His Transmigrated Cannon Fodder Fiancé

Chapter 169 - Mother and Daughter-in-law Fight Hand to Hand

“Third master!” Ying Tao and Ying Mei were pleased to hear his voice. Then seeing that Qi Rui kicked the woman aside, they were even happier. They knew that the people in Qianlin Courtyard were just paper tigers. Even if the eldest master was here, they wouldn’t dare to do anything.

They’d definitely endure this and won’t dare to fight back.

“Third master, this maid is ordered by the First Madam to teach these disobedient maids a lesson. What is the meaning of this?” Mo Zhu looked at Qi Rui with an ashened expression. He had gone too far! What did this third master treat the Qianlin Courtyard? He actually just hit anyone he wanted to.

Qi Rui thought he was an elegant young master and was a handsome scholar. Therefore, he pitied and cherished beautiful maids. He thought that he would be liked by everyone just like how the textbooks portrayed it.

“How are Ying Tao and Ying Mei disobedient? Even if they made some mistakes, you can just scold them. Do you really need to slap them?” Qi Rui asked in a dark face, personally helping Ying Tao and Ying Mei up.

“Woah, is the third master going to teach the maids a lesson for me?” Shen Ziqiao finally walked out of the room slowly and looked at Qi Rui.

Qi Rui restrained himself but still didn’t feel like he had done something wrong. He furrowed his brows and said, “Sister-in-law, you came in time. Ying Tao and Ying Mei are different from other maids. You can’t just hit and scold them as you wish.”

Shen Ziqiao chuckled softly. “How are they different from other maids? They look the same to me. It’s not like they’re missing a leg or hand either. I can’t tell how they are different.”

“Sister-in-law, even elder brother doesn’t treat his servants so harshly. What exactly did Ying Tao and Ying Mei do wrong for you to treat them like this?” Qi Rui asked.

What a...kind and lovable good master.

“Reporting to the third master, these two maids not only disobeyed First Madam’s order, they even insulted her. Does the third master think the First Madam shouldn’t teach them a lesson for acting this way?” Hong Yu questioned seriously in a crisp voice.

“Third master, we don’t dare to humiliate the First Madam. She was the one that punished us without reason. Us maids were wondering what we had done wrong which is why we talked back. Third master, you have to bring justice to us.” Ying Mei looked pitifully at Qi Rui.

Qi Rui glanced at his two beautiful maids and recalled how the two had given him a pleasant experience not too long ago. His heart was moved and protected the two behind him. He looked at Shen Ziqiao as he said, “Sister-in-law, Ying Mei and Ying Tao are sent by the madam to serve upon elder brother. If you want to teach them a lesson, you need to ask my elder brother first. Otherwise, people may say you’re narrow-minded towards servants!”

“I need to seek your elder brother’s approval in order to teach two maids a lesson?” The smile on Shen Ziqiao’s face grew.

Just how much did the Qi Family’s people look down on her? And who did Qi Rui take Qi Zheng to be? Don’t mention that Qi Zheng was his elder brother but as his sister-in-law standing in front of him right now, he even dared to brazenly intervene in her courtyard matters. He might not be scared of being a laughing stock but she was afraid of losing face.

Qi Rui thought that even Qi Zheng didn’t dare to offend his mother so how could she possibly dare to teach Ying Tao and Ying Mei a lesson?

If mother wasn’t too kind, how could Qi Zheng still be in the Qi Family living a good life? It was one thing that Shen Ziqiao wasn’t grateful for their kind actions but she even acted unruly. As expected from someone of a military background. As a daughter of a general, she didn’t know her manners.

“Sister-in-law, I don’t want to make things difficult for you.” Qi Rui still acted as if he was doing this for her good.

“So I can’t punish the two maids today?” Shen Ziqiao seemingly laughed.

Qi Rui lifted his chin and nodded arrogantly. “Right, they’re my people.”

“If that’s the case, Ying Tao, Ying Mei, you guys can leave with the third master. You’re not allowed to step into my Qianlin Courtyard anymore.” Shen Ziqiao ordered coldly.

Ying Yao and Ying Mei were both delighted but then they recalled the madam ordering them to stay away from the third master and for them to get the eldest master to notice them. Their faces paled and looked at Qi Rui nervously.

Qi Rui was happy, thinking that this Nee Shen knew how to act tactfully. “Then that’s good. I’m going to take them with me today…”

“Rui’er!” Xiao Gu’s angry voice rang from behind. Everyone looked over to see Xiao Gu rushing over with Nanny Su, her eyes blazing with anger.

She looked coldly at Ying Tao and Ying Mei standing behind Qi Rui. She looked at Shen Ziqiao unhappily. “What’s up with you? You don’t act like his sister-in-law at all! How can you casually give your brother-in-law women?”

Shen Ziqiao slowly greeted before looking at the angry Xiao Gu. In a calm voice, “Mother, these two maids refuses to be disciplined. I was just punishing them when third uncle rushed into my courtyard to stop me. He said that these two maids are his people and that I am not allowed to intervene...mother, of course as his sister-in-law, I can’t give my brother-in-law women. But is my brother-in-law allowed to just intervene in my personal matters?”

