Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1710: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 48)

When the explosion rang out, she could feel Mo Ze Chen tightly holding her as he whispered in her ear, “Don’t be afraid…..don’t be afraid…..it’s fine, it’s fine.”

His voice was gentle and affectionate as his whispers were filled with pampering.

When she felt that she was surrounded by happiness in this danger, the system notification dropped her to the eighteenth level of hell.

[System notification: The planar cracks have caused an outside reincarnator to enter.  The host and the supporting female lead have begun changing identities at this second.]

After this mechanical notification, it didn’t forget to add.

[Host, you can do this.  No matter who you are, the system will always be by your side.]

Luo Qing Chen felt her eyelids getting heavier, but she didn’t get any response to the exhausted cries in her heart.

There were two words that kept ringing in her mind: Change identities!  Change identities!  Change identities!


She worked hard to fight back and walk out of despair!

Leaving the scum man and meeting her male god!  She finally escaped everything bad and embarked on the road of life!

Now the plane collapsed with just a few words?  Changing identities?

[Ding, affection has decreased by one hundred.  Mission completion rate is now 0%.]

Hearing this sad notification, Luo Qing Chen knew that she and Pei Dan Dan had already swapped identities.

To be precise, it should be…..a soul swap.

As for whether the other side was Pei Dan Dan, a reincarnator, or the reincarnated Pei Dan Dan, none of that was important.

Because the gears of fate seemed to be…..on the side of the supporting female lead!


A week later.

There was the smell of formalin and medicine in the air.  When she regained consciousness, there was a strong pain that came from all over her body, so painful that she couldn’t breathe.

When she opened her eyes with difficulty, she was brought into a small room, but it was clean.

The warm sun was shining on her face which helped with the pain a bit.  Sitting in front of her was a little girl who seemed to be around ten years old.

Seeing that she opened her eyes, the little girl excitedly stood up, “Grandpa, grandpa, the mummy auntie is awake!”


Mummy?  Auntie?

Luo Qing Chen was depressed and her body hurt so much that she couldn’t move.  She could only think that: This treasure is a fairy!

[Why is the host this shameless?]

It’s already bad enough for me, can’t I have some fun?  Could it be that I should go crying back to the Luo Family to have Pei Dan Dan give me back my body?

[Ding, the host has received a counterattack.  As long as you can get back 100% affection from the male lead, you can get back your body!]

Using this body?  Using this face?  System baby, are you teasing me?

After she said this in her heart, the system didn’t say a thing.

“Gezhi.”  The wooden door opened and an old man with a white beard came in.

When he looked at Luo QIng Chen, his old eyes suddenly became piercing.

“Ah Yue, go and make some medicine for your big sister.  When grandpa isn’t here, you’re not allowed to come in.”

“Got it, grandpa!”  Ah Yue gave a polite bow to Luo Qing Chen before saying, “Big sister, rest well.  It was Ah Yue’s mistake just now.”

Luo Qing Chen looked over, but there was no sound that came from her throat.

The door closed again.

The old man Ah Yue called grandpa sat down by Luo Qing Chen’s wooden bed.  Looking at her, he said, “I know who you are and know what the situation you are facing is.”

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