Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1700: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 38)

At ten in the morning, the host gave a simple introduction before starting the competition.

Since Pei Dan Dan was last year’s champion, she skipped the first round and directly entered the second round.

She sat on the sofa with a smile on her face, with a crown on her head and a faint smile on her lips.

Actually, there were over a thousand people in the audience, but she still saw Jiang Yi Liang with a single glance.

At that moment, it was hard to describe the pain in her heart, but she felt a sense of familiarity.

After all, she had encountered Jiang Yi Liang for the first time at the math competition.

Of course, she had succeeded in taking the heart of the idol of countless girls in the school.  Through her own hard work, she had become his most important person.

But now after just a single year, it had all changed.

The man’s eyes were no longer on her and had unknowingly turned in a different direction.

When she looked in that direction, she saw a familiar face that she was absolutely disgusted in which represented a status that she absolutely hated.

“Alright!  Next we invite number fifty two classmate Luo Qing Chen to go against number sixty seven classmate Jiang Yi Liang!”

Luo Qing Chen was surprised, but she had to admit that enemies met on a narrow road!

But what she felt strange about was why Jiang Yi Liang had participated in this competition.

Properly speaking, he had split up with Pei Dan Dan and he didn’t lack money!

[The supporting male lead is very good at math, last year’s final was between Pei Dan Dan and Jiang Yi Liang.]

The system explained very enthusiastically, making Luo Qing Chen gave an ‘oh’ sound as she understood!

So the infatuated man and woman had met like this!

The two walked onto the stage from the same direction and Jiang Yi Liang said in a low voice, “It can’t be that you’re here for me, right!  I remember you saying that if god gave you another chance, you would definitely come to participate and wouldn’t let me meet Pei Dan Dan.”

He had seen her get into Mo Ze Chen’s car with his own eyes and felt very unhappy.

He suddenly knew that he couldn’t treat Luo Qing Chen like he had before, he should be gentle, like how he had treated Pei Dan Dan.

Only this way would he be able to awaken her past feelings for him!

Jiang Yi Liang’s words had suddenly covered her in goosebumps, shouldn’t she be saying this?

She could take the other pots the previous host left behind, but she wouldn’t take this one!

“Sorry…..”  Luo Qing Chen gave a cold snort and said with a cold look in her eyes, “The person who said this is already dead.”

“I don’t believe it.”  Jiang Yi Liang shook his head, “You’re not good at math.  If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t……”

“Humph.”  Luo Qing Chen couldn’t listen to his disgusting words anymore and cut him off, “Classmate Jiang, why are you so sure that you will win?”

“The two sides are in place, now it’s time for the thirty second preparation period.”

The first round was multiple choice, whoever took the shortest time won.  If both sides answered the ten questions correctly in a minute, they would both advance.

When the giant computer screen in front of her lit up, there was a golden glow that appeared in Luo Qing Chen’s eyes.

This moment, this atmosphere, it belonged in her absolute realm!

Mo Ze Chen sitting under the stage couldn’t help being deeply attracted by her glowing eyes and he couldn’t help revealing a gentle smile.

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion is now 70%.]

Pei Dan Dan sitting on the side directly revealed a look of disdain.  In her eyes, someone like Luo Qing Chen couldn’t answer a single question.

In this place, the spotlight would belong to her!

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