Baobei, Baobei

Chapter 17

Baobei refused to walk through the door! Making their relationship official?! The ones behind the door were the people closest to her, including her sister and her brother-in-law! She might have gotten attached, but it was a different case meeting her sister. Since the age of fifteen, Xia Xu could almost be considered as one of the heads of the Xia family. Admitting to her relationship in front of her sister was akin to admitting it to her entire family.

This was Baobei’s first relationship. She felt that she was still young, and if her family was involved in her relationship, then she would feel even more pressure.

This young lady was different from others; she thought about issues in an entirely different way. Most people would hope that their relationships would last a lifetime, but she thought differently.

Someone once said, a person should have three relationships in a lifetime: puppy love, an unforgettable relationship, and another to last a lifetime. Baobei was especially emotional when she saw this line. It was a simple line, but it embodied how life should be: flavourful and memorable. At that moment, she thought to herself. Life was short, she had to try everything, no matter happy or sad.

She then looked at Jiang Moxiu, who was beside her. Her petite face was in a frown. Why couldn’t she have met him a few years later, so that she could first experience the innocent love that she witnessed from the friends and classmates around her?

“Am I that undesirable?” Lecturer Jiang leaned against the wall. Baobei froze. He was not going to force her. They were already here, and she still hadn’t kicked up a fuss, so he could still try to persuade her. If that failed and she attempted to flee the scene, he could just carry her in.

“You don’t understand! My sister’s in there!” Her tone was serious.

“I know she’s in there. So what?” He ignored her hint.

“If I go in there now, my parents will summon me home immediately after this meal.”

Lecturer Jiang pondered for a moment. “It doesn’t matter whether you are entering the room or not. Your sister already knows about our relationship. Number Six has already spread the word out.”

“At least I haven't made an appearance.” She was still in denial.

Lecturer Jiang didn’t have a chance to reply. The door of the private room opened from the inside. Mo Liu was the one who opened the door, and the attention of the guests in the room had all been diverted to the door when Mo Liu exclaimed, “Woah!”

“Why are you still standing outside? We’re waiting for you both.” Mo Liu was just planning to leave the room to call them.”

“The little wife is feeling nervous.” Jiang Moxiu smiled, as he took a step forward, put his hands around Baobei’s waist and pushed her forward, as both of them entered the room in a somewhat intimate manner.

Even though she had had her share of meals with the people in the room, Baobei was especially nervous today. Once she entered the room, she didn't even dare to look at her sister.

"We’ll wait for Da Shao [1] before we start.” Mo Liu said before leaving the room. Even though the reason for the gathering was to officially reveal Jiang Moxiu and Xia Baobei’s relationship, the one who initiated it was Mo Liu. All he wanted was an excuse to meet everyone!

Everyone made it! Jiang Moxiu and Baobei, Xia Xu, Guan Qixun and Xi Mi, Wu Shao [2], Liu Shao, Fang Yanru, and Da Shao, who was on the way.

When Lecturer Jiang left Baobei alone with the two other ladies in the room, Baobei refused to release her grip on his sleeves, putting up a fight.

“Baobei, are you worried that we’ll eat you up? Or just sad to be away from Big Jiang for even the shortest amount of time?” Xiao Mi chimed.

She reluctantly released her hold.

Lecturer Jiang smiled, reached out to pat Baobei’s head, then walked over to the mahjong table. Mahjong tables were a common sight during private gatherings involving Da Shao, Liu Shao and Young Master Guan. They usually bonded over mahjong.

“It's the first time that I’m seeing Big Jiang smile in such a flirtatious manner.” Xiao Mi moved closer to Baobei. This was a surprise to her. She had always remembered Jiang Moxiu as an impassive man, and thought that he would still remain the same even in the face of his girlfriend. “He does look good when he smiles though. Don’t you think so too, Baobei?”

“Do you need me to tell Qixun this?” Xia Xu had not given Baobei a look ever since she had walked into the room. She was holding on to a cup of tea, as if she was going to drink it. Her actions scared Baobei even more.

“Third sister-in-law, you’re bullying me!” Xiao Mi pouted.

“Erm … Sister …”

"Didn't you refuse to meet me? Why are you suddenly acknowledging me now?" Xia Xu had guessed Baobei's thoughts from her hesitation to enter the room. Even though she found it funny, she didn't show it in her face.

"I was just afraid." It was the first time this young girl was in a relationship, so she obviously wouldn't know how to break the news to her family. She would worry about whether her family disliked her boyfriend, or opposed the relationship.

"What's there to be afraid of?" Xia Xu put her cup down. "Am I the type of sister who would micromanage your life?"

Looking at Baobei's tense expression, Xiao Mi decided to lighten the atmosphere. "Our third sister-in-law, if you continue your act and Baobei really becomes afraid, then Big Brother Jiang would really be angry."

It was only then that Baobei dared to sneak a peek at her sister. When she saw Xia Xu holding back her laughter, she heaved a sigh of relief.

"Jie [3], I was worried that you might chide me for not focusing on my studies since I'm still a student." This young lady was good at reading the situation. Now that she was sure that her sister wasn't going to fault her for it, she became more confident in her replies.

"Am I the kind of parent who would not allow you to date during varsity days then expect you to immediately have a marriage partner after graduation?" Even Xia Xu considered herself Baobei's parent.

“Of course not!” Baobei refilled her sister’s tea, trying to butter her up, and even did the same for Xiao Mi.

“Then you don’t like Big Jiang?”

“I do …”

“Then what are you afraid of? If you really are fond of Big Jiang, and I think he’s also a reliable man, then on what grounds would I oppose your relationship?

“Jie, do you really mean it?” Baobei was slightly elated.

