Chapter 174: Haha, Grandpa Has Returned

The spacious private room was quiet.

Yan Luo was still holding a wine glass in his hand and was about to send it to his mouth, but because of the sudden shock just now, the liquor spilled out from the glass and splashed on his white shirt.

He looked closely at the child beside him in an abrupt manner, his eyes were strange as he stared at him for a long time before he uttered in a stutter, “Little White, this… actually, it’s nothing…”

Others were dumbfounded before they roared again, “This is nothing ah, it’s okay, Brother Li had seen something like this quite a lot of times, in fact, there are two of my underlings who are like that…”

After a moment of awkwardness, the atmosphere livened once again. Those men didn’t force Nan Xun to play with women anymore, but they still performed a few intense and hot action movies right in front of his face while pouring him a lot of alcohol.

Nan Xun noticed that the man beside him had been staring at him all the time, that gaze was really hot until he felt that his face was burning.

He turned his head fiercely to look at him but only saw Yan Luo tasting alcohol with a serious manner, refusing to look sideways.

Nan Xun took a shot until he hiccuped, his mind started to blur.

Am I drinking so much I’m starting to hallucinate?

As Nan Xun closed his eyes slowly, intending to doze off for a while, a voice inside his brain yelling ‘f*ck’ suddenly jerked his entire body.

“F*ck! Shouldn’t you be in jail? How come you’re here? Aaaah! Oh god, how come this grandpa suddenly see a blue film! Where is this? A brothel?” Little Eight issued a series of questions.

Nan Xun was shocked.

“Little Eight!”

“Yes, it’s this grandpa, do you miss me?”

Nan Xun was puzzled, “Little Eight, didn’t you say that you’d need three years to recuperate at the fastest? How come you’re out after only a few months?”

Little Eight humphed, “Isn’t it because I’m worried that you’d die in prison? I rummaged through the space inside me for a long time and finally found a high-level spirit pellet, then this grandpa absorbed its power day and night without resting ah before finally regained my power in advance!”

“Dear, aren’t you impressed? This grandpa is the best void beast in the whole world.”

Nan Xun, “I’m moved to tears ah.”

Little Eight laughed twice, “Then this grandpa will take you out from here immediately.”

Nan Xun, “Wait, wait!”

Little Eight, “What’s wrong, dear?”

Nan Xun, “I’m having a party here ah, isn’t it not good to just die like this?”

Little Eight, “Your body reeks with alcohol already, aren’t you drunk? Then we can just make it like you died from alcohol poisoning, it’s perfect!”

Nan Xun: …

“Little Eight ah, don’t hurry to go, look at the man beside me, doesn’t he seem familiar?”

Little Eight, “What familiar, this grandpa doesn’t—— f*ck! Isn’t he the big boss in this plane?!”

Nan Xun mimicked Little Eight and laughed twice, “That’s right ah, I’m now brothers with big boss and have successfully entered big boss’s gang.”

Little Eight was silent for a while before he suddenly yelled, “Useless ah, a younger brother subordinate can’t eliminate his evil value!”

“Feelings between brothers can also be so touching that even heaven and earth are moved, just test it if you don’t believe me, I dare bet that big boss’s evil value has already lowered down.”

After a short while, Little Eight shouted ‘f*ck’ again, “It really dropped!”

Nan Xun’s pair of eyes brightened, “How much it dropped?”

Little Eight, “A lot ah, it has dropped by 10 points in just a few months! The blackening value has not changed though, it stays in the original 50 points.”

Nan Xun let out a sigh of relief, as if his tail almost pointed up.

“Little White, are you drunk?” Yan Luo suddenly asked, frowning slightly, he reached out to Nan Xun’s face.

Red and hot.

“Not drunk!” Nan Xun was really happy right now, so he picked up his glass and filled it full with liquor.

After this alcohol hit his stomach, the world in front of his face suddenly turned, Nan Xun shook his head, “Brother, don’t worry, I’m not drunk, my head just feels a bit dizzy.”

Yan Luo looked at the child who said that he’s not drunk, stepped forward to support his swaying body, and then carried him out of the bar.

Nan Xun obediently embraced the man’s broad back while chatting with Little Eight, “Did you see? The big boss takes the initiative to carry me, my weight in his heart is surely heavy ah.”

Little Eight was a little suspicious, “Is it possible for brotherly feeling to work too?”

“Just try ah, I originally planned to leave after three years, it’s only been half a year now.”

“Sob sob sob, I’m angry ah, if I knew that you’ve been released from jail and successfully befriended the big boss, I wouldn’t have wasted a high-level spiritual pellet ah, I’m so distressed.”

Nan Xun smacked his lips twice and slept soundly on big boss’s sturdy back.

The next day, Nan Xun woke up on a super large bed. Nan Xun, who hadn’t slept in such a soft bed for a long time, was feeling so comfortable that the cells on his whole body all groaned and moaned.

“How come your sleeping posture became like a man?” Little Eight exclaimed.

Nan Xun’s sleeping posture was really free, like the standard ‘大’ font, while he’s asleep, he also stuck his one leg over another.

Little Eight was still stuck at Nan Xun’s calm and graceful bearing on the last world, the valiant and scheming Qin Guifei. When it saw him like a true man now, it was like a bolt from the blue, its whole beastly body felt uncomfortable.

Nan Xun stretched his body, not caring about Little Eight’s feeling at all, “What kind of environment will shape what kind of people, this brother stayed in prison for a few months, do you still expect me to still be as noble and elegant as Qin Guifei? How is it possible?”

Little Eight ‘sob sob’ cried, it thought that it was a beast that can overlook one’s appearance, whatever Nan Xun became like, but now it’s unable to make sense of what it was looking at.

When it thought that Nan Xun was stupid, she suddenly became clever, but when it felt that the other party was smart, she started to be stupid again. Moreover, this person’s adaptability was very strong, she can adapt herself to a new character design in a minute, just like now, she really regarded herself as a man.

Little Eight was bewildered.

Is this woman pretending to be stupid ah? However, where can one find someone that’s able to deceive people like her? She’s simply taking someone else’ life as hers ah.

Nan Xun picked the new clothes next to her. When he was halfway changing, the door to his room was suddenly pushed open with a loud bang.

Nan Xun was so shocked that he hastily put on his pants, he was almost scared to death by the person at the door.

Yan Man who opened the door laughed out loud, “Little White, I didn’t see anything, really!”

Nan Xun: Little devil.

Yan Man came to call Nan Xun for breakfast, Nan Xun followed her to the living room on the first floor. It was a small mansion, according to Yan Luo’s status, it definitely couldn’t be called luxurious, the furniture inside also appeared very ordinary, they were that kind of Chinese style mahogany furniture.

Nan Xun noticed that there was a large shelf unit against the wall on the first floor, each square contained antiques and some handicrafts made of various jade stones, which looked valuable at a glance.

Yan Man noticed Nan Xun’s line of sight and grinned, approaching him while whispering, “Little White, let me tell you, my brother is an old-fogey, he likes collecting these things, also, he doesn’t like watching news, he only likes reading newspaper.”

Nan Xun couldn’t help laughing, “Manman, are you always saying bad things about your brother from his back? You’re really cute.”

Yan Man was dazzled by the smile on his face, but she wasn’t shy, her grin even got wider instead, “In the two months when you haven’t been released, my brother always praised you in front of me, I suspect that he’s trying to recruit you to be his brother-in-law.”

Cough, cough cough cough!” Nan Xun was choked by his own spit.


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Little Eight is back!

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