His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 17 - Interrupting A Matter

There were some unavoidable events. What was different this time was that Shen Ziqiao was able to decide whether or not to participate.

Hong Ying picked some fresh flowers that Shen Ziqiao could not name and then told her that she had just seen Sheng Family’s Third Miss.

Why did Sheng Peiyin come here? Shen Ziqiao wondered.

“There is a man by her side, but this servant girl could not see clearly.” Even if she did, she probably would not recognize him. From the attire, he does not seem to be from an ordinary background.

Shen Ziqiao suddenly thought of something.

Sheng Peiyin and her affairs with male side leads should be beginning now…

Was her first man not the Ninth Prince? The first time an intimate scene appeared was here. Could it be about to happen?

Shen Ziqiao felt her body surging in anger. She was excited! It’s more exciting to watch a live event than reading the novel.

“Sister Sheng is here too. Then, I need to go and greet her.” Shen Ziqiao smiled as she stood up, saying, “Hong Ying, let us go look for her.”

Hong Ying answered.

Hong Ying blocked Shen Ziqiao with an unwell expression. “Third Miss, it is getting late. Let us go back first.”

“It is still early. Do not worry. We will come back quickly.” Shen Ziqiao waved her hands and pulled Hong Ying in the direction she had seen Sheng Peiyin despite Cui Ping’s protests.

“Third Miss!” Cui Ping followed, unresigned.

Shen Ziqiao’s face darkened and she said, “Do not follow me. Hong Yu, look after her.”

Hong Yu glanced at Cui Ping and she softly answered.

“Let’s go!”  Shen Ziqiao walked out of the waterside pavilion with Hong Yu and they walked to the other side of the bamboo forest.

Not only were Xiujin Courtyard’s lotus flowers beautiful, the bamboo forest was also a scenic spot. There were different types of bamboo. When the wind blew, the leaves and sand flowed in the air. They walked along the zigzag path and their surroundings were quiet and fresh, only the sound of wind accompanying them.

“Third Miss, maybe Third Miss Sheng already left.” Seeing that Shen Ziqiao still wanted to walk in, Hong Ying hurriedly said in a soft voice. “We are going to be walking into the forest soon.”

Shen Ziqiao continued to walk, unresigned. “Who said that there is a lake in there and that there was a thatched hut?”

“How does Third Miss know that there is a thatched hut inside?” Hong Ying asked curiously.

“Haha, I just heard from someone.” Shen Ziqiao laughed dryly.

The bamboo leaves blocked the sun and the light was dimmed. They have no idea how long they had been walking, but they finally saw a large area of sunflowers. Shen Ziqiao was happy and said, “Whoa, we are here.”

The servant and master quickened their paces. When they almost reached the place, Shen Ziqiao hurriedly pulled Hong Ying to a stop and they hid behind a row of bamboo.

“Third Miss?” Hong Ying didn’t understand Shen Ziqiao’s actions and stared at her in confusion.

Shen Ziqiao said in a low voice, “Be quiet. There are people over there.”

Not far from the bamboo forest was a natural lake with a row of willows. Towards the east, there was a simple thatched hut. Hong Ying was just about to say that there was someone there when she saw the man and woman standing under the willow.

The woman was beautiful with a great figure, standing across the man elegantly. The man was tall and buff, a handsome face. He was looking at the woman in tenderness and it was unclear as to what they were talking about.

That woman was Sheng Peiyin, but who was the man? Hong Ying didn’t recognize.

Yet, Shen Ziqiao recognized him. That man was the well-known Ninth Princess and countless women’s Prince Charming in their dreams.

As expected, this was a great place to murmur endearments and get intimate.

She remembered the first sex scene was in this thatched hut. The fact that she was able to watch this live….the Heaven...is being too good to her!

Shen Ziqiao stared at the couple and it was unsure what the Ninth Prince had said, but it made Sheng Peiyin lower her head in shyness. She revealed her fair white neck and then...the Ninth Prince was entranced.