“Actually, I feel that you should just openly date! Your parents, as well as his parents are agreeable, and your uncles and aunts are also agreeable! So you can just date without any worries! When he thinks of you, his parents will say, ‘Let her come and stay over at our house for a few days!’ When you are bored, your parents will naturally say, ‘Call that lad and make him bring you out!’” Xiao Mi held her teacup in her hand, as she crossed her legs. She was in a pair of stilettos, and the pose accentuated her beautiful legs. “Think about it, how blissful will this be? This is the kind of love that I dreamed of in the past."

“That sounds blissful.” This was also something that Baobei yearned for.

Xiao Mi glanced at Xia Xu, then left the table and walked towards the mahjong table, giving the sisters some alone time.

“Jie, do you think our parents will agree?”

“Do you think that they won’t? Since when have they intervened in yours or Xia Tian’s personal matters?” Xia Xu asked.

Honestly, that had never happened before.

“I’m just scared that our parents would be unhappy.”

“You’re probably afraid that they won’t agree, am I right?” Xia Xu exposed Baobei’s worries.

“It’s not like you don’t know that I’m most concerned about our parents’ feelings.” She hugged Xia Xu’s arm shyly.

“Is that true? If you truly cared, why would you still apply for a local university?”

Baobei blushed. “I just didn’t want to be too far away from them.”

“Enough said. They’ll always support you as long as you like him.” Xia Xu concluded. “But our father will be unhappy for a few days. When I got married, he was moody for some time. You are always a little girl in our dad’s eyes, and given our dad’s childishness, he’ll think that his little lover was taken from him. He might even beat Big Jiang up.”

Baobei was embarrassed. “Jie, where’s my brother-in-law?”

“He’s on a business trip. As for you, even though you are dating, you have to remember that if someone loves you, then let him do so. If he sends flowers, you should give your thanks graciously. If he asks you for a date, consider it carefully. In this world, a person true to you won’t ever harm you. So go ahead and bravely accept the love, and give your love cautiously.”

“Yes.” Baobei nodded her head vigorously.

Most people would only notice whether you were an achiever, but few would be concerned about whether you were tired in the process. Most people would notice how good your figure is, but few would be concerned about whether you had eaten your fill. In this complex world, wasn’t familial ties the most precious? The bonds that came from sharing a bloodline was for a lifetime, and would always accompany you.

Jiang Moxiu might be at the mahjong table, but his thoughts were all with Baobei. Honestly, he wasn’t that concerned about the reactions from their families. Even if they didn’t agree, he would always have the sincerity and patience to win their approval, all for Baobei’s sake. Hence, they had barely played for half an hour, and the usually good player Lecturer Jiang kept losing.

The moment he saw Baobei smile, he immediately gave up his seat at the table for Xiao Mi.

“Look at his anxious face.” Mr. Fang smiled.

Jiang Moxiu was not someone who would back down from a challenge. “I heard that you have been facing relationship problems recently. I was also waiting for my chance to gloat about your predicament.”

Mr Fang put up a fight. “I’ll inform everyone when I get married.”

Wu Shao said, “Don’t you still have to wait for that person to give you a chance?”

Mr Fang replied. “The chance is secondary. I just need to keep her close to me.”

“She might succumb under his constant pestering.” Xiao Mi threw out a “wan” tile.

Wu Shao chimed, “But she already has someone in her heart.”

“The first win is a small win. The final winner is the biggest winner.” Mr Guan replied Wu Shao, and received Mr Fang’s compliments in return. After all, Mr Guan had expressed what he wanted to say. Mr Guan then threw out a seven bamboo tile.

“That’s wrong! I need six bamboos!” said Xiao Mi.

This couple was infuriating on the mahjong table. True enough, Mr Guan immediately retrieved his tile, and threw out six bamboos.

“What the?! Xun Zi, how can you play like this?” Mr Fang was done with the game.

Mr Guan smiled shamelessly. “I threw the wrong tile, and six bamboos was also a useless tile to me.” The logic on the mahjong table was, someone else’s bad card might be a good card for another. However, if people are in cahoots, don’t be angry. The way to a good game was if you remained calm when others didn’t.

“She said you threw the wrong one, and you just followed her words? Why didn’t you do the same when I said the same thing last time!” Wu Shao was incensed.

“I’m wrong as long as my wife says I am! She’s my wife after all!” Mr Guan’s words truly angered Wu Shao and Mr Fang, who were still single.

On the other side of the room, Jiang Moxiu had already been chatting with Xia Xu. The previously stoic man was doing all he could just so that he could marry his little wife, without regard for his reputation at all.

The door to the private room opened once again. Liu Shao walked in first, followed by a man in army attire. His shirt was tucked out, and his right hand was stuck in his pocket. He smiled with a casual expression, and his left hand even casually brushed his crew cut head.

Even though Baobei had seen Mo Da Shao more than ten times already, she was still struck by his appearance. This man had a different aura from Jiang Moxiu’s elite and refined character; he was really masculine.

“What are you looking at?” Lecturer Jiang was a little jealous. He was already thinking about how to teach Baobei a lesson after this.

“Da Shao”. The girl replied honestly.

“Pfft!” Xia Xu couldn't contain her laughter.

Mo Liu shook his head. To think that Big Jiang would also face such a predicament!

Shi Xiaoxi had always said that the best type of man would have these ten characteristics: manly, handsome, had a low and sexy voice, good at male sports such as basketball or soccer, clean and dressed well, did not have too much bodily hair, generous, outwardly cold but actually was passionate and even sometimes naughty, healthy, and moderated his intake of alcohol and cigarettes.

If these were considered the best type of men, then where did the six men in this private room today stand?

[1] Da Shao - the eldest brother in the Mo family

[2] Wu Shao - fifth brother in the Mo family

[3] Jie - a term used by a younger sibling to address an older sister

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