Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1708: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 46)

Hearing the notification from the system, she was both happy and worried.

She was happy because she was finally being pampered, but she was worried about the collapse of this plane and that everything was going too smoothly.

Pei Dan Dan who was backstage in her red dress tightly clenched her fists.

Her heart was filled with hatred that would burst at any time.

“Next, let’s enjoy the ancient play “Deep Palace Endowment”.”

“Pa, pa.”  There was strong applause, that was until Pei Dan Dan walked out.

Everyone was unwilling to give her applause and wasn’t willing to watch her perform.

Luo Qing Chen should have become the one that everyone hated, but now it was Pei Dan Dan.

This entire “Deep Palace Endowment” seemed a bit awkward.  They wanted to use the public’s opinion to create some stir for the play, but they never thought…..that the ending would be different from what they imagined.

“How about…..How about we not do it anymore!”  A girl who was wearing an orange dress on the side said in a depressed voice.

This was the first time that people had looked at her with disdain,  she was a bit afraid.

“We can’t stop just because you say stop, I am the protagonist of this play!”  Pei Dan Dan glared at her with a sharp look in her eyes.

As soon as her voice fell, she fell into her state and started performing the “Deep Palace Endowment”.

The role she was playing was an aloof princess who had grown up with everything taken care of for her.

“Today is my wedding day, the Void Kingdom’s prince, please protect me and I’ll be the most beautiful princess.”  Pei Dan Dan stood on stage acting by herself.  She completely changed her lines so that the person beside her couldn’t answer.

Everyone felt a bit awkward, but that didn’t affect her at all as she fell deep into acting.

“You, how can you do this to me…..You said that it would be forever, you said that we would be together, how could you lie to me…..”

She read this by herself as crystal like tears came from her eyes, as her eyes filled with despair.

Jiang Yi Liang in the first row saw her like this and he couldn’t help feeling a bit uncomfortable.

After all, they had loved each other in the past, but now…..it had been wrong the entire time.

The sad style of the play suddenly changed as she gritted her teeth, “But why, I did my best to have everything taken away, why, why, why!”

She fell to the ground and roared into the sky, “Since the heavens are this unfair, since the one I love has been taken by others, then let me ruin everything.  All those that have laughed at me, bullied me, wronged me, cursed me, today I will go to hell with you all.”

After Pei Dan Dan said this, she pressed the switch for the timed bomb in her sleeve.

“Peng!”  There was a giant explosion as the entire venue suddenly went dark.

There wasn’t any light around and glass shards fell from above.  There were screams as the air was filled with the strong scent of gasoline.

Luo Qing Chen knitted her brows as she looked at Pei Dan Dan on stage.

She stood in the fire wildly laughing, looking in her direction with dark eyes.

Like she was provoking her, like she was looking down on her.

After all, whether they were rich or poor, everyone was equal at the moment of death.

Heaven or hell, she didn’t care anymore because her life had been too hard.

Everyone flew in a panic.  The exit was already blocked by the strong flames and the chandelier above crumbled away.

Then it fell down in her direction.

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