Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping

Chapter 1696: Stunned! I am the evil female lead (Part 34)

The system’s explanation wasn’t that easy to understand.  She felt that it contained a lot of mystery and wasn’t understandable with the planes she had been to before.

After all, in all those other planes, she had never experienced a collapse before.

When she asked the system again, the system pretended to be dead.

Moreover, it abruptly ended it with another sentence.

[System notification: The male lead is looking at you.]

Mo Ze Chen suddenly felt uncomfortable seeing her slightly knit her brows like this.

“What?”  Mo Ze Chen looked over with a faint sparkle in his deep eyes, “You still care about him?”

He clearly knew about the matter between Luo Qing Chen and Jiang Yi Liang, but…..he felt that she shouldn’t like Jiang Yi Liang anymore.

Luo Qing Chen was surprised and could hear the jealous tone in Mo Ze Chen’s voice.

He had attacked with this question to see her answer from her expression.

But Luo Qing Chen felt…..that it was too troublesome.

Since it was him, since she had 50% affection in hand, then it wouldn’t matter if she teased him a bit!

She took the wine from the stunned Ling Luo’s hand and poured herself half a glass before clinking it with Mo Ze Chen’s glass, “I care about you.”

“Damn!”  Ling Luo suddenly understood what was happening between the two!

One was being jealous!

One was responding!

And the feeling they gave was just right!

[Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 60%.]

Mo Ze Chen looked at her as she said the four words he wanted to hear the most in his heart.

That feeling of the person he cared about coming closer to him.

It swelled in his heart and he was incomparably excited.

But his expression was still very calm!  He casually looked at her with eyes that were as deep as the sea and softly said, “So should I apologize for misunderstanding or should I——confess?”

She was surprised and she couldn’t help being a bit nervous when she heard these words.

Ling Luo seemed to take a long time to realize the meaning in Mo Ze Chen’s words before waving her hands, “That’s enough you two, this is my club!”

“But young miss Luo hasn’t answered my question yet.”  Mo Ze Chen kept chasing with a faint sparkle in his deep eyes.

Luo Qing Chen couldn’t help giving a laugh as she looked up, “Confess then!”

“I like you.”  Mo Ze Chen saw the faint blush on her white cheeks and seriously said these three words, not caring about the people around them.

“Mo!  Ze!  Chen!”  Ling Luo angrily roared out.  She wanted to say something, but Mo Ze Chen decisively cut her off!

“Oh, right, you can be a witness.”

“Are you confessing or proposing!”

“If I can propose, I’m very willing!”  Mo Ze Chen’s beautiful eyes had a gentle glow in them along with a smile.

“I’m not willing!”  Luo Qing Chen said with a slightly proud snort, “Balloons, wedding dress, rings, and roses, not a single one here, how can you propose!”

“I have a ring.”  Mo Ze Chen’s eyes relaxed as his lips revealed a hard to hide smile.

He took out a beautiful box from his pocket and inside was a Cartier diamond ring!

For someone with a high EQ like him, when he was set on someone, he had to prepare a diamond ring!

“Damn, so handsome!”  Ling Luo looked at the ring Mo Ze Chen took out and was completely stunned!

This was simply like being a part of a fairy tale, it was too shocking.

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