Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1731: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 69)

Yes, Pei Dan Dan had snuck out of the hospital.

She had calculated the time when Mo Tian would get out of class and wanted to weakly faint in front of Mo Ze Chen.

But she never thought…...that there would be another person beside him!

And this person was the one she hated the most in this life!

“Luo Qing Chen.”  Pei Dan Dan muttered through gritted teeth, “I want to make you lose everything, I will definitely not let you be happy!”

“Un……”  There were scenes that appeared in front of Luo Qing Chen’s eyes.

The bellow of the train and the rows of red railing.

“What is it?”  Mo Ze Chen noticed that something was off with her expression.  When that girl’s expression had changed before in the past, everything had changed…...

Now it was someone else and she had the same expression as her back then!

“Nothing……”  Luo Qing Chen shook her head, “It could be that I’m hungry……”

She felt a bit flustered, so she came up with a bad excuse.

A smart person like Mo Ze Chen definitely would have seen through it.

Though someone who was at the peak when it came to IQ and EQ naturally wouldn’t say it.

“Then let’s go and get some hot pot!”  Mo Ze Chen looked at her and seriously ordered, “If something is wrong, you have to tell me.”



When she came home, they went through the back door instead of the front door.

Because at this time, the Mo Family villa next door was brightly lit.  Mo Tian seemed to have understood something and didn’t ask a thing, rather she said, “I’ll go sleep with Ah Yue tonight.”

“Un, un, un.”  Ah Yue happily nodded, “Alright, alright!”

Luo Qing Chen leaned back on the sofa, watching the youth prepare the ingredients in the kitchen and the kids playing in front of her, thinking that this life was quite good.

“Girl, do you eat spicy foods?”

“Ah!”  Luo Qing Chen was surprised and tilted her head to look at Mo Ze Chen in the kitchen, “Are you talking to me?”

“Who else would I be talking to!  Fool…..”  Mo Ze Chen in his apron had a pampering look in his eyes, like he was looking at his wife, looking at her so gently.

Seeing Mo Ze Chen like this, her face couldn’t help turning red.  She touched her ear out of habit while her face turned red.

“Why aren’t you calling me by name instead of calling me girl!”  She bit her lip, “I couldn’t react.”

Mo Ze Chen heard this and a sparkle appeared in his deep eyes as he looked at her, “I feel that the name Qing Jiu doesn’t suit you, you should have a more special name!”

His words were very contradictory, but Luo Qing Chen knew what he meant.

Luo Qing Chen looked at him with a faint smile and didn’t say a word, but it was a very happy smile.

“Fool.”  He calmly looked at her and asked, “Can you eat spicy foods?”

“No!”  Luo Qing Chen decisively shook her head.

“Green onions?”

“Nope!”  She decisively shook her head again.

“What about coriander?”

“No!”  She knitted her brows when she shook her head.

Mo Ze Chen gave a laugh, “That’s an unbalanced diet!”

Although he said this, he brought out a very clear hot pot without any chili peppers, green onions, or coriander.

Ah Yue and Mo Tian looked at each other before picking up the large spoons and happily saying, “Let’s start!”

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