His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 172 - What is That?

Sheng Peiyin was released?

Shen Ziqiao thought that she had heard wrong and looked at Luo Zhaohua in shock. “What did you say? Sheng Peiyin got released? Why? Isn’t she a wanted criminal?”

Luo Zhaohua was also baffled. “I heard this from my mother this morning. The emperor is engrossed in refining pills and cultivating. It’s unclear how that Spiritual Master Zhou got the emperor to listen to him. I think he said of the five phases, the emperor belongs to water. Therefore, he needs to find a woman who belongs to gold...that way the pill he takes will be effective. As a result, the emperor had people search for a woman who belonged to the gold phase. They found quite a few but Spiritual Master Zhou said that they weren’t compatible with the emperor. Later on, Spiritual Master Zhou went to look for the person himself and he did in fact find one.”

“And that person was Sheng Peiyin?” Shen Ziqiao asked sarcastically.

It was too hilarious. The emperor actually believed these incredulous words?

“That’s not it. She’s Ma Beirong, the sister of Henghui Bank’s owner, Ma Junfeng. It’s unclear what Ma Beirong had done the day she went to attend the Plum Appreciation Banquet but she was held within the hidden prison.” Luo Zhaohua also laughed saying this.

“The person that was imprisoned down there wasn’t Sheng Peiyin but rather Ma Beirong.” Shen Ziqiao said coldly. “Sheng Peiyin probably died already. The person in the hidden prison is probably the framed Ma Beirong.”

Luo Zhaohua said, “Besides the Ninth Prince, no one knows that she’s Sheng Peiyin. Maybe he did get the wrong person…”

No way! Ma Beirong was Sheng Peiyin! In the past, Qi Zheng said that it was unclear what Sheng Peiyin had done in order to change her appearance. If it weren’t for the Ninth Prince being really familiar with her, there was no way any of them would have recognized her.

“The emperor released her and then what happened?” Shen Ziqiao knew that Sheng Peiyin wouldn’t become a cannon fodder that quickly. Female leads had strong vitalities.

Luo Zhaohua shook her head. She wanted to know too. But it just happened this morning and it was incredible that she had this much information already. “I don’t know either.”

She’d probably be treated greatly. Otherwise, why would she have the Ninth Prince come over to meet her?

“Zhaohua, I want to meet the Ninth Prince.” Shen Ziqiao thought carefully. Maybe the Ninth Prince didn’t just look for her so that she could talk to Sheng Peiyin. “Arrange this for me.”

Luo Zhaohua forze before nodding. “Okay, I know what to do.”

After sending Luo Zhaohua away, Shen Ziqiao sunk into deep thought. She really underestimated Sheng Peiyin’s power. Maybe she was the one that arranged Spiritual Master Zhou to trick the emperor. What exactly was her plan?

She probably wouldn’t be thinking about seducing the crown prince anymore.

Could it be that Sheng Peiyin’s target wasn’t the crown prince but the emperor on the Plum Appreciation Banquet?

What she didn’t expect was for the Ninth Prince to expose her, right?

Shen Ziqiao wasn’t in a good mood anymore. She just wanted Qi Zheng to come back quickly so that she could ask him.

The sky gradually got dark and Hong Yu walked inside to see Shen Ziqiao sitting on the bed for a while. She walked slowly and quietly over, asking carefully, “First Madam, the Old Madam is asking when you want to eat.”

“I almost forgot!” Shen Ziqiao hurriedly snapped out of his trance. She had forgotten that she was going to eat at Old Madam Qi’s place.

“Let’s go.” Shen Ziqiao draped the cloak over her and brought the two maids to Old Madam Qi’s side.

It was bright in the lounge and she heard laughter every now and then. Shen Ziqiao felt a bit shocked. She entered to see the three siblings inside. Qi Yun was sitting by Old Madam Qi’s side and wearing a happy smile on her beautiful face. It was unclear what she said but everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Old Madam Qi wasn’t so close to her three grandchildren normally but because she was in a good mood today, she was quite happy talking to them.

“Sister-in-law, we heard that there’s delicious food at grandmother’s place today so we came without invitation. I hope you don’t mind.” Qi Yun smiled at Shen Ziqiao, looking over provokingly.

Shen Ziqiao smiled, not minding. “Grandmother is treating us today. I don’t dare to act like the host.”

Old Madam Qi looked at Qi Yun meaningfully and smiled. “I’ve been waiting for you. Why did you come over so late? Careful that you’re going to miss out on the delicious food.”

“Don’t worry. I’ve had a lot of hotpot before.” Shen Ziqiao smiled and walked over to help Old Madam sit up. “Just don’t mind me eating too much later on.”

“It’s not like I’m going to be poor because of how much you’re eating!” Old Madam Qi laughed out loud.

Qi Yun watched as Shen Ziqiao drew Old Madam Qi’s attention away the moment she came and stamped on her feet angrily. No wonder mother said that Old Madam was biased. This was truly the case. What’s so good about Shen Ziqiao that led Old Madam to treat her that well?

“Old Madam, Concubine Qin is here.” The maid walked inside and reported, peering at Qi Feng from the corner of her eyes.

