory in her mind was very terrifying.  It was a confined space that looked to be over a thousand square meters, but every five meters apart, there was a transparent box with a woman inside.

Some had their eyes closed and some had their eyes open, but one thing was certain, they were all dead.

Liu Qi Duo was in a dark red dress and Jin Rong Feng was standing by her.  They were like a perfect match, with that kind of dark smile on their faces.

The previous host had died in a strange way, she had spoken to Jin Rong Feng and Liu Qi Duo before dying.

“Six hundred years, we’ve finally met again.  I was saying why you looked so familiar when I saw you, so you were……”

“So what, if he doesn’t remember anything, no one will come and save you.”

The person who said the first sentence was Jin Rong Feng and the person who said the second sentence was Liu Qi Duo.

The previous host died miserable in the end.  Her eyes were dug out, her wrists were slit, and she slowly died in that transparent coffin.

It was unknown if she died from blood loss or being frozen.  In short, the previous host died like this.

Jin Rong Feng and Liu Qi Duo’s crazy laughter could be heard as she gradually lost consciousness.


After she finished sorting out her memories, Luo Qing Chen felt the cold sweat on her back and her breathing was a bit fast.

In the memory of the previous host, although normally Liu Qi Duo liked to compete with her, she was still a normal person.  Those terrifying eyes weren’t like her at all…...

Although she accepted these memories, her mind was filled with doubts and the memories were messy.  In the end, Jin Rong Feng and Liu Qi Duo had said too many things that had confused her a bit.

After ten minutes of sorting things out, she came to the following conclusions: One, the previous host had met Jin Rong Feng and Liu Qi Duo six hundred years ago and there was a grievance between them.  Two, when they said ‘he doesn’t remember anything’, they should be talking about the one who saved the previous host six hundred years ago.

She felt that there was something strangely familiar with that story, but she couldn’t remember.

It was troublesome that she couldn’t ask the system, but she was certain that she wasn’t safe.

It really was worth being an A rank mission, upgrading at this time gave her a big challenge.

But the only thing that she could be thankful for was…..

She could still meet Du Jiu Sheng here.  She felt that she lost him twice, so she didn’t want a perfect ending, she just wanted a peaceful life.

Time went back three months when the previous host and Liu Qi Duo hadn’t made a choice yet.  Based on the current situation, as long as Jin Rong Feng wasn’t chosen, she should be temporarily safe.

Then she could only take it one step at a time, at least she would talk after finding Du Jiu Sheng.

It was a good thing that she still clearly remembered what he looked like.

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