The Villainess Wants to Marry a Commoner!

Chapter 17 – Enough is enough!! (大概にしとけよっ!!)

"Eh? Huh? If people can't perform their own status checks, then how do they know what ‘Skills’ they have?"

If they can't even see their【Status】, then there shouldn't even be a concept of  ‘Skills’, would there?

"You get help from people with the 【Analyze】 skill, otherwise known as 'Assessors'~. They offer their services for a sum at the Town Hall, Adventurers’ Guild, and even at churches. Also, every twice a year, there'll be a large scale inspection where 'Assessors' evaluate the skills of 10-year-olds for free, measuring stuff like skills and magic power, right?"

Now that you mention it, I think I've heard that somewhere before...

In this country, citizens with magic power beyond a certain threshold were required to undergo 3 years of schooling at the Rosereale National Magic Academy after turning 15.

However, to even qualify for admission, they must first pass the magic power assessment done during the age of 10.

...Is what my home tutor once told me...I think....

"But for adventurers and such, rather than going out of their way to visit the guild or Town Hall and paying a fee for someone to use their 【Analyze】skill on them every time, wouldn’t it be better to simply ask someone they know with the 【Appraisal】 skill?"

“Apparently, 【Appraisal】doesn't normally show ‘Skills’ and ‘Magic’~. At most, it would reveal things like race and gender.”

"......Huh? 【Appraisal】doesn't show 'Skills'?"

Doesn't 【Appraisal】usually allow viewing access to skills in most games and novels?

Is it different in this world?

"From the sound of that, I'm guessing your ‘skill that’s similar to Appraisal’, can also 'appraise' humans, right? You shouldn't tell anyone else about that either~."

Oh. My. God!!

This is terrible!!

At this rate, I won't be able to tell anyone anything about my abilities!!

I have no choice but to either hide my abilities and live quietly, or openly display them and YOLO as an unrivaled powerhouse!!

I'm absolutely awful at being secretive, but coming out as a powerhouse would undoubtedly force me unto a path of carnage, so that's a definite no.

All I want is to live an ordinary married life with Ursch-kun....

"Considering that previous joint tag with the Imperial Knights, Knight Corps, and Adventurers, it's probably impossible to live an ordinary and modest life, though~."

That's right!!

News of that whole fiasco had spread to even our neighboring countries!!

"By the way, about your question from before, Isabella... Wouldn't your ‘skill that’s similar to Appraisal’ actually be of a higher ranking than 【Appraisal】?"

"But the level of detail is different from your 【Appraisal】... I can't assess the raw materials like you can."

Yes, I now somewhat understand that compared to【Appraisal】, 【Greed】is superior in terms of breadth of information, but it's not as detailed as 【Appraisal】is.

"About that, my【Appraisal】is actually 'something thought to be 【Appraisal】', and has never really been made clear as to what it is."

Hm? What does he mean by that?

"From time to time, a child born with the 【Appraisal】skill will appear in the Schneiver family, but that same child will be unable to be assessed by the 【Analyze】skill, so we don't actually know much about it. It's also why even I myself don't know what skills I have~."

''If they can't be 【Analyzed】, wouldn't that mean it can't be determined whether they have enough magic power to attend the magic academy?"

"In rare cases, where children who are unable to be evaluated by the 【Analyze】skill appear, they are judged to at least have enough magic power to repel the skill, and thus qualify for entry."

I see, it didn't come up in the game, but it seems there was a certain system in entering the academy.

"But that then leaves the question of whether the skill was repelled due to their amount of magic power, or the possession of a repel skill."

If it was due to the amount of magic, 【Analyze】 definitely wouldn't work on me either.

"With the【Analyze】 skill being repelled, we don't know anything beyond that, not even the cause—whether it comes from the amount of magic power or a skill.... To tell the truth, the normal 【Appraisal】can't determine the raw materials like mine can."

.......Is that something you should be telling me?

Well, I guess even if people knew of his unusual skill, there would be no way to confirm it if he can't be【Analyzed】.

"Isabella, do you think your ‘skill that’s similar to Appraisal’ could actually do an 【Appraisal】on me? It makes me feel sick that... although everyone else gets to know theirs by the age of 10, I’ll never know mine for the rest of my life."

"You do realise that if I did succeed in my【Appraisal】on you, your 【Status】would be completely revealed to me, right....?"

