Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1727: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 65)

Mo Ze Chen slightly knitted his brows as his deep eyes seriously looked at Mo Jing, “Dad, I have something I have to say.”

“If there is anything, now is not the time to say it!”  Mo Jing looked at him and didn’t intend to let him continue.

After all, it was his own son.  He could guess what he wanted to say and he wouldn’t allow this thing to happen.


“Kacha.”  When Mo Ze Chen was about to say something, the door to the operating room opened.

The doctor took off their mask, “Who is the patient’s family?”

“I am, I am!”  Miss Luo had tears falling down her worried face.

“The patient’s excessive blood loss needs to be monitored, I want to ask you about the patient.”

“Doctor, please.”

“The patient’s wound was not caused by a crash, but rather a cut to the vein on the wrist.”  The doctor was in a heavy tone, “Has the patient been in a bad state of mind recently?”

Mo Jing’s expression changed when he heard this and he pushed Mo Ze Chen towards the two elders of the Luo Family, saying in a low voice, “Do you think that you can not take responsibility?”

The two elders of the Luo Family heard what the doctor said and looked over at Mo Ze Chen before shaking their heads, “My daughter is about to get married, she should be in a very good mood!”

“Un, then it should have been accidentally caused by a sharp object in the car.”

Mo Ze Chen never said a single word.  He just looked out the window at the darkness, like the darkness before the dawn.


At ten past nine, Luo Qing Chen called him for the first time and didn’t get an answer.

At ten past ten, Luo Qing Chen called him for the second time and still didn’t get an answer.

At ten past noon, Luo Qing Chen called him for the third time and it was turned off.

He had missed their appointment without any warning…...

“Big sister, weren’t we going to school today?”  Ah Yue looked at her fixing herself in the mirror and said in a worried voice, “Big sister really looks good.”

After a while, she patted her head, “Of course we’re going, but we can only go by ourselves.”

Actually, it would be false if it was said that she wasn’t disappointed at all.

There was disappointment, but she knew that something serious must have happened if Mo Ze Chen didn’t show up.

He must have tried very hard to reach her, it must have been more difficult for him.

“Of course we’re going!”  Luo Qing Chen gave a sigh and looked at her with a smile, “Big brother might have something to do, but Xiao Tian should be waiting for you at school!”

Cherry Blossom Elementary.

The key elementary school in A City, all the graduates went to private schools, so people without any status couldn’t get in.

Ah Yue was able to enter the school with an identity the system prepared, a brand new identity named Si Yue.

“Ah Yue, Ah Yue, you’re finally here.”  Mo Tian came forward to take her hand, “I’ve been waiting for you since this morning. Yi…..uncle didn't come with you?  He even picked out his clothes last night, I’ve never seen uncle act like that before…..”

Mo Tian had a very surprised expression since she had seen Mo Ze Chen acting nervous for the first time last night.  No matter what happened before, her uncle had always acted calmly and had never panicked.

“Something happened with your uncle.”  Luo Qing Chen patted Mo Tian’s head, “How about we have him treat us to a big meal next time?”

She had a bitter smile.  It was clear that she was more disappointed than anyone, but she pretended to be strong!

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