Next, the Ninth Prince held Sheng Peiyin’s waist and pulled her into his arms, slowly lowering his head.

Hong Ying was still an inexperienced servant girl and knew nothing regarding romance. Yet, she knew what was about to happen and her face flushed.

Ah! They kissed! Shen Ziqiao stared happily as her eyes sparkled.

“Young Miss, please do not look. Should we not be going now?” Hong Ying widened her eyes as she watched as Sheng Peiyin and the man were making out, her face flushed as she reminded Sheng Peiyin.

“You are right. Let us take a few more looks before going.” Shen Ziqiao said.

Hong Ying said, “Is Miss Sheng being bullied? Young Miss, should we go and help her?”

“No one can help with this.” Shen Ziqiao said and suddenly remembered that this little girl wasn’t an adult yet. She hurriedly covered her eyes and said, “What happens next is not meant for children. You can’t watch anymore. Close your eyes.”

On the other side, the Ninth Prince had already carried the panting Sheng Peiyin princess-style and walked towards the thatched hut.

Shen Ziqiao let go of Hong Ying and sneakily and slowly walked towards the thatched hut.

Right now, the Ninth Prince should be quickly taking off Sheng Peiyin’s clothes while the latter would be allowing him to do so with reluctance...

In her mind, she was imagining what was going to happen next after reading the novel. She smiled happily and was satisfied with benefits like this: watching a full fledged sex scene.

Before they walked to the thatched hut, they heard Sheng Peiyin crying out in pain and moaning.

Hong Ying called in shock, “Young Miss, should we scream for help?”

“Who?” They heard the Ninth Prince’s hoarse voice and Sheng Peiyin’s scream in shock from inside the thatched hut.

Sheng Ziqiao wanted to smack this innocent girl.

“They noticed us. Quickly go!” She pulled Hong Ying’s hands and ran off.

By the time the naked Ninth Prince hurriedly wore his clothes and walked out of the thatched hut, no one was there anymore.

His matter got interrupted. This was an irreconcilable hatred.

When Sheng Peiyin thought of how her naked self was seen by others, she was ashamed and annoyed at the same time. How could she be willing to continue with the Ninth Prince? She glared at the Ninth Prince in resentment and said, “If the news spread...I might as well go die…”

The Ninth Prince hugged her and said, “This Prince will have Royal Brother announce a decree for us to get married.”

“The Emperor might not agree.” Sheng Peiyin secretly hated the Emperor. Why did someone see her? Did she not send someone to guard the door? If she loses reputation right now, how is she going to get married into the Tian Family?

“Don’t worry. Leave everything up to me.” The Ninth Prince announced.

Sheng Peiyin was ashamed and angry and Shen Ziqiao felt the same. She ran with Hong Ying for a while and after seeing that no one chased after them, she stopped to catch her breath. “You almost ruined us both.”

Hong Ying did not know what she did, so she could only look at her guiltily.

Shen Ziqiao sighed and said, “Nevermind. It isn’t anything big. Just…” She felt bad that she had interrupted them.

She didn’t know whether Sheng Peiyin and the Ninth Prince were in the process or just started. Would they continue despite being startled?

“Young Miss, what exactly was the Third Miss Sheng and the man doing inside? This servant girl clearly heard her cry in pain.” Hong Ying asked.

Shen Ziqiao softly coughed. This innocent child! “They were inside playing darts and she might have accidentally got hit.”

Playing darts inside the thatched hut?

“Hong Ying, keep this between the two of us and you can’t tell anyone else, ok?” Shen Ziqiao said in a strict voice.

“This servant girl understands.” Hong Ying nodded, although puzzled. However, since the Third Miss said this, she naturally won’t be suspicious.

It’s nice to have a loyal and innocent servant girl. She will believe anything.

Once Shen Ziqiao returned to the lotus pond, Cui Ping asked about their whereabouts with a gloomy face. Hong Ying replied without a change in expression, “Third Miss doesn’t need to tell you where she went right, Sister Cui Ping?”

Cui Ping’s face turned green.


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