Quick Transmigration: I Just Want to Die

Chapter 17

Ah Jin looked at the restaurant in front of her.

Although it couldn't be compared to the tall buildings in the modern city, it was quaint and gorgeous, and the bustling crowds were full of life.

Ah Jin couldn't help but sigh, "This is life."

Compared to the strict rules of the palace, the world outside was simply wondrous.

The Second Prince didn't rush her either, thinking that when he had just left the palace to establish a residence, he was even more dramatic than her.

"Your two distinguished guests, it's better to drink tea with food." Xiao Er came up to greet them warmly.

The Second Prince tossed him a bit of broken silver. "Get an elegant room."

Ah Jin hurriedly stopped him, "Third Brother, what is there to see in the room? I'm going to sit outside."

"All right then, just don't be sorry. Xiao Er, find a good seat, and serve a nice pot of tea first."

"All right, inside, please, two distinguished guests."

Xiao Er led them to a second-floor seat, leaning against the window, with a panoramic view of the street outside and the second floor inside.

It was indeed a good location.

Xiao Er soon gave a pot of tea and respectively made tea for the two.

Ah Jin watched the movements with a slight surprise, as expected to be the first restaurant, Xiao Er was extraordinary.

The Second Prince saw that Ah Jin had been staring at Xiao Er steeping tea and explained, "Fourth sister, this Guest House's Xiao Er is not ordinary, is he? This steeping art may not even be known to the average large family."

Xiao Er's waist bent even more as he listened. "Don't flatter me, Master. When the restaurant taught the tea ceremony, it almost cost half my life to learn it."

Xiao Er steeped two cups of tea and was stopped when the first cup was served to the Second Prince, "Give it to her first. She is a guest."

Ah Jin pushed the tea back again, "Third Brother, this is treating me as a guest. You first respect the elder and love the young."

The Second Prince didn't refuse anymore and accepted the first cup of tea.

Xiao Er brought the second cup to Ah Jin.

Hong Ying received the tea and set it in front of Ah Jin again.

"Hong Ying, why don't you two go sit next to each other too. This is not a house with so many rules. Xiao Er, serve them both whatever we choose to order."

"Alright, both girls this way, please."

Hong Ying had some hesitation, "But Miss, this is not appropriate in terms of etiquette."

Ah Jin pushed them both, "Hurry up and go. So what etiquette or not, I want to have a private conversation with Third Brother."

Hong Ying and Huan Huan bowed, "Yes, Miss."

They walked to the next table and sat down.

Xiao Er finished serving the tea and left.

He approached the shopkeeper to ask if there had been any recent trips of noblemen.

The status of those two people upstairs must be extraordinary, especially that lady, whose position was hintingly above that man.

The taste was light and smooth without the tea's bitterness and sweetness—just the right amount of aftertaste, not as much as the other teas.

There was only a faint scent in her mouth.

The Second Prince asked her, "Accustomed to drinking the tea at home, you got out for a different kind of tea. How was it?"

Ah Jin honestly said, "It's not as good as the tea at home, though. But it's nice to be light and refreshing."

All the tea in the palace was tribute tea, which could not be drunk by non-royalty nobles.

Ah Jin looked out the window, the lively streets, where roads were lined with carriages, and vendors on both sides of the road were selling their products to attract customers.

The people were open, and women were allowed to come out and hang out in this era.

These scenes made Ah Jin feel like she was truly living in this era.

Ah Jin withdrew her gaze, and her eyes went back to the guests on the second floor, 'My good-looking brothers, where the heck was all of you.'

But soon Ah Jin was disappointed, it wasn't peak eating time, and there weren't many people in the restaurant.

No good-looking brothers, how sad.

The Second Prince saw that she was in a somewhat depressed mood.

He smiled and comforted her, "Someone will be here soon, don't worry."

Hearing him say that, Ah Jin was energized again.

After drinking tea for a while, there was still no way to get out from the Second Prince, who his intended recipient was, and even if he did, Ah Jin didn't know.

To the newly released Ah Jin, she was now a greenhorn.

Sure enough, in less than half an hour, the number of people in the restaurant slowly increased.

Ah Jin's eyes stared at the stairway, scanning for a good-looking brother at any time.

Unfortunately, they weren't there, but a few prodigals did show up.

These prodigal sons brightened when they saw Ah Jin and walked up to her pretending to be what he was not.

"For the first time, I'm sorry for being rude. You're truly stunning, Miss. I have a poem here to present to the lady."


Ah Jin interrupted him before he could finish his sentence.

Judging by the way he looked like he was hollowed out by the wine, he was no good.

The rascal couldn't believe such vulgar words could come out of this beautiful lady's mouth.

In the past, even if they were rejected, the Misses were always gentle and soft, looking cute.

The prodigal son didn't feel like losing face.

"Seeing how beautiful this Miss looks, how could she be such a rude person? I've never met Miss before, so why does Miss want to beat up on me like this."

Ah Jin snorted.

"If you don't get out of here, I'll beat you up, and it won't be your face."

The prodigal's face flushed purple.

Looking at how Ah Jin was dressed and that she could come to the Guest House, she must also be a noble daughter of a particular family.

It was alright if her family background wasn't as good as his, but if her family background was better than his, he wouldn't do well.

The prodigal son pushed down his anger and brushed off his sleeves.

Neither of the prodigal's friends, when they saw him touch a nail, dared to come forward.

In their circles, he was from a pretty good family.

It sure as hell couldn't be messed with if he didn't even dare to mess with her.

Everyone asked him about the woman's family background.

The prodigal said he didn't know, but it certainly wasn't bad judging by the clothes.

Once Li Si arrived, let him give her a try.

As the prime minister's nephew, Li Si had a much more powerful background than them.

The Second Prince looked at Ah Jin, "I didn't expect you to have such a side."

He had always thought that Ah Jin was a naive and lively little girl.

"Do I look that easy to mess with?" Ah Jin asked him, and the Second Prince re-examined her once more, confirming again and again, "Yes, you look like an innocent little girl."

Ah Jin felt the need to change things up.

How about an unruly princess?

"There's a lot you don't know, Third Brother."

"Then Third Brother will wait and see. Xiao Er! Serve."

The food came up quickly, and it was indeed just as the Second Prince had said.

The taste was excellent, and there were many varieties.

The point was that the meal was extraordinarily delicious without as many rules like the one eaten in the palace.

After a good meal and wine, Ah Jin wanted to go shopping.

The Second Prince could only accompany her unconditionally.

Unexpectedly, they met a bad thing at the entrance of the restaurant.

Li Si had come to challenge the psychopath at the call of his evil associates.

San Qi just wanted to burn him three incense sticks and wished him good luck.

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