Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1725: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 63)

[Ding, affection has increased by twenty.  Mission completion rate is now 50%.]

Mo Ze Chen’s mind was like it was hit by lightning as it completely turned blank.

Seeing the girl in front of him saying what he had not so long ago, the strange and familiar feelings mixed with complicated feelings.

“It seems like mister Mo hasn’t thought it through yet.”  She pursed her lips and said, “You still can’t forget the one you love?”

She leaned on the railing and the ice cold feeling passed through her sweater to reach her body.

At this moment, only this kind of temperature could calm her heart.

She didn’t know how long passed, but they kept looking at each other until a firework appeared in the sky.  Under the brilliant light, Mo Ze Chen slowly said, “Sorry.”

“Un humph.”  She instantly replied as she finished all the red wine in the cup in her hand, “Sor…..”

“After all, the matter of confessing should be from the man and not the woman.”  He looked into her eyes, “I liked a person very, very much before.”

“I know.”  She nodded and said with a smile, “I saw you this morning, it was the girl in the pink mink fur coat.”

Seeing her affection increase and seeing Mo Ze Chen’s gentle look, she was strangely delighted deep down.

It was probably a sweet feeling that came from having another identity.

Mo Ze Chen was a bit surprised as he didn’t think that the girl in front of him would care about the people beside him, caring about the one he used to love.

“Un.”  Mo Ze Chen gave a serious nod to her, “I loved her very much a month ago, but now I feel…..that I don’t love her anymore……”

When he said this, he was very conflicted in his heart.  He knew that just this simple sentence would make her ‘think’ that she was that kind of person.

Scum who cared about differences, loving one after another…..

But he didn’t care anymore, he wanted to face this person with his most real self.

“Un.”  Luo Qing Chen pursed her lips into a smile when she heard this, “So you were that kind of person!”

She had a smile in her eyes and a joy that was hard to hide from her face.

Actually, Mo Ze Chen would never know just how happy Luo Qing Chen currently was.

Mo Ze Chen’s eyes had a bit of disappointment that was hard to hide as he looked at her and asked, “Is this the most special introduction that you’ve ever heard?”

After all, when a person wanted to win the other side’s heart, there were two things they had to respect.  One, they couldn’t talk about the past and two, they couldn’t take about their flaws.

But Mo Ze Chen had mentioned both of them.  If it wasn’t that Luo Qing Chen already knew his personality, she would think that this person was a fool!

“This is indeed the most special introduction I’ve ever heard.”  She looked up at him with a smile, “So what are your strengths?”

“Good at calculating……”  Mo Ze Chen thought for a bit before saying these words.

“......”  Luo Qing Chen cleared her throat, “And?”

“High EQ……”


Mo Ze Chen revealed a helpless smile as he shook his head, “I thought that I was someone with deep love, but now I think that I’m a scumbag.  I really can’t tell you my strengths, this is the first time that I’ve felt frustrated with myself.”

“Stop.”  Luo Qing Chen felt that if she was joking with Mo Ze Chen, she might really need to ‘apologize’.

“Confess!”  She said, “All the doubts in your heart, I will give you your answer.”

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 60%.]

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