Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1733: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 71)

She couldn’t help thinking of this afternoon at the gate of Cherry Blossom Elementary.

After all, Mo Ze Chen had chosen to go with her.  Whether she was Luo Qing Chen or Pei Dan Dan, whether she had a peerless look or an ordinary pretty face.

He could rely on his feelings to walk towards her step by step.


Pei Dan Dan’s heart couldn’t help screaming: Why!

She calculated in her heart and did many things.  It was all to stand at the peak, just like a queen, to be dazzling.

Just like the past Luo Qing Chen who was the center of attention no matter where she went, who could be that dazzling.

It was a pity that reality was a fierce slap to her face.  She had the identity, but nothing else!

At least she didn’t get what she wanted and it was also taken away by a person with a lowly status!

She couldn’t stand this anger, she really couldn’t stand it!

She used to be a kind person, but she was forced into where she was today!

It wasn’t her fault, it would always be Luo Qing Chen’s fault.  How could she steal everything from her?

At the same time, in the Jiang Family.

Jiang Yi Liang laid in bed as he looked at ‘Luo Qing Chen’ on WeChat again and again.  Naturally he didn’t know that this person only had Luo Qing Chen’s face.

But he felt it was a bit familiar and he was a bit unwilling.

Without knowing why, after the big fire at school, ‘Luo Qing Chen’s’ personality had been different from before.

It wasn’t as close as in the beginning and it wasn’t as cold as in the end, it had become familiar, strangely familiar.

She replied to his messages and although she wouldn’t reply to them all, she would reply to some at least.  She complained at times and sometimes expressed her concerns.

It felt like towards the current ‘Luo Qing Chen’, Jiang Yi Liang was a bit helpless to resist.

She didn’t approach him and didn’t keep him away.  Even if she was about to get married, she stood in the black and white zone between love and friendship, not leaving it.

When night slowly fell, when the sun slowly rose, the biggest wedding in A City began…..

Luo Qing Chen would welcome her most crucial battle and her premonition of danger became even stronger.

It wasn’t her danger, but rather Ah Yue’s…...


At the busy scene, everyone was running around, but the groom didn’t arrive.

Mo Jing’s expression was very ugly because Mo Ze Chen’s phone had been turned off for three days now.

Even at the last moment, he didn’t believe that the son he had been proud of would irresponsible enough to abandon this wedding.

To him, this was something that definitely couldn’t be allowed.

“Brother Luo, be assured!  If Mo Ze Chen doesn’t arrive today, he will never be my, Mo Jing’s son!”  Mo Jing said with a serious look, “I only recognize Xiao Qing as my daughter in law.”

Luo Du Gu gave a sigh, “Perhaps my daughter doesn’t have this luck, the affairs of young people should be left to them.  This wedding…..Ai……”

It was his daughter in the end and even with more resources in business, he wasn’t willing to sacrifice his daughter’s happiness.

Since Mo Ze Chen had given up on her, he should forget it!

It’s better than being even more unhappy after the wedding.

“It was my Mo Family who has wronged Xiao Qing……”

Pei Dan Dan looked at her perfect face in the mirror and tightly clenched her fists.  She took off the veil and looked at the elders, “Since he’s not coming, I’ll go look for him!”

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