Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1748: Side story: The Luo Mo couple in university (Part 2)

Luo Qing Chen’s voice wasn’t soft or loud, but everyone could clearly hear it.

Mo Ze Chen looked at her with a gentle look as his right hand came to her waist with an absolute aura.

The girl who was the school flower had a very unnatural look right now, but she couldn’t say anything.  She could only wink at the little chubby girl beside her.

After being with the school flower for all these years, the little fat girl understood what she meant.

“Ai, are all girls this open now?  A girlfriend is fine, but you’re still talking about a wife!”  The little fat girl rolled her eyes as she revealed a look of disdain.

The school flower saw this and immediately said, “Fatty, you can’t say this.  People are like this now, they are more open.  After all, society is more relaxed now, so you can’t just say this about others.”

It sounded very delicate when she said this, but Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help shouting in her heart: Damn!  Little white flower!

These years had gone very smoothly, there wasn’t a person in Star Royal who didn’t know the relationship between her and Mo Ze Chen.

They were all successors in the circle of the rich, so no one dared to say a thing!

But Clear Dream was different.  The university was a small society and there were all kinds of people gathered, many of them not from A City, so it was normal that they didn’t know about the most prestigious wedding!

After all, the circles of the commoners and the nobles were different!

But she wasn’t happy when she heard these words ‘condemning’ her!  After all, after experiencing all these worlds, she was quite used to stuff like this!

“Open?”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug as she narrowed her cold eyes to look at the school flower, “Does your dad call your mom his girlfriend?”

As soon as her voice fell, everyone was taken aback.  Only Mo Ze Chen understood the meaning in Luo Qing Chen’s words.

The little fat girl looked at the school flower and after receiving the ‘approving’ gaze, she immediately replied, “Is this the same?  They are married, what are you?”

“Don’t you know if we are or not?”  Luo Qing Chen seamlessly followed up, “Oh!  It’s easy to tell that you’re not someone from around here and you don’t seem to be rich based on your clothes.”

“You…..What do you mean!”  The little fat girl was clearly not strong in arguing and her face turned red from being counterattacked.  She couldn’t articulate properly and could only stutter out, “Now people really are this open, calling people wife and husband even while dating, it really is disgusting.”

“I mean it literally, because you aren’t a local, you didn’t know about the wedding of the Luo and Mo Family in A City two years ago.”  Luo Qing Chen gave a shrug before saying with a chuckle, “The seventh of next month is our two year wedding anniversary……”

“Wh…..What?”  The school flower and the little fat girl looked at each other, both of them with shocked expressions.

“Of course, I won’t invite you.”

As soon as her voice fell, Luo Qing Chen took Mo Ze Chen’s hand and walked back to the library without turning around.  From beginning to end, Mo Ze Chen never said a word as he silently watched his wife’s performance with a pampering look in his eyes.

In his eyes, all he needed to do was silently stand by his wife's side as a guardian, watching her domineering appearance, watching how dazzling she was!

Of course, he enjoyed watching his jealous wife very much.

Un, it was very cute.

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