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There was a hint of calm in Su Ling's reply, to appease Gu Liheng and not to mind those things.

Gu Liheng’s glance swept across Su Ling’s slightly reddish face as he asked, "Have you seen the news?"

Su Ling shrugged his shoulders, "I didn't look at the news, but it should be about my pheromone having a bad smell. My first exam was to harvest raw material. I wanted to give it a try and took off my isolator." Then he continued with a slight embarrassment, "The situation was the same as my first attempt to harvest raw material from a Grade A spiritual plant, and it also affected the candidates in the same hall. So I gave up that exam."

His tone was calm, and there was no upset or inferiority in it.

Gu Liheng's eyes moved slightly. The young man was sitting on the lounge chair as he looked up at him while he stood in the sun. The young man was shrouded in the umbrella's shade, but he somehow felt that he(SL) seemed particularly bright instead. With a gentle tone, Gu Liheng said, "No, you have been voted as the most beautiful Omega."

"What?" Su Ling was stunned. What a shameful title!

His reaction was too obvious, and it was not excitement or joyful.

"Are you upset?" Gu Liheng asked.

Su Ling curled his mouth and tapped at his bracelet. "What's there to be happy about?" As he said that, he entered the news interface. He doesn’t have to search around, as he can already see that topic at the top with a ‘Hot news’ icon beside - [The most beautiful Omega is born]

He clicked on the title and saw the picture of him sitting in a car. Even he himself was a little amazed by the picture at first glance. So he looked up at Gu Liheng and asked, "What do you think about my picture?"

Gu Liheng: "It deserves its name."

The tone Gu Liheng used doesn’t have any pitches, as if he was in a meeting, but because of this, he sounded more sincere; one could hear that it is not some flattering words. Suddenly, Su Ling felt a little embarrassed in his heart, and lightly coughed, "It’s just that the angle of the camera is good, and managed to highlight the best part of my face. However, appearance has little to do with me." Other than his temperament and spirit, the rest of his facial features were inherited from his parents.

Gu Liheng: "It’s very rare for people of your age to be able to think like this."

Su Ling was dissatisfied with his words and said, "I don't see you as an elder, so you have to look at me just the same as your peers. Don't talk to me with an elder’s tone."

Gu Liheng looked at this ‘peers’ with slightly bulging cheeks, the corner of his lips couldn’t help curving up slightly as he nodded, “Okay.”

That stunned Su Ling for a moment. His male god’s appearance was usually handsome and stern. But his smile softened his expression instantly, like a spring breeze, giving people a feeling of manly tenderness. Recalling Gu Liheng's reaction the last time he realized himself was smiling, Su Ling quickly adjusted his expression.

However, being sensitive to other people’s emotions, Gu Liheng immediately realized that something was wrong. Almost within a second, his expression changed several times, from surprise to panic, and finally, his expression tightened up.

Su Ling opened his mouth slightly as if he wanted to say something,  when he heard Gu Liheng said, "I still have something to deal with, so I’ll return to my study now."

Su Ling’s brows furrowed, he stared at Gu Liheng’s back as he quickly left the living room. The last time it happened, Su Ling thought he saw it wrongly, but this time Gu Liheng's reaction made him understand that he was terrified of smiling. The panic on his face when he realized he is smiling was too obvious, especially compared with his calm expression before that. But how could this be? It's just like the cursed prince in a fairy tale as if smiling would have grave consequences.

His finger unconsciously dragged down the screen, and the crisp sound of the page refreshing sounded in his ear. Looking down, Su Ling saw a title that says [The most beautiful Omega has the devil’s pheromones]. He clicked in and saw several replies with the sentence ‘According to reliable information from candidates in the same exam room, the newest beautiful Omega winner has an extremely unpleasant pheromone’.

Then someone added, "Not only it’s smelly, but also particularly unpleasant to the spiritual plant. Because of his pheromone, all the spiritual plants in examination hall closed up their petals."

"Yeah, he gave up that exam in area 003."

"The score of area 003 accounted for 40. So, he could not pass the test. Does that means he didn’t meet the requirement to be selected as the most beautiful Omega?"

"Although the winner has always been selected from the test candidates, no ‘most beautiful’ Omega has ever failed to enter the university before. Are we breaking the record now?"

"I propose re-election! I don't know the situation before the selection. The beauty of an Omega should be more than just his appearance!"

"I agree!"


The following replies in that thread were all copy-and-paste ‘I agree’. Su Ling started typing, using his ID [Ice Cream], he followed the crowd and replied 'I agree'. He didn't like the title ‘most beautiful’ at all, if it was ‘most handsome’ Omega, then he would like it. After he posted a reply, he didn't continue to watch the news. A moment later, he walked past the living room and hesitated by the stairs to the second floor. However, he decided not to go upstairs. He didn't know the specific situation, and they were not very familiar, so asking Gu Liheng directly will be too abrupt.

Turning around, Su Ling went to sit on the sofa, so that he will know right away when Gu Liheng came downstairs. He had only taken two steps when he heard footsteps coming from behind. He turned around and saw Gu Liheng coming down from the second floor with an upright posture. His expression is perfect as usual, but his brows were slightly furrowed.

When he saw Su Ling, a trace of surprise appeared on his face. Then he asked, "Do you need my help?"

Su Ling was puzzled and shook his head, "No, I'm fine. Why do I need help?"

Gu Liheng walked up to him and explained, "The Su Family just announced that they have broken off relations with you."

Su Ling laughed, although he didn't know why the Su Family suddenly announced the news, it was a good thing for him.

"I personally brought home a lawyer with me to go through the formalities of breaking away from the family. If the formalities were not done properly, then I may need your help."

Looking at the young boy with clear eyes in front of him, Gu Liheng’s thin lips slightly pursed, and he swallowed what he wanted to say next. Su Ling is much more mature than his peers.

Saying that, Su Ling looked at Gu Liheng's expression and couldn't help but ask, "Do you need my help?" He was just asking, but Gu Liheng unexpectedly replied, "Yes."

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