Flower of Azure

Chapter 5 - I Really Like You

A gull and heron once made a promise to each other that they would fear a hero of the mountain, so why should I be blamed for arriving?

The wind blows down along the forest; the qin and books combine to fog the sunset lovers.


Luo Xuan was currently sitting in a river. Most of his body below the chest was immersed in the water, but the heat was still attacking him in waves.

He opened his meridians, and the toxins and desires were discharged bit by bit following his energy flow. He repeatedly recited the Mind-Clearing Mantra mentally in hope he could make it through this torture.

Suddenly, at the most critical moment, something grabbed his leg. His body instantly went stiff, but he instantly saw that it was a hand. Slowly, another hand grabbed his leg, pulling his clothes as it climbed up little by little.

A head abruptly emerged from the water. As if taking his shoulders as a big rock, that person rested on it. Luo Xuan felt both angered yet powerless.

He could see that body come closer and closer, before they finally fell into Luo Xuan's arms altogether. Both their hands were still hooked on Luo Xuan's neck, their face nestled on Luo Xuan's chest.

Even though Luo Xuan was fully dipped in the icy river water, he still felt hot and humid. Sweat dripped down his eyebrows and into his eyes, making it sore and painful. The clothes all over his body were soaked and he felt extremely slimy and uncomfortable.

He smelled a faint scent, coupled with the touch of that person’s body, he knew that the person in his arms was undoubtedly a woman. He lowered his head and saw that although she was dressed in weird clothes. She was soaked to the bone, the curves of her body exposed. His heart swayed, and he quickly closed his eyes. As if something was spreading between his mouth and nose, blasting directly above his head, Luo Xuan could only feel his heart thumping wildly, and his hands began to slowly embrace the person in his arms.

Suddenly, he regained consciousness again. He concentrated his mind to dispel such distracting thoughts. But the scent came in faintly, like a spring breeze, sweeping warmly all over his body. The pores all over his body were opened, and his whole body felt comfortable. The heat near his lower region burned hotter and hotter, even his blood was boiling.

Just as he was about to give in to the poison, in his daze, the face of Ban Ruohua suddenly appeared before him. Sorrowful and charming, spotlessly clean, those clear and clean eyes were staring at him silently. They were both pitiful and sad.

His heart was cracking in pain. He suddenly woke up again. He struggled to get rid of the shackles on his body, yet unexpectedly, it seemed to be entangling tighter and tighter. The unconscious girl seemed to have felt the cold as she kept on burrowing into Luo Xuan's arms.

In desperation, Luo Xuan used the last of his strength to seal his acupuncture points. After forcibly resisting the surge of desire with his internal strength, he finally passed out.


He could feel the sun shining directly on his face. Luo Xuan opened his eyes with great effort, and the first thing he saw was the smiling face of a strange girl. He was lying on a large patch of grass by the river. Although he struggled for a while, he still couldn't sit up.

“Hey, don't move.” The girl carefully helped him sit up against the big tree next to him. “What have you been up to? Did you get into a fight? Why hide in the river? And you got blood all over your body too. Are you okay?”

Luo Xuan tried his best to widen his eyes. His vision gradually cleared up. When he saw the strange clothes on the girl in front of him, his jaw dropped in surprise.

Liu Li watched as the handsome guy woke up and wiped the saliva at the corner of her mouth happily. She lowered her head and looked at herself for a moment: Korean-style pants, blue halter straps with floral patterns, and a pair of cartoon plastic slippers with pink piggy patterns underneath. Her hair just reached her shoulders, and the ends were very tattered and uneven. There were even small perms. There was a small strand of waist-long hair flowing behind her which was tied into a braid. The end was wrapped with a red ribbon. Her forehead was covered by long bangs highlighted with a few blues. There were five studs on her right ear, three studs on her left ear, and a cross-shaped pendant around her neck. Naturally, for Luo Xuan, this was quite a shocking outfit! But the most depressing thing for her was that she also brought a pair of white-framed blue glasses. They were very big, Harry Potter-like myopia glasses!

Liu Li lowered her head helplessly. When she woke up, she realized that something was wrong. She was not in her own swimming pool but was in a river with the azure stone necklace hanging around her neck, and in her arms she was holding an extremely handsome man who gave off an ancient yet brilliant aura. It made her think she was dreaming, or maybe she was in heaven. In the end, she dragged Luo Xuan ashore, and then hid him in the grass for fear of him being snatched by others. She took advantage of the time he was unconscious and ran to a nearby village. She quickly understood the fact that she had traveled back in time because of the mysterious azure stone necklace. Not only did she not panic at the slightest, she appeared as if she expected this to happen. She very happily and quickly accepted this and adapted to it. Then, she pulled out some scraps of silver from Luo Xuan and ran off to buy something to eat, regardless of the crowd's eyes on her while she was on the street.

After she was full, she basked in the sun and enjoyed the warmth. Liu Li began to sit in the grass and observe Luo Xuan from every degree. She soon figured out all the moles on his exposed skin and at how many degrees was his chin tilted. When she thought of how the azure stone necklace had brought her to the side of such a handsome prospective husband, she was overjoyed. She wiped Luo Xuan's face to dissipate the heat, massaged him, and smoothed out his meridians. Then, she stared at him in absolute delight, waiting for her dear husband to wake up.

Based on how she was acting like a nymphomaniac, no wonder Luo Xuan was shocked.

After he started to regulate his internal strength, Luo Xuan found that his skill had gone down by nine-tenths. Relying on his deep inner strength, he found out that although this poison would not break his meridians, his foot was obviously hurt, and he wondered if his actions would be affected. The most frightening thing was that the remaining poison had not been cleared, with some of it still remaining in his body.

That damned seven-colored pansy! Luo Xuan felt chills all over his body when he thought of Ban Ruohua. He wondered how she was coping.

Suddenly, a cold little hand touched his forehead, startling him.

“Very good, it's not that hot anymore. Do you feel any better? Say something!”

Luo Xuan narrowed his eyes and looked at her. “Who are you?”

Liu Li was very excited. She stretched out his hand to grab Luo Xuan's hand and shook it. “Hello, I am Liu Li. It’s my first time here on this, um, precious land. I am unfamiliar with the people and life here, so please take good care of me.”

Luo Xuan was confused. He looked at her in surprise without saying a word. Then, he lowered his head and began to work hard to move the blood and veins in his feet.

“You- What's your name?” Liu Li looked at him with wide eyes.

Luo Xuan frowned, looking hesitant. “Luo Xuan.”

“Oh. Luo Xuan, Luo Xuan.” Liu Li nodded vigorously with a very eccentric look.

Thank you, God. Turns out this is the person I was destined for! Haha, this is too- too amazing… Also, he looks like a martial artist, how exciting! Luo Xuan, Luo Xuan, I am definitely making you mine. Hehe, now let's slowly develop our feelings for each other! Holding the azure stone necklace in excitement, Liu Li thought secretly in her heart with a treacherous and weird smile on her face.

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