Poisonous Peasant Concubine

Chapter 17 - Situation: Massacre the Black Wolf

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Father and sons, three people divided up the work. The two buns repeatedly picked grapes while Ling Jingxuan stooped in the middle of an underbrush looking for the necessary herbs. Because it was deserted, although it was exhausting, he still harvested a lot. One after another he found a lot of useful medicinal herbs and also some edible mushrooms. Thinking of making a pot of mushroom soup at night, he picked them as well.

“Dad, that stuff is poisonous, why did you dig it up?”

Having collected a pile of herbs, Ling Jingxuan was prepared to stop when he pushed aside a bush and saw a cluster of mushrooms. He did not even think about it before going to pick it when Big Bun’s suspicious voice suddenly floated over. Ling Jingxuan turned his head and saw the two buns, hand in hand, standing behind him. Their faces which had just become clean were once again filthy.

“Hehe... not all mushrooms are poisonous. You can eat these. Did you guys finish picking?”

They were still too small, if you explained too much, they probably wouldn’t understand. Ling Jingxuan, without batting an eyelid, switched the topic. Wait for them to eat it, then they’ll realize mushrooms are good things ne.

“Really? Daddy I’ll help you pick it ba.”

As soon as he heard it was edible, Little Bun firmly and in high spirits dashed over. Ling Jingxuan hurried to catch him. Powerlessly he said, “There are some that aren’t edible. You don’t recognize them. It’s better not to randomly grab any.”

One was a stingy money slave,  the other was a foodie. The characters of these two buns were really… it’s damn obvious, right?

“But I want to help Daddy.”

Tilting his head, Little Bun’s face was innocent. His plump eyes towards his dad showed undisguised distress.

“Hehe… no need, Daddy isn’t tired. You guys go to the side and take a break ba. Wait for me to finish collecting, then we can go home.”

With a warm heart, Ling Jingxuan patted his butt. Little Bun faced Big Bun and pouted.

“Xiao Wu be obedient. We’ll go over there to wait for Daddy.”

Seeing that he still had an unwilling to give up appearance, Big Bun walked over and pulled on his hand.

Ling Jingxuan helplessly shook his head then turned around again to immerse himself in the cluster of mushrooms again. Just now, he wasn’t tricking the Little Bun, there really were many mushrooms in this cluster. Some had a dark color while some were brightly multicolored. The edible and nonedible ones were clustered all together, but he picked all of them with ease. From ancient times till now, medicine and poison were not a divided family. Some poisonous mushrooms, although you couldn’t eat it, it could be turned into poison. A family of three lived by themselves at the foot of a mountain. Their bodies were as skinny as bamboo poles. How could they not have anything to protect them?

“This is…”

A big heap of mushrooms very quickly was organized and collected. Just when he was prepared to get up, from the corner of his eyes he saw a wisp of red light urging him unexpectedly from an underbrush not too far away. Ling Jingxuan turned around and very carefully pushed aside the bush. A bunch of quality, big and small, scarlet red like blood, umbrella shaped mushrooms astonishingly appeared. In his mind, Ling Jingxuan burst out excitedly. He didn’t even think about it, and used the sickle to tear off a piece of cloth from his clothing to carefully hold onto the mushrooms. He even dug out the roots.

Although he didn't know the name of these mushrooms, but from the scarlet red appearance and the fact that not a single blade of grass grew close to it, it was definitely highly toxic.  It was the best choice for producing poisons.

“Little Bun, we’re preparing to go home.”

He wrapped the red mushrooms well and placed it in his bosom. Ling Jingxuan also cut off more pieces of cloth to separately bundle up the medical herbs. Separating the edible mushrooms from the non edible mushrooms, he walked towards the little buns sitting on the floor. The bamboo basket that they had brought was packed full, piled higher than the children. Thinking about the temper of that money slave, Ling Jingxuan couldn't help but shake his head again. If he couldn't turn those wild grapes into money, Big Bun would be ready to punish his own family. A real headache ah. When there's an opportunity, he needs to help him correct this.

“Dad, didn’t you say you were going to pick some fruit for Second Uncle?”

Greedy was breedy, but he didn't forget about what they were supposed to do.

“Hehe… isn't it right there? Wait for me for a moment.”

He pointed at a wild pear tree approximately 10 meter away. Ling Jingxuan put down the bundles, and took the sickle and walked over. As soon as they had entered this forest full of fruit, he already paid attention to this pear tree. Ling Jinghan’s illness was the modern day tuberculosis, and it wasn’t very serious. At least, he didn't see any blood. The reason why he couldn’t leave the bed was because the root cause was that he got an illness at too young of an age. He also did not receive effective treatment, and forcibly dragged his collapsing body around. Treating the early stages of tuberculosis was very easy. Rock sugar stewed with snow pears, drink it with all three meals every day. But after this is stewed, it must sit for a night in order for it to be effective. Then, reduce the inflammation with chinese medicine. At most, it would take half a month to bring it under control.

There probably weren't snow pears in this era, but wild pears were fine. Adding on that this air quality was good, the wild pear flavor was even more pure. The effect should be better than the snow pear. As for the rock sugar, he would ask around town another day. If there was none, he could only boil it himself. It would just be more troublesome.

After picking 4 to 5 of the yellow-orange pears, Ling Jingxuan thought about it, and cut off a branch. When he went home, he had to remember to plant some of the grapes. Their courtyard was too empty. He wasn’t sure if he could grow it, but he was just going to go home and insert it first.