Xiao Gu’s expression changed by the moment. She glared at Qi Rui harshly. “Rui’er is soft-hearted. Ying Tao and Ying Mei had served him in the past so it’s normal that he’s protective of them.”

She’s clearly protecting her son. She was too shameless! Since the masters and the maids are close to each other, then why did Xiao Gu send them to Qianlin Courtyard?

“I see. I never heard of an uncle having an intimate relationship with a maid and teaching their sister-in-law how to disciple the maids. Mother, I’ll remember this and pay attention in the future.” Shen Ziqiao smiled.

Xiao Gu felt her heart aching. She hated Qianlin Courtyard for not having her own spies. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have just come here now. This Rui’er! He was going to anger her to death!

He could intervene in anything but he just had to intervene in Shen Ziqiao’s matters. If the news spread, what jokes would people make about her? If the duke finds out...they’d be punished for sure.

Considering the probability that the duke might be disappointed in her and it might even drag Feng’er down...Xiao Gu wanted to shove Qi Rui back inside her stomach and act like she didn’t give birth to a brainless son.

“Let’s just put this matter to an end now. Your third uncle is young and ignorant. As his sister-in-law, don’t argue with him.” Xiao Gu relaxed her stiff face. Qi Rui was in the wrong this time. She didn’t expect this bastard to intervene in Shen Ziqiao’s courtyard matters.

He’s good for nothing!

Shen Ziqiao almost wanted to clap for Xiao Gu.

As soon as she came in, she scolded her for not having manners as she tried to give Qi Rui women. Xiao Gu clearly knew that Qi Rui was in the wrong, not knowing to avoid arousing suspicion and still persisting to intervene in disciplining her maids. Now, she changed her attitude and claimed that Qi Rui was young and ignorant, brushing away his fault.

“I’m not sure how we can just let this go. Mother, why don’t you teach me? Third uncle said that you gave these two maids to the eldest master and that I would need to get his permission before scolding or hitting them. It’s fine. After all, these two maids belong to the third uncle now. But why did mother try to give the two maids to my husband in the first place?” What a joke. She was waiting for Qi Rui to jump into her trap not so that Xiao Gu could just teach him a lesson.

Xiao Gu glared at Qi Rui after hearing this. She coldly looked at Shen Ziqiao and asked, “Then what do you want?”

Shen Ziqiao laughed. “Since the third uncle said that the two maids belong to him, then let him take them back to discipline them. I don’t dare to casually punish the people my third uncle favors. But third uncle, please don’t just barge into my courtyard in the future. If this spreads...my reputation will be ruined and mother and third uncle won’t get anything good out of this either. “

Qi Rui immediately said, “I’ll naturally take Ying Tao and Ying Mei with me!”

Xiao Gu froze after hearing Shen Ziqiao’s threatening words. She felt her vision turning black but after hearing Qi Rui say that, she couldn’t help but hit him. “Shut up!”

“Mother…” Qi Rui covered his face and looked at Xiao Gu in shock.

Xiao Gu clenched her teeth and exclaimed, “Take these two lowly maids and scram already!”

Ying Tao and Ying Mei’s faces paled. They didn’t expect this to be the ending. Even more, the madam was startled. They had served the madam for a while so they knew the type of person she was. They probably...won’t have any more good days in the future.

Seeing that Xiao Gu had hit Qi Rui and the latter shivered but said nothing, the two felt discouraged.

They seemed to have made a mistake...

“Mother, we have enough people in Qianlin Courtyard so you really don’t need to personally bring maids over. This daughter-in-law will feel bad.” If she felt bad, she’d be sending Xiao Gu’s maids to her son’s room.

See who can endure until the end.

Xiao Gu had high expectations for the two sons and refused to let their paths deviate from her designed paths. Even more, she’d make sure they weren’t disliked by Duke An at this time so there was no way she’d let her son be infatuated with maids and treat the two lowly maids as treasures. If news spread, people might think he was a playboy but it’d be difficult for him to marry a noble woman.

“I underestimated you.” Xiao Gu lowered her voice and said to Shen Ziqiao resentingly.

“Mother, you’re exaggerating.” Shen Ziqiao said respectfully.

A severe glint flashed by Xiao Gu’s eyes. “If what happens today spreads…”

“There are so many servants at home and I didn’t close the door before. Mother, how can you control all these people’s mouths?” Shen Ziqiao sighed. “This daughter-in-law might get her name blackened.”

How could her reputation be tarnished? If the news spread, Qi Rui would be the one looked down upon.

It was as if Shen Ziqiao didn’t see Xiao Gu’s ashened face. “I wonder if my husband will blame me for sending Ying Yao and Ying Mei away…”

Her worried expression almost made Xiao Gu spat out blood. She hmphed and dragged Qi Rui out.

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