If one were to have a unique trait, they should avoid sharing their 【Status】to others as much as possible; even I knew that. Are you sure you're okay with it, Ursch-kun?

"As long as it's you, Isabella, I don't mind at all."

Oh, he's really putting his trust in me!!

Certainly, I would never go around blabbing to others about Ursch-kun's Status!!

''If you're going that far, I'll try using 【Greed】, but I don't know if it'll work or not, okay?"

Since there's a possibility for【Greed】to be repelled, too.

If someone like me whose (supposed to be) a cheat reincarnation had their ability repelled, well... that's scary in it's own right.

It'd then be a case of who are you really, Ursch-kun?

Yep. It'd be great if it works, I'm leaving it to you. Oh, and if you do get to see it, it'd make me really happy if you could note it down on this piece of paper.

After receiving the blank paper from Ursch-kun, I activated 【Greed (Appraisal)】.

I'm counting on you, 【Greed】-san!!




"Sorry, Ursch-kun."

"What's wrong? You couldn't see it?"

"That's not it. I can see it but..... it's impossible for me to make notes on this. I'm going to list off everything now, so can you write them down instead?

"Hmm~? That's fine with me, but is this because it'll disappear if you take your eyes off it or something?"

"That's not quite it..... It's not that I absolutely can't take down notes, but...... I just don't want to, I guess..."

"Hm? Hmm~? Got it~."

Name: Ursch Schneiver (6)

Race: Human

HP: 15/15
MP: 455/455


《Merchant》 Lv47
《Alchemist》 Lv62
《Magician》 Lv33
《Blacksmith》 Lv54
《Herbalist》 Lv23
《Tailor》 Lv23
《Perfumer》 Lv15
《Shaman》 Lv27
《Toxicologist》 Lv31
《Healer》 Lv11
《Priest》 Lv5

Hereditary Special Skills

《Eyes of the Greed King (Mammon)》

Special skills

《Accelerated Experience》
《Accelerated Skill Acquisition Rate》

Unique skills

《MP Consumption Mitigation》《HP Consumption Mitigation》
《Holy Magic》《Dark Magic》
《Thunder Magic》《Sealing Magic》
《Instant Magic Casting》《Magic Cast Jamming》
《Magic Power》《Magic Ability》
《Magic Rewrite》《Parallel Thought》


《Fire Magic》《Water Magic》
《Wind Magic》《Earth Magic》
《Light Magic》《All Elemental Resistance》
《Status Ailment Resistance》《Auto Recovery》
《Weapon Enhancement》《Magic Enhancement》
《Presence Detection》《Presence Obfuscation》
《Magic Detection》《Magic Obfuscation》
《Selective Breeding》《Weapon Improvement》
《First Aid》《Information Manipulation》
《Enemy Detection》《Tracking》

There's way too many!!

I can't write all this!! No way!!

I just can't!!

What is this?! This《Accelerated Experience》and《Accelerated Skill Acquisition Rate》!!

Enough is enough with the cheats!!

And what the heck is this?!

"Hereditary Special Skills"?!

I've never heard nor seen something like this!! Ever!!

Also, I'm pretty sure this 《Eyes of Mammon》is a superior version of my《Avaritia》skill.

I swear, the "Eyes of the Envy King" or "Eyes of the Pride King" will definitely appear sooner or later!! Bet on it!!

And if I'm particularly unlucky, the joke will fall flat with one of the Love Interests having the skill!!

Those guys were already high-spec even in the game!!

No matter how much of a cheat reincarnation I am, if even the other characters are as high-spec as Ursch-kun, then as soon as I get dragged into trouble, I'll have to resign myself to an immediate bad end!!

It's settled!! The decision has been made!! I've made up my mind!!

I must absolutely avoid any and all characters that appeared in the game, especially the Love Interests!!!

A/N: It took me half a day to decide on Ursch-kun's Status.

I wanted to make sure he'd grow up to be a cheat craftsman-type character.
Otherwise, he probably wouldn't be able to craft the gacha items in the game.

T/N: For those confused about the brackets eg:【Greed (Appraisal)】, this is because while it's written as "Greed", it's read as "Appraisal"
tho I generally don't bother and leave it as 【Greed】

Same goes for 《Eyes of the Greed King (Mammon)》, it's written as "Greed King" but read as "Mammon" ......I'll probably call it《Eyes of Mammon》most times

Oh, and this here "【Greed】-san" thing, is an equivalent to calling your muffin "Mr. Muffin"

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