“Dad, what kind of fruit is this ah. It smells very sweet eh.”

Gladly and diligently receiving the fruit, Little Bun resolutely took in a deep breath. The corner of his mouth had traces of saliva. Big Bun, upon seeing this, hurried to seize the fruit. “This is Second Uncle’s medicine, if you want to eat it we’ll pick more next time.”

Saying this, Big Bun rolled up the hem of his shirt and tied a knot around his waist, then put a few big pears inside of it.

“I know la, was just asking.”

“Little Bun feeling wronged and pouted his lips. He did not say he wanted to eat it again.

“Ok, let’s…”

Peng peng…


Ling Jingxuan had wanted to first say that they would be heading home, when from the depths of the forest suddenly came a frightening loud sound. Within those sounds was the unmistakable noise of a wild beast. Father and sons were similarly jolted. When the two buns regained their senses, they couldn’t care about the fruit anymore. Both frightened, they held onto Ling Jingxuan’s legs. Their faces were full of undisguised fear. Their little bodies were continuously trembling.

“Don’t be afraid, Daddy will go take a look.”

Aware of their fear, Ling Jingxuan tried to pacify them and patted their heads. The sickle he just put down, he picked up again. If he didn’t guess wrong, that sound should have been a wolf, moreover it was an adult wolf. His heart sunk. For the first time, he really sincerely hoped that he was wrong. If it was just him then it was tolerable, even if his body condition was not good, relying on his ability from his previous life, dodging a wolf’s attacks wasn’t hard. But right now, he didn’t have faith that he could save all three of them from the wolf’s mouth.

“Dad… don’t go.”

“Daddy, I’m scared…”

Two buns, one left, one right pulled on him. Carbon copy eyes were full of tears. But the two people, with tacit understanding, restrained themselves from crying. Seeing this scene, Ling Jingxuan’s heart hardened. He held them both and gently placated them, “Don’t be afraid, Daddy will protect you. Did you forget Daddy knows martial arts?”

“But that is a wild beast, just in case… just in case Daddy has an accident, what will we do?”

The persistent and mature Big Bun finally had the fear and dread that belonged to a five year old child. Seeing this, Ling Jingxuan felt his heart ache more and more. He preferred to be scolded by this son everyday. He did not want to see this appearance of his.

“Ok ok ok, don’t cry. The wolf hasn’t come yet, we should hurry and leave ba.”

This was obviously not a good place to slowly placate them. Ling Jingxuan’s heart continued to ache, as he kissed their cheeks, then turned around to lift up the bamboo basket.


“Ah! Wa wa…. Daddy I’m scared…”

“Ah! Dad….”

But the heavens were playing around with them. It didn't even wait for him to stand up when a body covered in blood fell from the sky at their feet. The two buns couldn't help it again, holding onto his legs began to wail. Ling Jinxuan had no choice but to put down the basket again. Holding onto them distressed, he consoled them. “Don’t be scared, don’t be scared, Daddy is here.”

Looking over their shoulders, a pair of eyes suddenly turned ice cold as he looked at the body laying close by. From the look of his back slightly moving up and down, he shouldn’t have died yet. He only had an injury. Then it didn’t have anything to do with him. The life or death of other people, he had no interest in. From his previous life until now, his character did not change one bit. If it was not someone he cared about, even if they lived or died in front of him, he would not have the slightest compassion. Because he had seen death too many times, his heart was numb since long ago!

“Wu wu… Dad…. Daddy…”

Immersed in his neck, two buns cried themselves exhausted. Their weak little bodies were trembling all over.


Suddenly, a huge pitch black monster with snow white fur on top of his head and on his four limbs dropped in front of them. The distance was at most five meters. Ling Jingxuan paid close attention. He reflexively pushed the two buns behind him and grabbed the sickle on the floor. Long and narrow phoenix eyes emitted an ice cold murderous aura. Several years of assisnation accumulated into a murderous aura, but…



The previously mighty and strong black wolf fell to the ground. Through the gap of the fangs, painful whimpers flowed out. Ling Jingxuan stared at it. He finally noticed that it unexpectedly was injured. They had only met for a short period of time before it started to bleed.

“Don’t be scared, it's going to die. I’m going to take a look.”

Hiding behind him, the buns tightly held onto his clothes, too scared to cry anymore. Ling Jingxuan patted their hands and gently freed himself. This time, the two buns didn’t prevent him. It wasn't that they didn't want to, just that they were so frightened they forgot.

“Wu wu…”

It seems to notice his approach. The dying black wolf suddenly yelled. The originally muddy eyes turned ferocious and completely brutal. The sharp fangs were emphasized by the light of the forest. If was shown to an average person, they would have been so terrified that they’d fall onto their butts. But, Ling Jingxuan merely sneered at it. Holding tightly onto the sharp sickle, he moved quickly.



The slender sickle was accurately thrust into the black wolf’s neck, and blood spurted out everywhere. The sickle wielding Ling Jingxuan was instantly covered in blood. From not far away, the two frightened little buns held onto each other. Blood dripping down his face, he wiped away a strange looking smile that looked just like a true killing god had descended. Fortunately, his back was facing towards the little buns and no one had seen it. Otherwise they would have been scared to death. At this moment, he was too frightening!”


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