Before Old Madam Qi could say anything, Qi Feng exclaimed with an unwell expression. “What is she doing here? Grandmother, I’ll have someone take her away.”

How could a concubine casually come here?

Shen Ziqiao saw Qi Feng’s disgusted expression and mocked him inside her heart. He looked down Gu Daiqin but admired her beauty.

“Grandmother, I had Qin’er come over with me.” Shen Ziqiao said in Old Madam Qi’s ears softly.

Old Madam Qi froze and the smile in her eyes expanded. “Then let Qin’er come here and eat with us.”

“Sister-in-law treats everyone very well.” Qi Yun said sourly.

“I treat whoever treats me nicely, nice.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

Because Ying Tao and Ying Mei were sold by Xiao Gu, Qi Rui transferred his hatred from Xiao Gu to Shen Ziqiao. He thought that because she couldn’t accept the two maids, she caused this to happen. He glared at her and said in a peculiar tone, “Sister-in-law treats concubines nicely but the same can’t go for her own maids. It’s a miracle that she didn’t sell her maids or beat them to death.”

“Third brother-in-law is still blaming me for giving Ying Tao and Ying Mei to you?” Qi Rui may have a handsome face but what the heck is his brain made of?

Old Madam Qi looked at Qi Rui unhappily. “Rui’er, watch the way you’re talking to your sister-in-law.”

“Grandmother, if she wasn’t so close-minded and couldn’t be more accepting, Ying Tao and Ying Mei wouldn’t be implicated for no reason. Don’t be fooled by her. This woman isn’t a good person.” Qi Riu said angrily.

Shen Ziqiao lowered her head feeling wronged. Her eyes became teary and it seemed as if tears were going to fall down her face.

Old Madam Qi’s face darkened. She looked at Qi Rui coldly and asked, “What exactly happened? Explain clearly!”

Qi Rui looked at Shen Ziqiao. Hmph. You’re only regretting now? No one would know the type of person she was in the future. What right did she have for the Old Madam to value her, a sinister and vicious woman?

“Grandmother, you don’t know but two beautiful maids were ordered to serve upon elder brother, but my sister-in-law despised and was jealous of them. She’d punish them for no reason. I just stood up for them and she forced my mother to chase them out of the residence, having no other choice.” Qi Rui said out loud, staring at Shen Ziqiao in disdain.

Gu Daiqin bounced over and noticed that the atmosphere in the room was a bit strange. She looked confusedly at one person and then the other.

Qi Feng furrowed his brows and pulled her to the side.

“You’re saying that you stood up for the maids when the First Madam was teaching them a lesson? How do you know the First Madam was punishing the maids? Where did you see that?” Old Madam Qi asked slowly.

Qi Yun did her best to give Qi Rui a look, wanting him to shut up. But Qi Rui’s mind was taken over by the thought of Shen Ziqiao being scolded by the Old Madam. He didn’t notice anything else.

“Qianlin Courtyard.” He responded.

Old Madam Qi chuckled before her face darkened, an astute glint in her eyes. “Your mother really taught a good son! You even dared to intervene in your sister-in-law’s matters! What a shameless person you are!”

“Grandmother, that’s...that’s because sister-in-law is narrow-minded…” Qi Rui had never seen Old Madam Qi being so angry. He started stuttering, scared as he watched his grandmother’s indifferent expression change.

“How isn’t the First Madam accepting? Who did the two maids belong to? You and your elder brother? What? The grand First Madam needs to obtain her third brother-in-law’s permission before being able to teach two disobedient maids a lesson? Who do you think you are? You bastard!” Old Madam Qi roared.

Qi Rui’s face paled.

“Grandmother, that’s because the two maids had served third brother in the past. Naturally, he held some sentiments towards them and talked back to the sister-in-law as a result…”

Old Madam Qi’s face darkened and they felt invisible pressure looming and suffocating them. “Since the two maids belong to Rui’er, why did they end up at Zheng’er’s place?”

“That’s because my mother thought that elder brother lacked manpower. Ying Tao and Ying Mei were clever and witty so she had them go to serve sister-in-law. Who knew that she thought they were beautiful and so…” Qi Yun looked fearfully at Shen Ziqiao after saying that.

Shen Ziqiao lowered her head and clutched her palms.

Mo Zhu suddenly kneeled down. “Old Madam, First Madam ordered for us to keep silent about this, afraid that third master’s reputation would be tarnished if the news had spread. However, this maid can’t watch First Madam suffer without saying anything. This is what happened…”

“That day, after the eldest master and First Madam returned from the village, Ying Mei kept a close distance next to the eldest master when he was freshening up in the restroom. The eldest master disliked people being near him from the start so he kicked Ying Mei to the side. After the First Madam found out, she had us maids comfort Ying Mei...who knew that not even a few days later, the two maids disregarded the First Madam’s order. They actually left Qianlin Courtyard without permission for the third master. They came a while later. The First Madam scolded them a bit and then they ended up talking back. They even said that the First Madam had no right to discipline them…” Mo Zhu kneeled on the ground and explained everything clearly.

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