Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1721: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 59)

She took a step back in fright.  Luo Qing Chen put her hands into her coffee brown coat as she looked at Pei Dan Dan with indifference.

She used to think that the face of the previous host was quite good, but now it felt a bit strange looking at it.

She suddenly felt that the repulsion in Mo Ze Chen’s heart was that he felt a dirty soul in this clean body.

This really made people feel…..disgusted.

Pei Dan Dan couldn’t stop trembling at this moment.  She knew from a first glance that this person was her original body and although the appearance was different, she could see the special scar on her neck, the scar that came from a knife.

Her big brother had cut her when she was younger, almost cutting into her jugular.  It was a good thing that God had let her live in the end.

Because she had survived, she could peacefully stand here taking a certain someone’s place, becoming a little princess.

She was about to get married and although it wasn’t Jiang Yi Liang, it was another outstanding man!

Since she got this identity, she found that Jiang Yi Liang who spoke coldly to her sent her texts from time to time.

Especially during the night, with most of them being to the tone of “I miss you, give me another chance”!

But she only felt anger and no joy when she saw these!

Filled with anger…...

Jiang Yi Liang could treat her so cruelly and empathize with her, how fickle!

“Kacha.”  The door was opened.  Mo Ze Chen seemed to have just woken up as he came out in a set of casual Givenchy clothes.  His knit brows showed that he wasn’t very happy.

He had a special dream last night and the mix between dream and nightmare had left lingering fears in him.

He remembered the last thing someone said in his dream: Don’t believe your eyes, you have to believe your heart.”

“Why are you here?”  His voice was a bit cold as there was a bit of indescribable helplessness in it.

Pei Dan Dan looked at Luo Qing Chen not far away and turned to look at Mo Ze Chen before her breathing became a bit faster.

She had just reacted and Luo Qing Chen…..was living next to her fiancee?!

No, definitely not!  How could this be allowed!

“I…..I was thinking of you, so I came to see you.”  Pei Dan Dan pursed her lips and looked at Mo Ze Chen with a bit of panic, “It’s very cold out, aren’t you going to let me in?”

Her voice was a bit aggrieved, but it wasn’t normal grievance, it was a kind that seemed a bit awkward.

At the same time, Luo QIng Chen and Mo Ze Chen couldn’t help knitting their brows.  When Mo Ze Chen’s eyes fell onto Luo Qing Chen, there was a strange feeling in his heart that wanted to draw a clear line with the girl in the pink mink fur coat.

This feeling seemed disgusting to him.

“I’ll get a coat, you can wait in the garage for me!”  Mo Ze Chen narrowed his eyes, “There’s nothing to eat at home, let’s go out!”

There wasn’t any care or pain, other than indifference, there was only indifference…..

Not only could Pei Dan Dan hear this indifferent tone, even Luo Qing Chen on the side could hear it.

She pursed her lips into a faint smile.  She felt like she was being pampered with another identity.

She didn’t know what this feeling was like, she just felt a warm flow filling her heart.

It was like a warm breeze in winter, very, very warm…...

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