Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1713: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 51)

Half a month later.

In front of a large mirror, she slowly took off the gauze that was on her face.

What entered her eyes was a completely new face.

It wasn’t Luo Qing Chen or Pei Dan Dan…...

“Big sister Qing really looks very, very good.”  Ah Yue clapped her hands with a sweet smile.

Luo Qing Chen poured some cold water, “Is fake beauty good?”

Although this face was far lacking compared to the previous host, it was still beautiful.  It was countless times better than Pei Dan Dan’s face still.

“Don’t care, don’t care!  Big sister looks the best!”  Ah Yue took her hand, “Are we going back now?”

“We……”  She narrowed her eyes as a cold look appeared in them. “Should go back.”

At the same time, in the Luo Family’s villa.

It had been thirty five days since Pei Dan Dan became Luo Qing Chen.  Everything had gone smoothly and was perfect.

A month ago, when the large explosion rang in her ears, she thought that she was going to hell.

She never thought that this place would be heaven.

When she opened her eyes, a face that was beyond beautiful had appeared.

At that moment, Pei Dan Dan thought that she had been reborn.

But that person called, “Qing Chen.”

That was the name she hated most in this life.

It was chaos in the beginning, but then she quickly organized her mind and she laughed in her heart.

She had…..actually fought back!  She had everything Luo Qing Chen had now.

Her identity, her status, her beauty, and the man she had in her hand.

It seemed like God had seen her pleading and finally stood on her side.

“Young miss, are you feeling better today?”  Maid Lin came in.  She was holding an abalone and shark fin porridge which was very fragrant.

She had eaten these delicacies the past few days and was a bit tired of them.

She looked at her with a proud look on her face as she asked, “Young master Mo still hasn’t come yet?”

“Yes.”  Maid Lin nodded as she replied.

“Got it, you can just put it down and leave!”  Pei Dan Dan rolled her eyes, “If young master Mo doesn’t come, don’t come in here!”

She didn’t know why, but since she became Luo Qing Chen, she looked down on these people.

She felt that they weren’t in the same world.  Everything she had was worth millions and these workers would never reach her position!

Pei Dan Dan ate the abalone and shark fin porridge while picking up her phone to send a message to Mo Ze Chen.

She didn’t say much, she just asked what he had been up to recently.

After all, he hadn’t seen her for close to a week.

Since she had slapped one of their servants, he never came back.

Could it be that this wasn’t Luo Qing Chen’s personality before?

Violent, arrogant, and caring about no one else?

Could it be that it wasn’t this?  She felt that she had acted this role perfectly!

“Di, di.”

After a few minutes, Mo Ze Chen replied to her message.

Shen Zhe: I've been very busy recently.

Short and concise, no extra words!

She suddenly felt a bit angry.  Could it be that Luo Qing Chen had been given the cold shoulder by Mo Ze Chen before?

He, he.

It really seemed like her style, didn’t she also used to stick around Jiang Yi Liang?

Thinking of this, she knitted her brows before shaking her head.

No, Mo Ze Chen didn’t have this attitude when she first woke up.

Could it be…...he had noticed something?

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