His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 170 - Humiliation

The maids couldn’t help but burst into laughter after watching Xiao Gu leave angrily. They had never felt so happy. They originally thought that the First Madam would be afraid of Xiao Gu.

“First Madam, it seems like the madam won’t be sending any more maids over.” Mo Zhu smiled.

Shen Ziqiao indicated for the maid to close the courtyard doors before smiling. “Though, I kind of want her to send a few more maids over. Isn’t the second master still lacking some people?”

Hong Yu didn’t appear as assured as Mo Zhu and the others. She said, “The madam probably hates you now.”

Lu Zhu held Hong Yu’s arms and exclaimed, “Sister Hong Yu, you don’t know but even if we don’t do that today, the madam won’t give the eldest master and the First Madam a good attitude. All these years, the madam had made the eldest master suffer quite a bit either in public or in private. It was unfortunate that in the past...it’s good now. Eldest master is a hero so we don’t need to be afraid anymore.”

Shen Ziqiao nodded. “Your eldest master is mighty and domineering.”

Mo Zhu said, “The eldest master will control the Qi Family.”

Shen Ziqiao laughed out loud happily.

Though, after Xiao Gu returned to her room, she was still furious, especially when she saw Qi Rui exchanging flirtatious glances with another maid inside the room. She wanted to spit a mouthful of blood up.

“Sell these two maids!” Xiao Gu vented her anger on Ying Tao and Ying Mei. If the two lowly maids didn’t seduce Rui’er, this wouldn’t have happened.

The brother-in-law actually intervened in his brother’s wife’s matters. He actually disciplined her, saying that she isn’t allowed to teach the servants a lesson. She’s going to lose her face completely if this news spread.

“Mother, how can you? Ying Tao and Ying Mei already belong to me.” As soon as Qi Rui heard that she was going to send the two maids away, he hurriedly snapped out of his trance and stopped Nanny Su from calling them in.

Xiao Gu threw the teacup at Qi Rui. “You bastard! Do you have a brain? Who let you intervene in Qianlin Courtyard’s matters? You think that Qi Zheng is still the fool he was in the past? Who do you think Nee Shen is? You think that she’ll listen to you no matter what?”

Qi Rui didn’t care. “Isn’t she just depending on Qi Zheng? Mother, Qi Zheng is a fool.”

“You think that a fool can kill the supreme khan of the Jin thieves? You think that a fool could become a general silently? He’s a fool? He’s a fool?! I think you’re the fool.” Xiao Gu poked Qi Rui’s forehead furiously.

“That fool was pretending to be stupid!” Qi Rui came to the realization angrily.

Xiao Gu said, “It’s best if you don’t offend Qi Zheng, otherwise, I won’t let you go!”

Qi Rui was really angry for being lied to by Qi Zheng all these years. Since he was a child, he knew he couldn’t compare to his second brother’s talent. But at the very least, he was stronger than Qi Zheng.

If Qi Zheng was pretending to be stupid...

He’s the real fool!

“Get back to your courtyard already. If your father finds out about this, wait to be scolded.” Xiao Gu said moodily.

Qi Rui was feeling down and turned to see the two maids hiding in the corner. He held onto Xiao Gu’s sleeves and acted pitiful. “Mother, these two maids belong to me. Just let them go please.”

Everything was still good until he mentioned this. Xiao Gu was almost angered to death.

“Nanny Su, bring these two lowly maids that dare to seduce their master down. Flog them twenty ties before selling them.” Xiao Gu shouted.

“Yes, madam.” Nanny Su knew that Xiao Gu was truly angry this time. Disregarding Qi Rui’s expression, she had people come in and drag Ying Tao and Ying Mei down.

In the evening, Qi Zheng had come back reeking of alcohol. Shen Ziqiao wore a peach blossom gown and sat by the bed, her face bare of makeup and wearing an overcoat. She revealed just a bright face. The moment she saw him, she immediately got out of bed and then hugged him. Then she knitted her brows in disgust. “You reek of so much alcohol. So stinky.”

Qi Zheng stared at her passionately. The overcoat she was wearing...looked really familiar.

“Go shower, go shower quickly.” Shen Ziqiao pushed him away and had them prepare warm water.

“I didn’t drink. The crown prince accidentally spilled alcohol on me.” Qi Zheng explained and brought her into the restroom as well, indicating for her to help him remove his belt.

Shen Ziqiao stood on her tippy toe and sniffed him. True, he didn’t drink. Qi Zheng smiled and pecked her.

“Did something happen?” Shen Ziqiao removed his belt. When they came back from the Shen Family, she felt as if there was something strange between him and Shen Zikai. It was unclear what the two were planning.

The maids quickly prepared warm water and then were dismissed by Qi Zheng.

“Ah, the emperor is engrossed in refining pills and cultivating into a deity. His highness...isn’t in a good mood.” Qi Zheng exclaimed in a low voice and removed his clothes quickly. He didn’t mind revealing his sturdy and muscular body in front of Shen Ziqiao.

Shen Ziqiao stared at his muscular chest and her face gradually turned red.

Qi Zheng glanced at her flushed face and smiled as he entered the bathtub. “Jiao Jiao, wipe my back for me.”

“Why is his highness upset about the emperor refining pills and trying to cultivate into a deity?” Shen Ziqiao walked over and helped him wipe his back seemingly skillfully.

“The emperor has abandoned his duty on the court and acts like a completely different person. I’m going to visit the empress tomorrow.” He saw the crown prince today and told him about the suggestion. But after the crown prince listened to it, he started drinking nonstop.

They needed to rely on the empress for the final decision making.

Shen Ziqiao cocked her head and looked at him. “Are you guys planning something?”

She seemed quite sensitive? Did she know?

Qi Zheng smiled and pressed the back of her head against him, kissing her hard. His tongue skillfully darted into her mouth and conquered her, sucking on her sweetness.

Shen Ziqiao pushed him away firmly and glared at him in resentment. She threw the towel down and exclaimed, “Wipe it yourself!”

“Jiao Jiao, Jiao Jiao…” Qi Zheng held in his laugh and called after her.

Hmph. He didn’t have to say if he didn’t want to. Who cares? Shen Ziqiao angrily removed her overcoat and got under the blanket, getting ready to sleep. She ignored the man still calling her inside.

By the time Qi Zheng came out from the restroom, the lady had already slept with her back against him. He got in bed and pressed his chest against her back, his warm palm slipping under the blanket and down her clothes, cupping her tender globes skillfully.

“Jiao Jiao, talk to me.” His finger pinched her buds and kisses landed on her neck.

Shen Ziqiao felt numb and wanted to push him away but he pressed her down. Not long later, she had already stopped struggling and allowed him to do whatever he wanted.

Mo Zhu originally wanted to bring some midnight snacks over but could only stand awkwardly in front of the door now. Her face flushed hearing the moans and groans.

“This...what should we do?” Mo Zhu looked at Hong Yu. The First Madam ordered them to prepare this for the eldest master.

Hong Yu’s face also turned red. “Let’s talk...about this later. Let’s go now.”

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